Brand Sponsorships and Activities

Since 2003, TWM has invested more than NT$1.02 billion in brand sponsorship, divided into three major categories:

First, sports-related, in addition to professional basketball and baseball and international events, in order to encourage more potential young players to pursue their dreams, the number of players sponsored by TWM's sports family has increased to 17, including tennis, golf, karate, judo, weightlifting, table tennis, boxing, gymnastics, break dance, a total of 9 sports. In 2022, players from TWM sports family won 12 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze medals in the international arena.

In order to promote the sports culture and the development of golf in Taiwan, since 2017, TWM has co-organized the "Taiwan Mobile Ladies Open" with TLPGA for the sixth consecutive year, with a cumulative total prize money of NT$26 million. It is the year-end competition of the TLPGA Open Taiwan Tour and is one of the highest level and strongest professional competitions in Taiwan.

Second, support Taiwan's original native cultural film and TV content to plant Taiwan's soft power and inject positive energy into the society. To support the film and television industry, TWM has become the only telecommunications provider to sponsor the Golden Horse Awards ceremony for three consecutive years. Also, TWM has sponsored Taiwan's largest New Year's Eve special program "Super Star" for 9 consecutive years, broadcasting live by its MyVideo and MyMusic; become the only telecommunications partner of A-Mei's concerts for 3 consecutive years, following the 2021 "a Mei UTOPIA EAST" New Year's Eve concert in Taitung, in 2022 and 2023, cooperated again with A-Mei for the "aMEI ASMR Tour Concert" with a total of 22 shows in Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Third, TWM actively participate in activities with social impacts, sponsored the "Taipei Lantern Festival" for six consecutive years to let the world see Taiwan's creative energy from Taipei, sponsored the "Taiwan Placemaking Festival" for two consecutive years to focus on regional revitalization and urban and rural issues to promote cross-domain exchanges, sponsored the "Tech in Asia Conference" forum (focusing on new applications and development in Southeast Asia) for two consecutive years, and monthly published the "GreenTech Newsletters" focusing on climate change, new innovations in Asia, etc. With its 5G multi-view technology, TWM cooperated with "36 Questions" of Public Television Service to expand the market visibility of multi-view applications.

TWM Concerts

TWM is currently the only company in Taiwan that hosts free large-scale outdoor concerts. We have changed the meaning and positioning the corporate promotion of community arts and cultural events, transforming the traditional role of sponsor into a creative initiator and leader, demonstrating the professional capacity of integrating concept-based creativity and resources, as well as helping culture take root and developing everyone's "soft power."