Create a connection among people, things, time and space with 5G and IoT, build a future that is beyond imagination with forward-looking vision.
Corresponding to one Zetta Connected 2030 theme: Elevating Future Experience
Corresponding to 3 key SDGs: 9/11/3
Corresponding to 6 secondary SDGs: 4/7/8/10/12/13
Material topic correspondence: technology innovation & application
This section corresponds to three major stakeholders: employees, customers and rating agencies

Achievements and Performance in 2019

  • Innovative products/services generated a revenue of NT$4.8 billion
  • Proposed the Innovation Proposal Program and set unlimited bonus rewards, with 128 innovation proposals received, 12 winners and NT$160,000 of bonus
  • 43 innovative products or services, up 23% from 2018
  • 73 process innovation projects, up 28% from 2018
  • Digital multimedia products and services generated an income of NT$1.59 billion
  • Advanced telecommunications users account for 100% of total users
  • 5G Super Alliance: Nearly a hundred top partners gathered at the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium to announce the formal establishment 5G Super Alliance, with a record-breaking scale in the telecommunications history.
  • True 5G: Partnered with Nokia to for 5G equipment testing and showcased high-end Industry 4.0 technologies for AR
  • Taiwan AI A team: Built TAIWANIA 2 along with ASUS and Quanta Computer with the AI Big Data Supercomputer Project initiative from the government
  • 31,000 smart street lamps were built with a target achievement rate of 528%
  • Partnered with InSynerger to introduce the Cloud-based AI Energy Management System, saving customers 23% of electricity in half a year and nearly 30% of electricity bills.
  • Exclusive distribution of Google Nest Mini to create "Smarter Home" scenarios with more than 10,000 units sold since its launch.
  • myAir portable PM2.5 detector: More than 21,000 air quality monitoring devices are available across Taiwan, helping the National Health Research Institutes promote health research.
  • M+ payment: a total of 153,000 red envelopes were given, with 63,000 payments made totaling more than NT$1.6 billion
  • M+ mobile extension: reaching 3 million user downloads
  • The Double High Speed promotion generated over 7,000 registered myVideo users with 111,000 hours of watch time
  • Mobile business service transactions reached NT$2.22 billion
  • The annual revenue target for IoV reached 179%

2020 Targets:

  • Generate revenue of NT$6.6 billion from innovative products and services
  • Reach NT$1.52 billion in the sum of mobile commerce service transactions
  • The annual income from the fixed-network users changing into "advanced integrated telecommunication service" reaches NT$120 million
  • IoV generates an annual revenue of NT$80 million
  • Cooperate with the National Health Institute to closely monitor air quality at home and children's allergies

2030 Targets:

  • Innovative products and services generate revenues of NT$17.7 billion
  • The sum of e-commerce service transactions reaches NT$2 billion
  • The annual income from the fixed-network users changing into "advanced integrated telecommunication service" reaches NT$800 million
  • IoV technology generates a revenue of NT$1.6 billion.