Cultivate social care

New Year Banquet Volunteer Service for Senior Citizens
  • Held for 14 consecutive years, the format of the banquet was adjusted for the first time to incorporate digital technology and group resources
  • Employees pledged 75 gifts, with the initiative reaching its target in 10 days
  • 300 elders living alone were given NT$1,000 in gift voucher each
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the one-on-one interaction for the 14th New Year Banquet collaboration with A Kernel of Wheat Foundation was canceled. Instead, the iSharing Volunteer Platform was integrated to help disadvantaged elders collect daily essentials from TWM employees. In addition, the three hundred elders were given NT$1,000 each for purchasing New Year's supplies. The subsidiary momo shop was invited to join force by gifting 75 elders with the famous dish, Buddha Jumps Over the Wal. The donation was streamed live so that all employees could develop a sense of participation. The pandemic had no impact on the love we could offer, and we have been standing by our commitment to elders living alone in Hualien for 14 years while realizing the concept of "embracing love with technology."
Corporate Volunteers
  • A total of 478 people volunteered with 5,241 service hours.
The Corporate Volunteer Guidelines were put into effect in 2007 to carry on corporate core values and fulfill social responsibilities. The Guidelines offer 2 paid leave for volunteer services per year, transportation allowance, training and so on. Spouses of the employees and contracted personnel are also encouraged to participate, transforming corporate initiatives into employee actions.

Multiple Rate Plan
  • Expanding disadvantaged groups benefiting from the plan to migrant workers
  • Staying in touch with children to ensure their safety: users of the parent-child program exceeding 70,000 people
In addition to providing discounts for disadvantaged groups such as students/elders, a prepaid card costing NT$599 over 30 days is now offered migrant workers who work hard to earn a living in Taiwan. The pre-paid card provides 30 days of all-you-can-use data (with the speed decreasing to 5Mpbs) once the quota has been reached, as well as free minutes on the same network, domestic and international calls to help them stay in touch with friends and family.
In addition, the parent-child plan launched in 2019 provides free minutes on the same network. There are two options for data depending on the needs of the children with 1.5Gbps and 3.5Gbps (all-you-can-use data with the speed decreasing to 1mbp/3mbps once the quota has been reached). This allows parents to contact their children with smart phones/devices to ensure their safety. As of the end of 2020, 72,999 people have applied.

Low-income Households Television Subsidy
  • Benefiting 5.324 low-income households
In 2020, the cable TV system station provided a total of 5,324 low-income households with basic channel viewing discounts. The total basic channel viewing fee discount and the new application users' free installation fee discount amounted to NT$ 30.80 million. TWM Broadband has complied with the government's policy of caring for low-income households. For registered low-income households, as long as relevant documents are submitted at the counter, the fee for basic channels will be waived and a discount will be given on the installation fee. This gives them the opportunity to stay updated with new knowledge and the society through TV.

Outstanding store managers' community services
  • 54 employees selected as Excellent Store Managers, with 9 selected as Outstanding Store Managers
  • A total of 169 social welfare events with 3,370 participants
TWM has participated in the "National-wide Outstanding Store Manager Selection" organized by the TCFA for 7 consecutive years, with store managers partnering with their colleagues to serve the society by contributing to public welfare events such as elderly/children care, care for stray animals, blood and material donations. During the pandemic, the managers donated their masks to help the world.
The store managers also partnered with other stores in the neighborhood to clean the community as a way of giving back to the society. In the future, TWM will continue to work hard and integrate into the society to realize the value of TWM's local participation in daily life.
Little Anchor Camp
  • 3 Little Anchor Camps with 39 students from 17 schools
Three Little Anchor Camps were organized in with 39 students from 17 schools. Cable TV continued to give back to the local community by organizing the Little Anchor Camp to strengthen the relationship and interactions. School children participating in activities can learn about the evolution of cable TV and news production among other things. At the end, they get to act as anchors to experience how it feels to be in this role. The program cultivates the verbal expression skills and self-confidence, allowing them to learn and expand their horizons in a more diverse way while creating beautiful memories of summer.
Mobile Phone Media Creation and Application
  • 8 events with 205 participants
Media creators taught schoolchildren to shoot and edit movies with mobile phones, as well as playing the roles of directors, photographers and so on to experience the work of film crew so that they can develop a preliminary understanding of film and television. The activities taught children new things and the spirit of teamwork, as well as experiencing the fun of film creation.
With the popularity of smart phones, the media can transmit information more promptly through the Internet. Cable TV fulfills the responsibility of local media to organize mobile applications, showing the elderly and volunteers in the community to make good use of smart phones and expand their horizons. This way, they can keep up with the trends, learn how to take pictures, make videos, use messaging apps and social media to increase interactions with family and friends, meet more people, and continue to learn.