Keeping the Employees Healthy by Providing a Good Working Environment

  • Health and Well-being policy
  • The company set up the "Epidemic Prevention Response Command Center" with the president as the general convener, and the supervisors of each unit as the epidemic prevention representatives responsible for conveying and coordinating various epidemic prevention measures. Depending on the pandemic, the government's policy was taken into consideration for hierarchical management measures for epidemic prevention. When necessary, the WFH and remote backup mechanisms would be launched. The command center supports immediate response to future outbreaks to ensure that the company operates with no issue.
    We work on the goal of creating a work-life balance for employees, a healthy body and mind, and a family-friendly workplace based on the four major aspects of "health promotion, mental health, safe environment, and family care," creating a future value goal for sustainable development. The management team takes this policy as a core element in consideration when making strategic and operational decisions on related issues.
  • Sound and Diverse Health Promotion and Care Programs
  • Based on the analysis of health examination results and surveys, the Company has planned health promotion activities that meet the needs of employees with cancer prevention seminars. The participation rate increased by 27.24% compared with 2019 and 36.54% compared with 2018, showing that employees attach greater importance to cancer prevention year by year.
    With climate change, the temperature in winter changes greatly. In addition to providing health monthly to remind employees to take care of themselves during winter, cardiovascular disease prevention lectures are also organized to prevent cardiovascular disease caused by low temperature.

    mySports Online Sports Day

    In 2020, a total of 3,189 people participated in the online sports day, consuming more than 14.34 million kcal, an increase of 2.37 million kcal compared to 2019. The energy devoted to sports has reached new heights. For the fifth consecutive year, the Company has held two-stage company-wide individual sports competitions and departmental competitions through the self-developed mySports App. Employees upload their records to the cloud to accumulate points on both an individual and departmental levels. With the encouragement of the company and the sense of competitiveness of various departments, TWM has managed to cultivate and grow a sports community and habits.

  • Mental Health - Stress Management
  • The “Stress-Relief Massage Service" provides free massage with a total of 22,427 people were served and a satisfaction rate of 97.0%. Employee assistance program: Both "internal consultation" and "EAPs external consultation" services are provided, serving 100 people with the utilization rate of 5.1%.
  • Work Life Balance
  • In 2020, the health check, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccination and herpes zoster vaccination were extended to family members.Providing a comprehensive range of health services for female employees according to their needs at different stages:
  • Safe and Quality Work Environment
  • The occupational health and safety management system includes occupational safety and health impacts derived from operations, activities, and services such as telecommunications, Internet, multimedia, entertainment-related services, and office activities.
    Occupational Accident Reporting and Investigation

    The procedure is put in place to enable occupational accidents to deal with injuries as soon as possible, prevent the the disaster from creating more impact, and review the causes. It is used as the basis for accident prevention countermeasures, as well as safety and health improvement.

    Hazard Factor Identification and Risk Assessment

    Representatives of various departments form the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Working Group to review the "hazard identification and risk and opportunity evaluation" each year, taking into account (non-)routine operations, internal and external issues and other items.

    If the risk is unacceptable, such as the sockets in the office catching fire after not being used for a long time due to dust accumulation, improvement measures and goals will be planned and the risk control procedure implemented. After the improvement, the effectiveness will be evaluated again to maintain and continuously improve the performance of occupational safety and health management.

    The Company has continuously won various awards from the Health Promotion Administration, MOHW and the Department of Health
    • Health Promotion Administration - Autonomous certification for a healthy workplace
    • Excellent nursery room certification granted by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government.
    Complaint of illegal infringement at work

    Statistics on occupational hazard are calculated according to the statistical indicators of major disabling injury statistics announced by the Ministry of Labor. The statistics does not include traffic accidents outside the workplace. Analysis of occupational hazards in 2020: caused by 1 fall, 1 bruise, and 2 injuries from falling. The contractors had 1 fall in 2020. There was no case of occupational disease in 2020.