Cultivate social care

Hualien Solitary Elder Care Activities
  • Accompanied disadvantaged senior citizens in Hualien for 16 consecutive years
  • 123 Lunar New Year gifts collected within 5 days
  • First reunion event at the Kernel of Wheat Foundation nationwide locations after the pandemic
Since 2008, TWM has been actively involved in the Hualien community by organizing the Volunteer Banquet for senior citizens for 16 consecutive years. This long-standing commitment reflects TWM's dedication to caring for the local community and serving society. Despite the impact of the pandemic in 2021 and 2022, we continued to leverage technology to support our initiatives through online video calls and home visits to share the joy with senior citizens. After the lifting of pandemic restrictions, our volunteers, fueled by the unwavering passion of TWM for the past 16 years, embarked on a journey to Hualien. This year, in addition to utilizing the iSharing Volunteer Platform to collect 123 sets of Lunar New Year gifts with a total value of NT$65,000, we accompanied the senior citizens at the event in shopping for festive goods, playing games, and enjoying the warmth of the gathering. Moreover, we provided 300 gift vouchers worth NT$1,000 each to mostly solitary elders, giving them the opportunity to share the warmth of the Lunar New Year together. We connected four locations, namely Fenglin and Guangfu Daycare Centers, through online platforms for the gathering banquet activity. It enabled the senior citizens and volunteers to meet and engage virtually, embracing the use of technology to create a delightful and joyous experience together in the Lunar Year of the Rabbit.

Corporate Volunteers
  • A total of 435 people voluteered
  • 2865.5 service hours
With pre-training and instructional participation, TWM's corporate volunteers are equipped to apply the digital technology skills cultivated through programming education to their personal and professional development, thereby cultivating employees into technology talents who can adapt to the 5G era. In addition, serving in rural areas not only satisfies the spirit of service and giving back to society for employees but also helps to establish and strengthen a mutual aid system among employees within the Company, enhancing their sense of belonging and personal mission towards society.

Multiple Rate Plan
  • Caring for foreign migrant workers and benefiting disadvantaged user groups
  • At the end of 2022, there were 98,899 effective users in the parenting program.
In 2022, we continued to provide special offers for disadvantaged groups such as students, seniors, and physically disabled persons. We also introduced preferential pre-paid cards for migrant workers who work hard to earn a living in Taiwan. The multiple-rate pre-paid card, which cost NT$599, offered data access for 30 days (with speed decreasing to 5Mpbs once a certain quota was reached), as well as free domestic and international telephone calls on the same network. The 180-day data access (the maximum download speed of 12Mbps) costs NT$1,794, enabling migrant workers to enjoy value-added mobile internet service without a binding contract.
The parenting and children plan launched in 2019 also provides free minutes with low monthly subscription fees. There are two data options depending on the children's needs – 1.5Gbps and 3.5Gbps (with speed decreasing to 1Mbps/3Mbps once the data quota has been reached). This allows parents to contact their children with smartphones/devices to ensure their safety. As of the end of 2022, 98,899 people have applied.

Low-income Households Television Subsidy
  • Benefiting 5,108 low-income households
In 2022, TWM’s cable TV service TWM Broadband provided basic channel viewing discounts to 5,108 low-income households. The cost of those discounts and of another promotion – free installation of the system for new applicants – totaled NT$ 29.31 million. In offering this special deals, TWM Broadband has complied with the government's policy of caring for low-income households. For registered low-income households that provide the necessary documents, the fee for basic channels will be waived. For new installation of low-income households, the installation fee will also be waived. This provides families the right to enjoy cable TV and to learn and understand current events.

Outstanding store managers' community services
  • 69 employees selected as Excellent Store Managers, with 12 selected as Outstanding Store Managers
  • A total of 205 social welfare events with 3,945 participants
TWM has participated in the " National-wide Outstanding Store Manager Selection " organized by the TCFA for the eighth consecutive year. The TWM store managers exerted their corporate influence, led their store colleagues to participate in public welfare activities such as caring for the old and the children, cycling around Taiwan for carbon reduction and environmental protection, caring for stray animals, and donating blood and materials. They have also taken initiatives to introduce programming and technology to children in rural areas, enabling them to explore the possibilities of technology and cultivate their technological literacy from a young age, fostering the development of the next generation of tech-savvy individuals. By taking concrete actions to give back to society, TWM has demonstrated unwavering compassion even in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Moving forward, we will continue to actively engage in initiatives that promote the integration of our stores within the community, thereby embodying TWM's commitment to local business values.

New Hometown New Vision Video Production Camp and Little Anchor Camp
New Hometown New Vision Video Production Camp
  • A total of 2 events were held in 2022, with a total of 12 new immigrant participants
The "New Hometown, New Images" Video Production Camp is led by professional instructors who teach new immigrants how to use mobile phones to capture images and edit videos. Video production instruction enables new immigrants to observe and document stories in their lives in a more diverse and lively way. On the one hand, it facilitates their understanding of their new hometown. On the other hand, they can share these stories with their relatives and friends back in their home countries, allowing them to see the city and local life where they currently reside.
Little Anchor Camp
  • In 2022, two "Little Anchor Camp" events were held, with the participation of 36 students from two schools.
The New Taipei City Government Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City Parent-Child Education Association, and Cable Television System collaborated to organize the "Little Anchor Camp" event again at the end of 2022. The event invited elementary school students from the region to participate, providing them with additional experiences beyond their regular school curriculum. The activities included understanding the evolution of cable television and the news production process. Ultimately, the participants had the opportunity to step onto the anchor desk and experience what it feels like to be a news anchor. The program cultivates verbal expression skills and self-confidence, allowing children to learn and expand their horizons more diversely while creating beautiful memories.