Keeping the Employees Healthy by Providing a Good Working Environment

Occupational Safety and Health Policy
Taiwan Mobile will effectively control the hazards generated by operational activities, build and enhance safety culture, implement self-management, and aim to reduce the impact of occupational safety and health. This policy applies to all employees (including contractors and dispatch workers under TWM’s supervision).
We promise:
  1. Compliance with laws and regulations: Comply with the relevant normative requirements of occupational safety and health regulations and international standards, and review the suitability regularly.
  2. Controlling the risk: Identify potential hazards and risks at work, eliminate hazards, and reduce occupational safety and health risks.
  3. Consulting and communication: Strengthen the occupational safety and health awareness of all employees, and invite employees or representatives to participate in consultation and communication to fulfill their personal safety and hygiene responsibilities.
  4. Friendly working environment: Provide safe and healthy working conditions, prevent occupational injuries and safeguard health.
  5. Continuous improvement: Continuously improve occupational safety and health performance through regular audits on the operation of the management system.
  6. Setting up action plans and targets: Prioritize the promotion of orientation and action plans, set quantitative goals and regularly track indicators.
The "Occupational Safety and Health Policy" has been approved by the CEO. All colleagues are requested to abide by the company's commitment and contribute to workplace health and safety.
Safe and Quality Work Environment
The occupational health and safety management system includes occupational safety and health impacts derived from operations, activities, and services such as telecommunications, Internet, multimedia, entertainment-related services, and office activities.
Hazard Factor Identification and OHS Risk Assessment
Representatives of various departments form the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Working Group to review the "hazard identification and risk and opportunity evaluation" each year, taking into account (non-)routine operations, internal and external issues and other items.
If the risk is unacceptable, such as the sockets in the office catching fire after not being used for a long time due to dust accumulation, improvement measures and goals will be planned and the risk control procedure implemented. After the improvement, the effectiveness will be evaluated again to maintain and continuously improve the performance of occupational safety and health management.
The Company has continuously won various awards from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) and the Department of Health.
  1. Health Promotion Administration - Autonomous certification for a healthy workplace
  2. Excellent nursery room certification granted by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government.
Action Plan and Progress Evaluation
Through hazard and OHS risk identification, TWM has prioritized "health promotion, mental health, safe environment, and family care" as the four major aspects of our occupational safety and health management. We work to achieve the goal of creating a work-life balance for employees, a healthy body and mind, and a family-friendly workplace to mitigate the OHS risks. The management team takes the four OHS priorities into consideration when making strategic and operational decisions on related issues.

2025 target:

Prenatal education rate for pregnant colleagues reaches 95%
Satisfaction of health promotion lectures reached 85 points

2030 target:

Prenatal education rate for pregnant colleagues reaches 95%
Satisfaction of health promotion lectures reached 90 points
Emergency Response Preparedness
Each office building is equipped with facilities better than the legally required -automatic external cardiac defibrillator (AED), and regularly conducts CPR training, first-aid first and recurrent training courses, fire training, earthquake evacuation drills and flood control drills in computer rooms every year to improve employees' emergency response capabilities.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company set up the "Epidemic Prevention Response Command Center" with the president as the general convener, and the supervisors of each unit as the epidemic prevention representatives responsible for conveying and coordinating various epidemic prevention measures. Depending on the pandemic, the government's policy was taken into consideration for hierarchical management measures for epidemic prevention. When necessary, the WFH and remote backup mechanisms would be launched. The command center supports immediate response to future outbreaks to ensure that the company operates with no issue.
Internal Inspection
  1. Formulate 「Automatic inspection management standard procedures」The implementation of machinery, equipment, workers, and the environment stipulated by occupational safety and health regulations, including inspections before, during and after operation, is to prevent occupational disasters and ensure the safety and health of all employees.
  2. Make an automatic inspection plan every year and implement it according to the frequency.
Independent External Verification of OHS Management System
In order to strengthen the company's internal occupational safety and health management and compliance with regulations, in 2017, TWM passed the OHSAS 18001 certification. In 2020, TWM passed the certification of ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system, and continued to ensure the safety and health of the office with the management and operation mechanism of P-D-C-A.
At present, the company has established and passed the external verification of the ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system in 2021 to ensure the validity of the certification certificate, and plans to continue to comply with the ISO 45001 standard and pass the verification in 2022.
Occupational Accident Reporting and Investigation
The procedure is put in place to enable occupational accidents to deal with injuries as soon as possible, prevent the the disaster from creating more impact, and review the causes. It is used as the basis for accident prevention countermeasures, as well as safety and health improvement. The scope of the occupational accident reporting and investigation includes occupational diseases, disability injuries, etc.
OHS Training and Raising Awareness
TWM regularly conducts OHS education, training and publicity for employees. We have complied an introduction to "Occupational Safety and Health: Discussion and Prevention of Occupational Hazards in general work" on the e-learning course to improve employees’ knowledge of occupational safety and health and reduce the occurrence of occupational hazards
Contractor and Supplier OHS Requirements
We ensure that contractors and supplier partners are expected to strictly adhere to the contractor's safety and health standard operating procedures and fulfill their safety and health obligations.
  • Formulate「Contractor's standard operating procedure for safety, health and environmental protection management」.Ensuring the contractor's safety, hygiene and environmental quality during work and preventing occupational disasters.
  • Formulate 「Procurement work safety and health management program」.To ensure that the procurement and leasing of machinery, appliances, equipment, construction, etc. can take into account at best that all procedures comply with safety and health related laws and regulations.

Complaint of illegal infringement at work


Statistics on occupational hazards are calculated according to the statistical indicators for major injury statistics announced by the Ministry of Labor. The statistics do not include traffic accidents outside the workplace. Analysis of occupational hazards in 2021: There were 6 employee cases, including 2 choking cases, pinching, slipping, dropping, scalding, falling and tumbling. There are 6 contractor cases (including 3 dispatcher cases): 2 falling cases, 1 case each for falling, tumbling, choking and bumping.

Sound and Diverse Health Promotion and Care Programs
We adjusted the physical course of employee health promotion to a more flexible online course, and the participation rate increased by 2,831 person-times compared with 2020, an increase of 35.79%.
With the change of pandemic situation, related emotional problems may arise from working at home. Besides providing health monthly and e-newsletter, TWM also holds health talks on depression prevention and sleep relief. As working from home is prone to obesity and other problems due to inactivity, TWM encourages employees to develop good habits of regular exercise and healthy eating. In addition to providing home sports films, TWM also held weight control classes, and the average weight loss per person in 2021 was 0.6kg less than that in 2019.
Mental Health - Stress Management
TWM’s “Stress-Relief Massage Service" provides free massages. A total of 9,599 people were served, with a satisfaction rate of 98.00%.
Employee assistance program: In response to the pandemic, TWM launched the work from home policy. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, "video consultation" was added. A total of 211 appointments were made throughout the year, with 152 face-to-face consultations, 58 video consultations and 1 telephone consultation respectively. In order to strengthen the management skills to promote employees' physical and mental health in the Hybrid working environment, a series of lectures for supervisors and employees were planned from 2021 to 2022. Manager: Understanding depression-LOHAS walking through the valley of life with a satisfaction of 92.08 points (out of 100 points), employees: Sleep Stress Relief–Save the sleep-deprived people for good quality sleep with 90.54 points (out of 100 points).
Taking care of family
  • Completed 95.92% pre-natal health education.
  • Breast-pumping room satisfaction: 4.88 points (out of 5.0)
Provide breast-pumping equipment for postpartum employees, a breast-pumping room with security-controlled access and high personal privacy.Let mothers relax from work during the breastfeeding stage and produce the best quality breast milk for the baby.There are 30 minutes of breast-pumping time twice a day, and the breast-pumping time can be adjusted flexibly according to the working conditions.
The breast-pumping room is located on the same floor as the office, which is convenient for colleagues to use immediately. It is equipped with: comfortable chairs with backrests and armrests, telephones, sterilizers, medical grade breast collectors and refrigerators and other related equipment. The breast-pumping room is cleaned and disinfected daily. Excellent nursery room certification granted by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government.
In addition to the women's health theme, the series of lectures on women's health and family management in 2021 extended to the discussion of common parenting problems and lectures on elderly health.
TWM provides a comprehensive range of health services for female employees according to their needs at different stages: