4G LTE Rate Plans for Student Prepaid Card

Price NT$1,399 NT$1,500 NT$1,800 NT$2,300 NT$2,600 NT$3,500
Air-time N/A- NT$460 NT$100 NT$50 NT$100 NT$200
Internet Included Data 80GB
(within 120 days) promotion is valid
until 2023/12/31
60 Days Unlimited Data Usage 90 Days Unlimited Data Usage 120 Days Unlimited Data Usage 135 Days Unlimited Data Usage 180 Days Unlimited Data Usage
Voice Call Free Intra-Network calls NT$2,000(within 30 days) N/A
Domestic Free Airtime NT$1399(within 120 days) N/A
Intra-Network calls Peak Rate $0.0950/sec
Off-Peak Rate $0.0475/sec
Inter-Network calls Peak Rate $0.1653/sec
Off-Peak Rate $0.0826/sec
Video Call Intra-network video calls Rate $0.12/sec
Inter-network video calls Rate $0.3/sec


― Reminder ―

  • Starting from September 1, 2023, customers who subscribe to our company's prepaid cards will have access to VoLTE high-quality voice calling service. (This service is free of monthly fees, and call charges will be based on the original prepaid card rates.) To use this service, you will need a device that supports VoLTE, and you should restart your phone after enabling VoLTE.