Circular Economy

Circular Economy Forum
The "ICT Industry Circular Economy Forum" was hosted for the first time in 2019 with nearly 300 people in attendance. Experts from the industry, government and academia were invited to share. In the meantime, the "Circular Economy Cooperation Declaration" was announced jointly with 14 strategic partners, putting forward their key commitments, which include Virgin Raw Material, Extend & More Efficiency, and Cycle, showing TWM's determination in establishing circular economy strategies.
Extending the service life of the power supply system (SMR)
The Company extended the service life of the power supply system (SMR) from 10 years to 15 years with good maintenance. In 2019, a total of 2,559 SMRs were retained, reducing approximately 25 metric tons of scrapped materials.
Reducing waste from spare parts procurement
E-waste reduction performance and targets Explanation
24,000 kg of waste reduction Working with suppliers to implement source reduction, reducing waste from spare parts procurement and future waste generation
A total of 2,356 faulty cards were generated in 2019. A supplier was entrusted to take care of equipment maintenance and faulty product processing, which can reduce TWM's waste generation by 10%, equivalent to 24,000 kilograms of waste materials.
Performance of recycling waste mobile phones/battery in Direct stores
Myfone stores effectively combine the concept of "convenience" with "recycling" to make waste mobile phones/battery recycling as convenient as consumption in stores. 19,837 waste mobile phones were recycled from the stores in 2019, with 1.23 metric tons of waste batteries recycled to promote recycling.
Performance of phone replacement
As opposed to our competitors, TWM not only launches new discounts with the most favorable plan and a new phone, but also provides discounts for replacing old phones with an international telecommunications company, Brightstar, so as to recycle resources effectively.
Results of the phone replacement in 2019:
  1. 7,051 used phones recycled in 2019.
  2. The revenue of NT$54 million was generated from recycled phones sold to BrightStar in 2019.
Paper recycling
The company ships shredded documents to the processing plant each season, which are crushed and added water before being compressed into paper bricks. The bricks are subsequently made into recycled paper products, reducing pollution and doing our best for the earth.