Green Energy Initiative

In 2015, we started the integration project of green energy initiative. In 2016, we promoted to make every effort to save energy and reduce carbon, build green base stations, and call on customers and suppliers to implement green energy initiatives with "TWM Green Energy, Sustainable Future". From 2017 to 2021, TWM launched the green energy public welfare project, "Green Power for Charity”, for five consecutive years. In 2021, the model was further innovated. Through the support of group partner Fubon Life Insurance, the top floor of Hanover Building was leased as a power generation site for the "Green Power for Charity” project, starting the green energy public welfare model of "non self-owned rooftop model". Suppliers and consumers were invited to raise funds and build solar photovoltaic equipment for public welfare organizations, and the green power produced would be purchased by TWM for transferred supply, providing 20 years of stable income for the public welfare organizations.

Performance of Green Energy Initiatives