Promote social common wealth

Coding Fun

  • Co-organized 6 online programming courses with 7 schools/auxiliary classes for disadvantaged students, with 46 volunteers and 176 students.
  • Held two free online teacher training sessions on PAIA platform, with 58 teachers participating.
  • Four schools applied for PAIA self-start award, offering 20 classes for 250 students.

TWM sponsored a coding camp of National Yunnan University of Science and Technology in remote areas for a fifth consecutive year in 2021. Three summer camps originally run by Taiwan Mobile Foundation were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which were converted into six online program courses. TWM expanded cooperation with seven schools/auxiliary classes for disadvantaged students, train enterprise volunteers to serve as online teaching assistants, and help students in rural areas to learn coding uninterruptedly. Planed more free teacher training on PAIA online machine learning platform, TWM provided incentives to encourage teachers to start classes independently after training and led students through the AI competition on the PAIA platform. TWM hopes to plant the seeds for logical thinking and programming in children, and to inspire their innovation through games, so that they can figure out what makes technological apps click and empower them to create endless possibilities!

Digital Wings

  • Over NT$70 million of resources invested in public welfare, providing mobile Internet access and myBook interactive "Live English" for free
  • A total of 95 organizations applied for resource-matching, benefiting 8,130 disadvantaged students

TWM continued to promote the program in 2021, offering 10,000 openings to disadvantaged students at the junior high level or above. Enrollment is free. By integrating the Company's core network resources and software service "MyBook Interactive Foreign Languages Learning". TWM has released more than 400 sets of multimedia online learning materials in four languages. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, disadvantaged students from elementary schools or above can apply after the suspension of classes announced in mid-May, and from the new semester in September, TWM fully upgraded to unlimited traffic and provided online learning opportunities to the disadvantaged students.

Tablet for Everyone, Classes Suspended Learning Continues

  • 1,273 donations
  • Help 7 NPOs raise and ship 2,257 tablets.
  • Raised more than NT$ 8.2 million

Taiwan imposed a nationwide lockdown since the COVID-19 pandemic warmed up in mid-May 2021. TWM urgently launched two tablet raising plan to alleviate the equipment demand of disadvantaged students for distance learning at home, integrate enterprise resources and strive for available products and public welfare discount price from tablet suppliers. Within two months, TWM collected and shipped 2,257 tablets, and timely helped seven NPO children from disadvantaged families in remote areas to learn distance smoothly. TWM hope to provide equal rights to receive education and access to information for these children.

Digital learning centers

  • 23 locations, 129 spots
  • Benefited 62,958 people

Taiwan Mobile Foundation has integrated core telecommunications technologies and fixed-line services with the resources of TWM's partners with the goal of reducing the digital divide. With that in mind, non-profit organizations have been assisted to set up "Digital Learning Centers" in remote areas that provide sponsored network access and computer software and hardware resources. Local organizations are also coached to take advantage of e-learning resources to offer regular classes and make digital learning accessible to local residents. Two new locations were introduced in 2021 – Chi’an in Hualien, Chunli in Taoyuan – to benefit an additional 1,728 individuals. The program, which was launched in 2007, now has a total of 23 locations. We look forward to further collaborating with communities to enable more disadvantaged groups to benefit from digital education and increase their access to digital technology.