Cultivate social care

Hualien Solitary Elder Care Activities
  • Held for 15 consecutive years, the format of the banquet was adjusted to incorporate digital technology and group resources
  • Employees pledged 102 gifts, with the initiative reaching its target in just one day
  • 300 seniors living alone were each given NT$1,000 to spend in life necessities
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 15th consecutive year of caring activities with the Kernel of Wheat Foundation canceled the in-person version of the New Year Banquet again. Instead, volunteer representatives went to Hualien to visit 2 solitary elders. At the same time, they broadcast live with Feng Lin and Kuang Fu Day Care Center. 87 enterprise volunteers who couldn't be present also took part online to have fun with their elders whom they hadn't seen for a long time. Employees also pledged warm winter gifts suitable for their elders through the platform of "iSharing Volunteer” Platform, and also sent them shopping money and 100 exquisite New Year dishes. Physical and virtual in parallelism to help public welfare activities with digital technology.

Corporate Volunteers
  • A total of 435 people voluteered
  • 1,948 service hours
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50% of corporate volunteer activities were held online, encouraging employees to continue to practice social responsibility during the pandemic. In 2021, TWM handled 8 kinds of activities, with 435 participants and 1,948 service hours.
The "Corporate Volunteer Guidelines" has been implemented since 2007, in which the scope of recognition of volunteer activities was increased in 2021. The Guidelines offer two days of paid leave per year for volunteering (additional days can be added based on the project), as well as a transportation allowance and training. Employee, their spouses and contract workers are also encouraged to participate.

Multiple Rate Plan
  • Caring for foreign migrant workers and benefiting disadvantaged user groups
  • At the end of 2021, there were 69,306 effective users in the parenting program.
Provided special discounts to disadvantaged groups such as students, seniors and physically handicapped person. Introduced a preferential prepaid card for migrant workers who work hard to earn a living in Taiwan. The multiple-rate pre-paid card, which cost NT$599, offered data access for 30 days (with the speed decreasing to 5Mpbs once a certain quota was reached), as well as free domestic and international telephone calls on the same network. The 180-day data access (the maximum download speed of 12Mbps) costs NT$ 1794, which enables the migrant workers to enjoy value-added mobile internet service without binding contract.
The parenting and children plan launched in 2019 also provides free minutes with low monthly subscription fees. There are two options for data depending on the needs of the children – 1.5Gbps and 3.5Gbps (with the speed decreasing to 1Mbps/3Mbps once the data quota has been reached). This allows parents to contact their children with smart phones/devices to ensure their safety.

Low-income Households Television Subsidy
  • Benefiting 5,122 low-income households
In 2021, TWM’s cable TV service TWM Broadband provided basic channel viewing discounts to 5,122 low-income households. The cost of those discounts and of another promotion – free installation of the system for new applicants – totaled NT$ 29.37 million. In offering this special deals, TWM Broadband has complied with the government's policy of caring for low-income households. For registered low-income households that provide the necessary documents, the fee for basic channels will be waived. For new installation of low-income households, the installation fee will also be waived. This provides families the right to enjoy cable TV and to learn and understand current events.

Outstanding store managers' community services
  • 62 employees selected as Excellent Store Managers, with 10 selected as Outstanding Store Managers
  • A total of 193 social welfare events with 3,818 participants
TWM has participated in the " National-wide Outstanding Store Manager Selection " organized by the TCFA for the eighth consecutive year. The TWM store managers exerted their corporate influence, led their store colleagues to participate in public welfare activities such as caring for the old and the children, cycling around Taiwan for carbon reduction and environmental protection, caring for stray animals, and donating blood and materials. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they showed uninterrupted love, helping farmers to make pesticide-free taro with poor appearance, so that buyers can eat with peace of mind! In the future, TWM will continue to participate to facilitate the stores to get involved into local initiatives to give back t the society with real action and bring value to the communities in which it operates.

Film Making School
  • A total of two events were organized in 2021, with 57 people participating.
With the popularization of smart phones and internet, most students have watched the original films on youtube, but they still need to learn how to make films through professional teaching. The cable TV system has done its best to fulfill the local media responsibility. By cooperating with local academic institutions, it invites lecturers to teach children how to write scripts, draw storyboard pictures, and make photo clips, and allows students to make their own micro creative films with the theme of campus life. The purpose of this activity is to cultivate students' media literacy, get to know public channels and learn how to make films. The films produced by students will also be broadcast on public channels, which not only can leave a track of students' life, but also is a learning experience worthy of students' memories.