Enable welfare with through technology

Tech The Dreamers
  • Supporting 2 social enterprise teams with nearly 2 million in training awards
  • Collaborated with "Buy Directly from Farmers" and launched the "Helping Farmers" APP, impacting over 200 rural villages and tribes across Taiwan.
  • Collaborated with Agriweather to promote IoT smart agriculture, leading Taiwan's agriculture towards sustainability.
The effort has been concentrated on 2 major programs focusing on "public welfare micro-films" and "mobile applications," we used our technological leverage to overcome bottlenecks, deliver greater impact and launch digital public welfare initiative. In 2021, the 9th microfilm “Invisible Children” and “One in Ten Thousand Special You” were launched, which respectively focused on the rights and interests of stateless children and the rare disease children. They all reached the click-through goal and issued a total prize of NT$ 200,000, driving the fund-raising to grow by 14.93% to more than NT$ 2.85 million.
In 2021, TWM published “PAIA, an online platform for machine learning”, which broke the territorial restrictions and was not affected by the pandemic. As long as there was a network, it was still possible to learn AI programs remotely at any time, thus expanding the influence of science and technology education. In 2021, PAIA platform accumulated nearly 2,700 registered members and uploaded nearly 3,900 AI codes.
From 2012 to 2020, TWM joined hands with 36 NPOs, social enterprises and 17 groups of film, television and music creation teams for 9 sessions, and embraced love with technology to make love infinite. In 2021, the tenth year of the public welfare driven by science and technology, it is officially transformed into Tech The Dreamers. It integrates Taiwan Mobile Foundation, Social Enterprise Insights, and AppWorks to focus on technology empowerment, support innovative solutions, promote social welfare and exchanges in the field of science and technology, and help more public welfare value propositions to sprout in the local area. In its first session, the social enterprise Silver Gate was selected for its APP which create food delivery and long-term care resources for elders with scientific and technological strength. The APP is scheduled to be officially launched in March 2022.
TWM plans to facilitate matching public welfare resources and technical talents by launching a program that offers up to 2 million in cultivation awards. Using innovative technologies, we aim to assist regional revitalization teams in achieving their dreams and caring for a larger number of disadvantaged groups. Taiwan Mobile Foundation has commissioned Social Enterprise Insights and AppWorks, and integrated resources from these parties. Every year, we collect applications and invite experts to serve as judges to select teams. We provide funding, technology, and personnel to lead social enterprise teams in amplifying the focus on biodiversity issues so that more sustainable values can take root locally and use technology to support regional revitalization. Buy Directly from Farmers, a technology-empowered agricultural initiative, and "Agriweather," which incorporates smart agriculture monitoring devices, have been selected as the winning teams of the second term. The presentation ceremony is scheduled to take place in March 2023.

Bilingual Online
  • 24 TWM volunteers recruited to accompany children to learn English and transnational culture online.
  • 999 students participated the accompaniment by 272 classes, and volunteers invested 1,088 hours.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bilingual Online English - Distance Volunteer Accompanying Program was launched in July 2021 to solve the social problem of the lack of learning guidance for economically disadvantaged students, and to facilitate pandemic zero contact. Nineteen TWM volunteers were recruited to serve as English teachers and teach classes weekly with their own textbooks. TWM joined hands with Taiwan Fund for Children and Families and the Rescue association to open a normal online English accompanying course. Under the COVID-19 pandemic impact, Taiwan Mobile continues to convey English fun and enthusiasm online.

iSharing Volunteer Platform
  • 317 NPO organizations on the iSharing Volunteer Platform
  • 4,978 cumulative event registrations
  • 2,079 cumulative published events (including volunteer activities and fundraising events).
  • 9,065 members
The revision and upgrade of iSharing Volunteer Platform was launched in March 2022.
iSharing is a public a charity matching platform (with a website and an app), which integrates the needs of public welfare organizations and the general public to find volunteers, raise materials and donate money. Since the platform was launched in 2014, the program and system need to be updated and its functions expanded.
In 2022, we organized "iSharing Warmth from Heart" in collaboration with the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders to fulfill the wishes of 411 children with rare disorders. Through the iSharing Volunteer Platform, we successfully collected 411 gifts in just 12 days. Once again, the iSharing Volunteer Platform has demonstrated its ability to enable everyone to engage in philanthropic activities "anytime, anywhere, and with ease." This efficient and precise approach allows acts of kindness to spread warmth to every corner of society. TWM continues to launch large-scale initiatives to mobilize resources and volunteers through the iSharing Volunteer Platform, aiming to bring more participants together, doing whatever they can to bring society joy.

5180 Mobile Donation
  • From 2006 to 2022, the cumulative donation amount reached NT$147.38 million, with 314,456 donations.
  • 137 social welfare groups joined
The immediacy and convenience of making donations via mobile devices is coupled with a core technology of the telecom industry – IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – along with an app and back-end services by providing users with donation options of NT$100, NT$200, NT$300, NT$500, NT$1,000, NT$1,500, NT$2,000, NT$3,000 and NT$6,000. Users can also make donations quickly and securely by either adding donations to payments of their telecom bills or requesting donation receipts online. In 2022, the donation amount reached NT$10.45 million, with 21,383 donations.
In addition, 5180 Mobile Donation has waived the account handling fee for its partners since March 2016 to give back to all participating social welfare organizations.

Mobile Health
  • 2022 services: 6,022 people
  • Serving a total of 85,378 people
Cooperate with Taitung Christian Hospital to go deep into the countryside, and support the communication equipment for mobile medical vehicles such as SIM card, wireless sharer, notebook computer, for a long time. Before, it was impossible to immediately synchronize patients' medical records in remote areas when there were no resources. Now, with the network connection, doctors can directly connect to the outpatient system inside the hospital when visiting in rural areas, and they can instantly log in to access the visiting information, inquire about patients' medication records, check data and other information, thus greatly improving the visiting efficiency, ensuring the medical care of all disadvantaged groups, and shortening the medical gap between urban and rural areas. By 2022, 6,022 people were served.

myfone Stores Engage in Public Welfare Initiative
  • myfone stores offer 13 public welfare time slots, equivalent to NT$7.5 million in sponsorship
While actively participating in community activities, TWM also provides public welfare initiatives through the myfone store network so that consumers can access various public welfare issues and know the needs of disadvantaged groups, thereby raising awareness of social concerns, promoting art, and emphasizing the importance of environmental protection.
Songyan Cultural and Creative Park is an emerging leisure area in Taipei. In addition to housing cultural and creative industries, the shopping mall and other park facilities have gathered people of all ages. The LED wall outside the Taipei digital living store is the most effective digital media for gaining exposure, and the store TV enables a rotation of public welfare films, allowing consumers to stay informed about the most current charitable issues when they enter the stores.
A total of 13 time slots were provided in 2022, equivalent to NT$7.5 million in sponsorship.
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  Time Slot Content Time Free publication value conversion (NT$)
Cultural and Creative LED Wall 1 Greenpeace 60 seconds 7 days 200,000
2 Taiwan Fund for Children and Families 30 seconds 14 days 200,000
3 Green Power for Charity 30 seconds 2 months 600,000
4 Taiwan Fund for Children and Families_A Generation without Poverty 2022 30 seconds 2.5 months 750,000
Subtotal 1,750,000
Store TV rotation 1 2022 Green Power for Charity 30 seconds 2 months 1,000,000
2 myfone Awards 30 seconds 27 days 433,333
3 Donation of Second-hand Tablets and Mobile Phones to Rural Areas 30 seconds 28 days 461,828
4 5180 Publicity (Genesis Social Welfare Foundation) 30 seconds 1 month 500,000
5 5180 Publicity (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) 30 seconds 1 month 500,000
6 5180 Publicity (Genesis Social Welfare Foundation) 30 seconds 1 month 500,000
7 Dare to Dream 5.0-Break the Limit 60 seconds 1 month 1,000,000
8 Taiwan Mobile Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music Festival  Note 1 30 seconds 22 days 354,839
9 "The Post-Truth World" Exclusive Trailer for Taiwan Mobile Note 2 30 seconds 2 months 1,000,000
Subtotal 5,750,000
Total 7,500,000