Promote social common wealth

Coding Fun-Rural Programming Fun

  • Sponsored the programming camp at 11 rural schools, with184 volunteers and 280 students.
  • Trained a total of 12 local teachers for long-term cooperation, with an estimate number of 4,860 students by 2021.

Seeing the lack of educational resources and teachers in the rural areas, as well as the gap in information technology between urban and rural areas, TWN has trained corporate volunteers to participate in programming camps since 2017. The volunteers help the students learn through games, allowing them to grasp the concept since an early age. TWN has since then invested in teacher training resources for year and a half after the camp, equipping local teachers with the teaching capacity as well as assisting schools nearby. For the second stage, more talents will be cultivated to change education in rural areas with programming.

Digital Wings

  • Over NT$70 million of resources invested in public welfare, providing mobile Internet access and myBook interactive "Live English" for free
  • A total of 13 organizations applied for resource-matching, benefiting 2,288 disadvantaged students

Digital Wings started out as an innovation proposal from our employees. An incubation team was formed in 2018 for an annual program in reviewing internal service resources, as well as finding out what NPOs, local governments and schools needed. The program was officially launched in 2019 to provide mobile Internet access and myBook Live English for free, partnering with 4 publishers with over 400 multi-lingual multimedia online learning resources. The application is open to over 10,000 disadvantaged secondary school students and above each year, helping them fly high with digital wings with digital learning opportunities.

Digital learning centers

  • 16 Digital Learning centers continue to operate with a total of 92 seats
  • In 2019, 59,110 people benefited from the Digital Learning centers

Since 2007, the Taiwan Mobile Foundation has integrated core telecommunications technologies and fixed-line services with the goal of reducing the digital gap. With that in mind, non-profit organizations have been assisted to set up "Digital Learning centers" in remote areas with sponsored network access, software and hardware. Local organizations have also been coached to take advantage of e-learning resources, giving regular classes and making digital learning accessible to local residents. At present, a total of 16 locations continue to operate.

Rural Broadband Construction

In line with NCC's "Broadband to Every Village" and "Broadband to Every Indigenous Community," policies in popularizing telecommunications services, we have completed 15.5 kilometers of fiber construction to provide Shanmei, Chashan, Shizi Village in Ali Mountains, Jingying Village, Renai Township, Nantou and Yixing Village, Jianshi Town, Hsinchu County with broadband access. The subsidy and maintenance cost for NCC policies reached NT$1,695,000 in 2019.

To provide infrastructure for broadband access in rural areas in line with NCC's Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, TWN submitted an application to NCC for construction approval of 14 base stations in rural areas to increase broadband coverage and reduce the digital gap. In 2019, the population coverage reached 97.65%. In addition, an application for building 100 Mbps fixe-line broadband network in 6 villages was submitted to NCC for approval to increase coverage in rural areas.