Brand Concept

As we fully enter the 5G era, large bandwidth, low latency, and connecting massive IoT devices will not just bring greater convenience but also open up a new evolved lifestyle and usher in a revolution, and we look forward to using our imagination, technology, action, connectivity, and inspiration to allow users to surpass limits, enjoy new experiences, and unveil a smarter lifestyle.

In this new era, Taiwan Mobile will play a more assertive role by providing customers with more than just Internet services as we actively seek to integrate technology services that support and empower our customers.

In the past, we've worked tirelessly to create a leading telecom brand that's trusted by our customers. Now, as we embrace the era of 5G, we've undertaken a "rebranding" initiative to reshape and redefine who we really are. After in-depth interviews with colleagues and consulting the perspectives of external key opinion leaders, we conducted a series of studies with multiple panel discussions focused on consumers from different age groups. Finally, we reached this critical conclusion:

"Unity" and "Imagination Without Boundaries" are the core brand messages that best represent Taiwan Mobile and the future of 5G. Based on this design concept, we updated our brand identity to exhibit our changes and our new mission. Our new mission: "Open Possible, and Open your world to more possibilities"

We are in the process of creating a "convergence" platform that integrates telecommunications, Internet, media, and e-commerce and which provides customers with technological solutions that bring them greater convenience, safety, and health. We empower our customers by helping them do the impossible.

We open more possibilities for every customer through these 4 commitments:

Creating one seamless platform of technological solutions, to make lives more convenient, safer and healthier.
Making better use of our strengths, knowledge and information to build smarter (e.g. AI) connected systems (e.g. IoT, cloud), to free your body and mind.
Providing product and service experiences that anticipate and tailor to your needs, to give you greater control and confidence.
Offering richer and more immersive content, to empower you with new thinking and ideas.

These 3 key brand personalities will be utilized to open a new world to more possibilities for our customers.

  • Optimistic: We have great hope for the future. That’s why we never stop being positive and always look forward to what tomorrow can bring.
  • Proactive: We stay at the forefront of the fast-moving world of technology, with our finger on the pulse, and an action-oriented and solutions-driven approach at all times.
  • Human: We believe that technology is here to serve human needs. That’s why we put our customers first by constantly placing their needs at the heart of everything we do.

We've kept the colorful ball-shaped logo from Taiwan Mobile's 4G era and evolved it to represent the colors of all businesses within the group. Colors include Taiwan Mobile's "vibrant orange", momo's "brilliant pink", and a hint of "green" to emphasize Taiwan Mobile's spirit in pursuing global sustainability, while "blue and purple" represent the power of "Unity”. As we embrace technology, strive to innovate and explore new worlds together with our customers, our visions of a tomorrow in the 5G era will become the realities of today.

We've given this updated logo the name "Planet Possible" to represent our energy, ambition, creativity, and courage in this new era, so that Open Possible becomes more than just our brand spirit but also the brand experience we are able to provide.