Social emergency responses capabilities

Mobile base stations
  • 25 mobile base stations have been completed
  • They were used 5 times in 2021
When disasters lead to base stations losing their signal, or when special events are held in locations with insufficient capacity or coverage, mobile base stations can provide temporary coverage and capacity to make mobile communication services available.
In 2021, there were Taiwan Railways No.408 Taroko accident, Shuanghsi Hupaotan accident, testing, shelter and resettlement education and publicity activities in Chingchin No.2 Park, Youth Park and Minchuan Park, and TWM had a total attendance of 5 times. In 2021, related public welfare activities and disaster prevention exercises were mostly suspended or canceled due to the pandemic situation.

Disaster Prevention SMS
  • 99 practice SMS and 7,409 actual SMS
Besides participating in drills on "921 National Disaster Prevention Day" by sending out disaster prevention alerts, TWM partnered with different levels of government to run 99 drills with 7,409 alerts in 2021.
TWM will continue to work with the government's program to “apply science and technology to disaster prevention and relief” by expanding the features of the disaster prevention platform to strengthen its broadcasting function and push notifications and safeguard the maximum rights and interests of users and help strengthen the disaster prevention and rescue efficiency in Taiwan.

Disaster prevention and Contingency Rehearsal
  • Disaster prevention drills to verify the overall protection capability
In 2021, the global COVID-19 pandemic raged, and TWM held its post and carried out national key infrastructure disaster prevention drills. The drill includes simulating natural disasters and unexpected events, coordinating the resources of various departments in the Company, monitoring the business interruption risk, and examining the pre-/mid-/post-protection mechanism, notification process and emergency handling procedures. Through the drilling process, employees can get familiar with the overall protection strategy and strengthen the emergency response ability, so as to enhance the power of the disaster prevention plan and reduce the impact of accidents on customers and the Company's operations.

Disaster Prevention Mobile Communication Platform
  • Set up 5 disaster prevention mobile communications platforms and optimized 7 established mobile communications platforms rtain degree of normalcy.
TWM built 5 fixed disaster prevention and mobile communications platforms with more than 72 hours of backup power in case of a power outage and optimized 7 established mobile communications platforms in 2021 in line with NCC's Communication Infrastructure Construction Plan for Strengthening Disaster Prevention and Relief Operations of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. In the case of a power outage, mobile communication services can still be provided, allowing relief operations to proceed and giving people a way to ask for help and maintain a certain degree of normalcy.