5G Rate Plans

Monthly Subscription (NT$) 5G HS Plans
599 799 999 1,199 1,399 1,599 1,899 2,699
Contract Period 24/30M 24/30/36/48M
Internet Included Data  4GB 8GB 12GB 20GB 30GB 40GB 70GB 150GB
Bonus Data during Contract Period 24GB 36GB 60GB 100GB Unlimited 5G data during Contract Period
Excess Data Reduction
(Speed reduced to)
< 12 Mbps < 21 Mbps < 50Mbps
No excess data charges after speed reduction.
Voice Call Free Intra-Network Mins Unlimited
Free Inter-Network Calls (min) 60 90 120 160 220 300 400 960
Mobile Hotspot Data Extra data during Contract Period Hotspot Data Included to The Package 50GB 70GB 90GB 200GB
Excess Mobile Hotspot Data Reduction 5Mbps 10Mbps
5G Message Rate (SMS): $0.8697/Intra-Network SMS; $1.7394/Inter-Network SMS; $5/International SMS