Promote social common wealth

Coding Fun
  • Co-organized physical programming courses and camps with four schools, with 70 volunteers and 91 students participating.
  • Jointly implementing the Coding Fun program for rural areas with three schools, with a plan to offer 90 classes and educate 1,350 students.

TWM sponsored a coding camp of National Yunnan University of Science and Technology in remote areas for a sixth consecutive year in 2022. Due to the easing of the pandemic, we have resumed in-person programming courses and partnered with three schools to train corporate volunteers to serve as teaching assistants. We aim to ensure that programming education for rural students remains uninterrupted. We plan to provide free training for teachers on the PAIA online machine learning platform, offer incentives to encourage them to conduct classes independently after training, and lead students to complete the self-driving car maze competition through programming. By investing in resources and breaking limitations, TWM aims to cultivate the next generation of technology talent and accompany children to make a difference in the future through coding.

Digital Wings
  • Over NT$70 million of resources invested in public welfare, providing mobile Internet access and myBook interactive "Live English" for free
  • A total of 127 organizations applied for resource-matching, benefiting 10,928 disadvantaged students

TWM continued to promote the program in 2022, offering 10,000 openings to disadvantaged students at the junior high level or above. Enrollment is free. By integrating the Company's core network resources and software service "MyBook Interactive Foreign Languages Learning". TWM has released more than 1,000 sets of multimedia online learning materials in four languages. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fully upgraded to provide unlimited internet access in 2022, committed to making digital learning opportunities accessible to disadvantaged students.

Donation of Second-hand Tablets and Mobile Phones to Rural Areas
  • Collected 260 used digital devices within three months
  • Help 7 NPOs for their service cases
  • Created infinite learning opportunities for 260 rural children

TWM has been actively addressing the digital divide issue in rural areas. While promoting the "Digital Seedling" program that offers free internet access to underprivileged students, we found that students in rural areas lacked digital devices, which hindered their ability to learn online. Therefore, in 2021, we urgently launched the "One Person, One Tablet, Learning Never Stops" project and raised 2,257 brand-new tablets for students in rural areas. In 2022, TWM took a step further by incorporating the circular economy concept and initiated the "Donation of Second-hand Tablets and Mobile Phones to Rural Areas" project. This project encourages people to donate their used mobile phones or tablets, which will be refurbished and delivered to disadvantaged students in rural areas, extending the life cycle of smart devices and reducing the digital divide.

Digital learning centers
  • 25 locations, 152 spotse

TWM has integrated core telecommunications technologies and fixed-line services with the resources of TWM's partners to reduce the digital divide. With that in mind, we assisted non-profit organizations in setting up "Digital Learning Centers" in remote areas that provide sponsored network access and computer software and hardware resources. Local organizations are also coached to take advantage of e-learning resources to offer regular classes and make digital learning accessible to local residents. In 2022, we established two new locations in Dongshan, Tainan. Continuously operated 25 digital learning centers since 2007. We look forward to further collaborating with communities, enabling more disadvantaged groups to benefit from digital education and increasing their access to digital technology.