5G Applications

Cloud Gaming

5G X Cloud Gaming

  • High Bandwidth: Offers AAA game experiences with stable connections
  • Low Latency Enables gaming without lag or input delay
  • Wide Connectivity: Simultaneously streams games to multiple players

Cloud gaming allows players to overcome limitations in hardware performance. With the massive performance increase facilitated by cloud server processing, players no longer have to pay the costly hardware or go through the tedious hardware upgrades. This powerful computing technology is applicable in video-streaming, audio, and input commands to the player's terminal so that even computers or smartphones with average performance can offer high-end gaming PC experiences.

At the end of 2020, Taiwan Mobile teamed up with NVIDIA, the powerhouse in the Graphics Processing Unit industry and brought the cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW to life. With superb 5G and home broadband capabilities, PC gamers can now enjoy high-performance cloud game experiences any time, anywhere, on any device they own.

The era of 5G mobile networks is here. Advantages such as high bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity increase gaming connection stability, reduce latency, and allow more gamers to play simultaneously. Gamers are now liberated from traditional limitations of time and space as everything from computers, connected TVs, and smartphones can now all become your gaming device of choice. In the future, players’ gaming devices will only need to display in-game images since all computing requirements can be processed by cloud servers.

Smarter Home - Manage Your Home with Insight and Intelligence

Making life more intelligent by connecting people and devices

Taiwan Mobile and Google have partnered to apply innovative technology for creating safer and more convenient smart home services tailored to the Taiwan market. Easily obtain and quickly upgrade smart lifestyle services such as entertainment, home automation, voice control, and home security made for you and your family.

Powered by 5G, Create a Smarter Home

The high bandwidth offered by 5G networks has made instant 4K/8K entertainment attainable right in the comfort of your home. Taiwan Mobile's media & entertainment services include premium and exclusive high definition streaming, high quality music, and a rich collection of audio books. As the IoT industry exhibits exponential growth, AI voice assistants have also become smarter! Taiwan Mobile continues to introduce various smart appliances and home devices to provide customers with comprehensive home automation solutions. Visit our retail locations for a full consultation, and enjoy one-stop shopping for premium products and after-sales services.

Products and Services

Simply say "Ok Google" followed by a command of your choice and experience a voice-enabled smart lifestyle like never before. The smart speaker acts as the central hub for controlling all your home appliances. Whether it's listening to music, enjoying family time, or handling everything life throws at you, Google Nest Mini is your best partner.

Diverse Smart Home Appliances

We've hand-picked a diverse variety of smart appliances that can easily transform your home. Take advantage of our special offers to upgrade your home at truly affordable costs!