Internet Packages

Applicable only to Taiwan Mobile SIM cards. For former T Star users, please visit myfone stores to apply for tariff plan changes and a SIM card replacement to be eligible for this top-up package.

Tips for 4G

  • The 30-Day plan includes 30-day unlimited data usage. For domestic mobile network (Taiwan territory), no extra data charges before the expiry date of the 30-day unlimited data usage plan.
  • The pre-paid rate plan” 30-Day Plan $699” shall not use or apply with other rate plans, e.g. the rate plan “day pass without speed reduction” or “charge-by-volume internet packages”, before the expiry date. Please do not apply/recharge different internet packages at the same time.
  • The customer needs to use the terminal equipment which supports CA functionality and may implement in Taiwan Mobile’s spectrum/bandwidth for the use of Taiwan Mobile’s 4G LTE service in 700MHz spectrum and 1800 MHz spectrum. The actual transmission speed may be affected by various factors such as the number of users, location, network environment, terminal equipment, download and transmission methods, service types, service platforms and etc.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR):Our customers can buy the Internet package by dialing 535 (free service line).
  • IVR535:when users dial 535 and get into IVR (interactive voice response) system which system will guide users to the menu of internet product applying.
  • When users get into IVR535 system please wait for the English guide.
  • Convenient store (CVS):Our customers can buy the Internet package at convenient stores in Taiwan. Convenient Store, including 7-11, Family-Mart, OK, Hi-Life.
  • TaiwanMobile Co., Ltd. reserves the right to amend or terminate the above services.