Network Quality

Since the launch of 4G, TWN has continued to build high-quality network infrastructure to offer 99% of network coverage, providing complete 4G network coverage. In order to provide users with higher speed Internet services, TWN has actively deployed 2CA (700/1800) dual-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network. In 2019, in TWN continued to deploy 3CA (700/1800/2100) Tri-band carrier aggregation mobile broadband network in order to provide users with faster Internet speed.

Not only providing metropolitan areas with mobile broadband network, TWN has also overcome geographical limitations for remote areas, including Penghu, Jinmen, Matsu, Liuqiu, Green Island, Orchid Island and other offshore islands as well as Hehuanshan, Ali Mountain, Kenting and other scenic spots to provide mobile broadband network. As of the end of 2019, the 4G population coverage rate in remote areas has reached 97.65%.