Minimize the company's and the value chain's footprint with latest technologies of IoT and AI artificial intelligence, not only reducing environmental impact but also actively creating a cosmic ecosystem that is more comfortable and beautiful.
CCorresponding to one Zetta Connected 2030 theme: Minimizing Footprint
Corresponding to one key SDG:7/12/13
Corresponding to 3 secondary SDGs:6/14/15
Correspondence to major themes: climate change mitigation and adaptation, green operations, green applications and circular economy
Corresponding to 7 major stakeholders: competent authorities, employees, communities/NGOs, customers, rating agencies, media, suppliers

Key Results of and Performance in 2020

  • Rated "A" again by CDP Leadership as the only telecommunications company in Taiwan
  • Given the full score by DJSI on Environmental Disclosure, Environmental Policy, Management System and Climate Strategy
  • Procured a total of 8.5MW capacity of renewable energy device with the estimated annual power generation for about 9.1 million kWh and 20 years of substitute transmission
  • Obtained 519 renewable energy certificates and 589,000 kWh for self-use renewable energy
  • The absolute reduction of tap water consumption was reduced by 7.44% compared to 2017
  • Total waste reduced by 14.25% compared to 2017, with the removal cost totaling at NT$23.45 million
  • Green Power for Energy raised NT$3 million with a 54.95kW photovoltaics system built to generate NT$7 million for disadvantaged groups in the next 20 years
  • Energy intensity decreased by 60% compared with 2016.

2021 Goals

  • Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions reduce by 5.54% compared with 2019
  • 15% of cloud IDC renewable resource consumption
  • Total use of renewable energy reaches 1.5%
  • Energy intensity decreased by 61% compared with 2016
  • Total waste reduced by 12% compared to 2017

2030 Goals

  • Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 30% compared with 2019
  • Cloud IDC's renewable energy consumption reached 100%.
  • Total use of renewable energy reaches 20%
  • Energy intensity decreased by 86% compared with 2016
  • Total waste reduced by 30% compared to 2017