Supply Chain Overview

  • NT$35.7 billion in global purchases
  • 94.46% from local procurement
  • NT$120 million in green procurement

Taiwan Mobile is a comprehensive company providing services in four major fields, such as telecom, internet, media and entertainment. In 2021, there were 560 suppliers, with a global purchase amount of NT$ 35.7 billion. The procurement can be divided into six categories according to the specialized fields of various suppliers, including mobile phone products, telecom and communication, network equipment. Consumer electronics products are the items with the highest expenditure. In 2021, TWM had a total local procurement amount of NT$ 33.7 billion, accounting for 94.46% of the total procurement, while the total green procurement amount was about NT$120 million.

Key suppliers According to the procurement amount and irreplaceability of the above six categories of suppliers, thresholds are set to identify key suppliers, with a total of 119 as follows.

  • Key suppliers (Tier1): There are 101 suppliers who provide direct services to TWM by amount of over NT$ 30 billion.
  • Key suppliers (Tier2): There are 18 suppliers who provide direct services to TWM’s Tier 1 suppliers with critical amount or procurement category, but are not Tier 1 suppliers for TWM.
Contract type Type Number
Consumer Electronics Tier1 23
Telecommunications Equipment Tier1 12
Tier2 3
Engineering Tier1 40
Tier2 3
Information Services Tier1 19
Tier2 9
Marketing/Consulting Tier1 5
Tier2 3
Renovation Tier1 2