Customer Experiences

Service quality certification

We have adopted the SGS (Societe Generale Surveillance) service quality verification system. Having our service endorsed by the most recognized verification agency in the world for 10 consecutive years proves that our service quality and standards have remained at a certain level and are in line with international standards.

Service Upgrade Plan

Comprehensive recruitment and training
In response to the post-pandemic era, in order to ensure uninterrupted service, we have recruited multiple manpower, including Home Agent, flexible half-day working hours, and second-time employment at the mature age, and implemented remote training methods, such as: electronic whiteboards to improve concentration, acceptance results of the game-based learning platform, and expert sharing voice tone, to actively cultivate personnel to show enthusiasm and cordial service attitude. The practice of the core concept of "listening with heart to show professionalism, respecting customers by caring service" has been achieved. In this way, the user's best service experience and user satisfaction are improved in an all-round way.

Customer satisfaction

In 2022, overall customer satisfaction rate reached 92% in 2022

Satisfied respondent 2019 2020 2021 2022
Cunsumer Business Group(CBG) 90 89 90 90
Home Business Group(HBG) 91 93 93 93
Enterprise Business Group(EBG) 88 88 90 92
Average 90 90 91 92