International Initiatives

GeSI (Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative)
TWM joined GeSI in 2016 and actedas a board director since 2017 to oversee the Climate Change Committee and participate in the operations of the Industry Responsibility Committee. In June, 2021, GeSI announced the "Digital With Purpose, DwP)" initiative to the whole world at the European Union Digital Assembly. Taiwan Mobile deeply participated in and responded to DwP, and Jamie Lin, the President, specially recorded the initiative film. On behalf of GeSI, he invited enterprises in Taiwan and Greater China to join in, jointly using digital technology and innovation to turn the present around and build a sustainable future.
SBT (Science Based Targets)
We were committed to formulating SBT in response to 5G development, and has been validated by SBTi in May 2021 . We declared 2022 as the starting year to reach Net Zero emissions. The board of directors on May 6th formally approved the important goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 and had submitted a commitment to reach that target to the Science-Based Targets initiative(SBTi) on June 15, 2022.
ECCT (European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan) and LCI (Low Carbon Initiative)
WM joined ECCT and its LCI in November 2021, in order to communicate with the government and international enterprises, especially in green energy, circular economy and other fields, so as to establish strategic alliances and strengthen cooperation.
Taiwan Mobile officially joined RE100 on March 17th, 2022, and committed to use 100% renewable energy by 2040. We set a realistic roadmap to that goal is drawn up by using science-based methods, indicating that 70 % of Taiwan Mobile’s renewable energy need will be met by company-owned generators. It is expected that the percentage of the company’s use of renewables will reach 20% in 2030, 60% in 2035 and finally 100% by 2040.
TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
Taiwan Mobile introduced the TCFD architecture in synchronization with CDP in 2018, and continued rolling examination and respond with climate financial impact.