Taiwan Mobile Foundation

TWM Foundation established in 1999 to uphold the spirit of local roots and supporting the local community. The Foundation responds to different needs in society through the long-term investment of manpower and resources in disadvantaged groups, helping the physically and mentally handicapped, the character development of teenagers, and prevention of social problems. It also integrates the core corporate resources to promote digital fusion and enhance domestic soft power in digital cultural creativity. TWM has continuous made our mission to serve society and give back to the public. Moreover, we strive to join people in building a more harmonious and sustainable society.

We make the best use of our four core resources of voice services, network bandwidth, digital content and innovative services to help the charity groups enable technicalization, expand into digital applications, cultivate talents of multimedia and digital marking, and support various local artistic and culture activities. Furthermore, a comprehensive corporate volunteer system has been established to internalize the CSR thinking with top-down corporate responsibility promotion and social engagement from bottom-up.