Cultivate social care

New Year Banquet Volunteer Service for Senior Citizens in Hualie
  • Over 120 corporate volunteers recruited for 13 consecutive years, including 4 volunteers that have participated each year
  • Employees pledged 315 gifts through myfone donation raising
  • 300 elders living alone were given NT$1,000 in gift voucher each
Since 2008, we have joined hands with A Kernel of Wheat Foundation to co-organize this event for 13 consecutive years, gathering on more than 120 employees and family members from all over Taiwan to serve as corporate volunteers in Hualien, giving 100 elders living alone the best company for one day. The activities include purchasing daily necessities (with TWN providing NT$1,000 in gift voucher each), the reunion luncheon, performance, the New Year gift lottery and scavenger hunt, giving them happy New Year's celebrations!
Corporate Volunteers
• A total of 599 people volunteered with 5,297 service hours in 2019.
The Corporate Volunteer Guidelines were put into effect in 2007 to carry on corporate core values and fulfill social responsibilities. The Guidelines offer 2 paid leave for volunteer services per year, transportation allowance, training and so on. Spouses of the employees and contracted personnel are also encouraged to participate, transforming corporate initiatives into employee actions.

Multiple Rate Plan
• Online discount program for students and elders
Promoting silver hair (elderly) and student 4G monthly payment NT$699 (from 2017/11) package: In addition to providing 4G high-speed unlimited plan, more were added to provide intra-network free calls (starting from 2018/6), so that this group of users can enjoy premium telecommunications services at better monthly payment rates than the average user. Promote 4G tide generation student plan (from 2018/8): Provide a single number or a mobile phone series for students and faculty members to apply, starting with a minimum monthly plan of NT$488. In addition to providing unlimited monthly in-network calls and internet usage, the monthly payment NT$688-type program provides free local calls for 100 minutes per month. Approximately 557,687 people benefited from this plan. Promote 4G silver hair plan (from 2017/5): NT$ 149 per month, so that the silver hair group can still enjoy excellent preferential calls in the internet dominant 4G era, and benefited about 32,533 people in 2019.
• The integrated program for family plan
The family plan was launched in January 2019. The plan offers a minimum monthly fee of NT$100 with free phone calls and unlimited high-speed Internet access at 1Mbps. This plan allows parents to keep in touch with their children through smartphones/devices anytime to ensure their safety, as well as allowing children to use the Internet for communications and learning needs. A total of 58,983 people have benefited as of the end of 2019.
Digital convergence provides integrated services for mobile and optical fiber Internet access at home. The actual number of applications and revenue is 20% higher than the target numbers, and it is well-received by users. It also merges the bills for mobile Internet and optical fiber Internet services, facilitating management for users.

Low-income Households Television Subsidy
TWM Broadband has complied with the government's policy of caring for low-income households. For registered low-income households, as long as relevant documents are submitted at the counter, the fee for basic channels will be waived and a discount will be given on the installation fee. This gives them the opportunity to stay updated with new knowledge and the society through TV.

Outstanding store managers' community services
WN has participated in the "National-wide Outstanding Store Manager Selection" organized by the TCFA for six consecutive years. Several hundred hours have been invested by 3,100 people, supporting disadvantaged groups and paying back to the society as a good corporate citizen. 47 employees have been selected as "Nation-wide Excellent Store Managers," with 8 of them winning the "Nation-wide Outstanding Store Managers" award and becoming the best examples of staff in the service industry in Taiwan.
Little Anchor Camp
TWN's cable TV station has hosted the "Little Anchor Program" to give back to local communities for many years. School children participating in activities can learn about the evolution of cable TV and news production among other things. This year the neighborhoods were also targeted, with neighborhood chiefs extending an invitation to school children during the summer holidays to create beautiful memories. A total of 12 activities were held in 2019 with 230 school children from 15 schools and 1 neighborhood participating.