Green Energy Initiative

The green energy initiative integration project was proposed in 2015, with the TWM Green Energy for Sustainable Future as the theme to promote energy saving, carbon reduction, constructing green base stations, and launching green energy initiatives for customers and suppliers.

Between 2017 and 2022, the Company launched the Green Energy for Charity project for 6 consecutive years with suppliers and consumers. The sun's rays are converted into energy, and a photoelectric system is constructed to create hope. In 2022, the "no self-owned roof model" was continued. The roofs of long-term care institutions was rented and the solar panels of Sunshine Volt Home Citizen Power Plant was purchased as Green Power for Charity's power generation site with 14 mobile phone suppliers and momo shopping of the Group. In 2022, "Energy Partners" was added to call for companies that have long-term promoted and deeply cultivated the core concept of sustainability to join. Including Nokia Solutions And Networks Taiwan, Commverge Technologies Holdings (Asia), Why-Not Universal, AMD Taiwan and Tailyn Technologies, and the consumers response initiatives together to raise funds for the construction of solar photovoltaic equipment for public welfare groups which brings 20 years of steady income. In addition, the 2022 Green Power for Charity’s commitment is that for every solar panel raised, Taiwan Mobile purchases an equivalent amount of green electricity. In this way, it responds to a more sustainable source of electricity and multiplies the value of environmental carbon reduction.

Performance of Green Energy Initiatives