Privacy Policy & Notices

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. (”the Company”) places a high value on customers’ privacy. In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following Privacy Policy & Notices (” Privacy Policy”) carefully:

Scope of the Private Policy
All personnel for TWM’s entire operations shall follow this policy. The Privacy Policy explains how the Company processes personal information collected from Internet users while accessing various services on the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"), participating in activities, applying for online memberships, conducting online shopping, etc; it also explains how personal information is shared by the Company's business partners. The Privacy Policy is not applicable to any business entity other than the Company; it is also not applicable to any personnel not employed or managed by the Company.
Collection of Information
The purpose of information collection is to verify the identity of users accessing the Website, as well as to provide various services, including:
You will be required to provide your personal information to the Company when accessing services on the Website, browsing website content, participating in promotional activities/games, applying for membership on the Website, subscribing to the e-newspaper, making online purchases of the Company's products/services, or using other website features. Such information shall include, but not limited to your name, ID number, mobile phone number, SIM card number, e-mail address, etc. The Company retains the aforementioned information provided by you, as well as relevant data recorded by the system while browsing the Website or making online inquiries, such as your IP address, time of usage, browser, and browsing history.
Notices on Personal Information
To safeguard your rights and interests, please read the following notices carefully concerning the Personal Information Protection Act:
  • Name of the non-government agency: Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.
  • Purpose of Collection:040/marketing, 063/collecting or processing personal information by non-government agencies under legal obligations, 067/operations involving credit cards, cash cards, debit cards, or electronic tickets, 069/contracts, agreements, or other legal matters, 072/policy propaganda, 077/booking, lodging registration, and ticketing businesses, 081/legal trading of personal information, 085/emergency services and assistance for ROC citizens traveling abroad, 090/consumer or customer management and services, 104/account management and debt trading businesses, 129/accounting and related services, 133/operating telecommunication and value-added telecommunication network services, 135/information (communication) services, 136/information (communication) and database management, 137/information and communication security and management, 148/Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services, 152/advertisement or commercial behavior administration, 153/movie, television, music, and media administration, 154/credit information services, 157/survey, statistic, and research analysis, 181/other business operations in compliance with registered business items or articles of incorporation, 182/other counseling/consulting services or specific purposes announced by the competent authority.
  • Classification of Personal Information: All personal information classification announced by the competent authority (including, but not limited to personal information contained in the application forms of customers, their agents, and legal representatives).
  • Time period, region, targets, and methods of using the personal information.

    Time Period
    The period when the Company (Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.) is operating its business.
    Within or outside the region of the Republic of China (excluding those prohibited by the competent authority).
    the Company, as well as its affiliated companies or business partners entrusted by or having business relationships withthe Company.
    Use all collected personal information in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Customers are entitled to exercise their rights prescribed in Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, including any requests to access (if this applicable) or make inquiries on the personal information, to make duplicates, to supplement/correct the information, to discontinue the collection, processing, or usage of the personal information, as well as to delete the personal information; methods for exercising such rights and fee collection shall be governed by government regulations and the internal policies of the Company. Based on Articles 10 and 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as the consideration of the need to execute its businesses and the retention period required by law, the Company may determine whether to accept such applications.
  • Customers may decide, at their own discretion, whether to provide the information (except for those required by law). However, if they decide not to provide such information, it may affect the result of the application or integrity of services provided.

  • Additional Information
  • The period when the Company is operating its business means the period of the purpose for which the personal data was collected, and/or the period of retention required by the Company for the execution of its business, and/or the period of custody in accordance with laws and regulations (including but not limited to the Civil Law, the Telecommunications Management Act, and the regulations related to telecommunications businesses). Information is to be kept for the maximum of 11 years under the Company’s operation*.
  • Request data be transferred: According to the Taiwan Telecom Act, TWM provides consumers the options to decide whether they carry their data, such as original numbers, to other telecommunications companies.
Information Protection
The Company keeps your personal information intact in its database and adopts strict security measures to prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized parties. All company personnel have received comprehensive training on information security and are fully aware of their fundamental responsibilities to keep the customer information confidential. Any employee who violating the confidentiality obligations shall be subject to the punishment according to relevant laws and the Company's internal regulations. To ensure the integrity and safety of your personal information, the Company has provided appropriate maintenance to all data processing systems where personal records are stored; strict requirements established by relevant competent authority are also satisfied in order to protect your personal information from being stolen or damaged. If, for business purposes, it is necessary to entrust a third party to provide additional services, the Company will make strict demands to request the third party to fulfill its confidentiality obligations, necessary inspection procedures will be carried out in order to ensure full compliance by the third party.
Use of Information
In order to offer you better services and benefits, the Company may ask you to provide your personal information to the selected business partners or suppliers. The Company shall provide sufficient explanation for such activities so that you may determine, at your own discretion, whether to accept these services or benefits.

Third-party disclosure policy (private and public entities):Your personal information shall only be used for the specific purposes defined and within the scope prescribed by relevant regulations. Unless agreed by you or specifically prescribed in other regulations, the Company shall not disclose your personal information to any third party or use it for any purposes other than the specific purposes already defined. The percentage of customers whose data is used for secondary purposes is 0%.

When using your personal information for marketing, the Company will provide a way for you without charge to express your refusal to such marketing. If you refuse, the Company will stop using your personal information for such marketing.

When a judicial authority or a government agency requires the Company to provide specific personal information due to public safety concerns, the Company will follow the legal and formal procedures under all users’ safety considerations.

You, as our valued customer, can actively grant permission (opt-in consent is required) by ticking the box marked ‘yes’ in the application form. If you choose to opt-out and refuse to receive promotion information, you can contact our designated and free channels(mobile dial 188(toll-free) directly).
Accessing Linked Websites
The Website may provide links to other websites. You may also navigate to other websites by using the links provided on the Website. The Website, however, does not guarantee your privacy while accessing other linked websites.
Amendment of Personal Information
If you need to make changes to your personal information, you may do so by using the services provided on the Website after you have verified your identity to safeguard your rights and interests.
Usage of Cookies
In order to provide better personalized services, the Website may use cookies to record and analyze user behaviors. The system supports the user identification function and is able to execute different tasks based on the user's preferences regarding information processing.
Amendment of the Privacy Policy
The Company may amend the Privacy Policy if necessary to ensure the proper protection of users' privacy. All amended clauses will be published on this Website.

We will delete the customers’ personal information after deactivation 11 years and compliance with some conditions.

According to the current risk management framework and operating mechanism, with the board of directors as the highest decision-making mechanism, personal data and information security risks are incorporated into the company's overall personal data and information security management policies. The headquarters of the company set up the ICT and Personal Information Security Management Division and assigns the professional supervisor as Vice President position or with the same authority to be the chief security officer, reporting directly to the general manager, responsible for supervising and reviewing the formulation of the personal information and information security management system, Implementation, supervision and management matters. In order to enhance the company's personal data and information security governance and supervision level, the Cyber Security and Data Privacy Protection Committee regularly reports major proposals to the board of directors to supervise the operation of the Cyber Security and Data Privacy Protection Committee.
After we consulted the enterprise risk management framework published by the United States-based COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) for guidance, the board of directors, Risk Management Committee, and dedicated risk management unit identified 21 major risks based on international research reports, industry trend analyses, internal and external company surveys, and corporate decisions and judgments. They were grouped into seven major items of risk category – "Regulation," "Internet Bandwidth Resources," "Information Security," "Business," "Markets," "Talent Cultivation," and "Innovation Management. There are 4 kinds of risks which raise in 2022 and include network security. The results are approved by Risk Management Committee.

Customers' contract.

Privacy policy system embedded in group-wide risk management.