Supply Chain Overview

Key Performance

  • Global procurement totaled at NT$28.5 billion in 2019, with 95.77% of local procurement
  • The total amount of green procurement reached NT$189.35 million in 2019

TWM is a company that provides integrated service in "T.I.M.E.," namely telecom, Internet, media and entertainment). We worked with over 500 suppliers in 2019 in 6 categories based on the type of procurement, amount, criticality and so on. Our annual global procurement amount reaches NT$28.5 billion on a yearly basis, including mobile phone products, telecommunications / communications and network equipment. Among them, consumer electronics takes up the highest percentage in terms of procurement expenses.

Procurement Expense Analysis (Pie Chart)
Six Categories Number of Suppliers Percentage of Procurement Amount
Consumer Electronics 105 73.97%
Telecommunications Equipment 64 13.31%
Engineering 106 5.86%
Information Service and Equipment 151 5.7%
Marketing/Consulting Service and General Service 107 0.69%
Renovation 34 0.47%
NoteThe procurement of TNF and its subsidiaries became independent in July 2019. Therefore, information on TWM's procurement expenses for 2019 only includes the data from the first half of 2019 for TNF and its subsidiaries.
Identification Tier-1 Critical Suppliers (Pie Chart)
Six Categories Number of Critical Suppliers Percentage of the Number of Suppliers
Engineering 42 41.18
Marketing/Consulting Service and General Service 8 7.84
Information Service and Equipment 21 20.59
Telecommunications Equipment 12 11.76
Consumer Electronics 19 18.63
Renovation 0 0

In order to achieve the supply chain management goal of "Implementing Sustainability," TWM has focused on reducing the environmental impact caused by its value chain. We have set up the Environmental Management Committee and defined different types of procurement projects, as well as setting relevant environmental standards to maximize our purchase of products and services with less impact on the environment. The total amount of green procurement in 2019 reached NT$189.35 million.:

TWM's supply chain management focuses on local procurement and supply risk reduction. In 2019, TWM's local procurement totaled at 27.3 billion, accounting for 95.77% of the total annual procurement. The distribution of procurement by region is shown in the figure below. Strengthening the flexibility of supply chain allocation is our number one strategy in reducing supply risks. In the meantime, we continue to optimize the transportation of supply to take into account transportation cost management, as well as reducing carbon emission from logistics operations.

Region Percentage of Procurement Amount
Taiwan 95.77%
Asia 4.2%
Others 0.03%