Differences between 5G and 4G


Download a 2-hour HD movie at drastically reduced time (5G theoretical peak of 10Gbps)


When piloting drones, reduced latency can prevent dangerous accidents


Simultaneously connect to 1 million devices (max value 1 million/km2)


Used in smartphones, tablets, and computers to primarily transfer text, media, and images


Diverse IoT devices, 4K/8K video signals, AR/VR games, automated vehicle control, robot control, automated industrial processes and work management and more, achieving a more intelligent Internet experience.

Comparison of 5G vs. 4G

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  4G 5G
Peak Speeds
(Ideal upload, download speeds)
0.1-1 Gbps 1-2 Gbps
Bandwidth 40-80MHz More than 100MHz
User experienced speed 10-20Mbps 50-500Mbps
Connection density 10,000/km2 1,000,000/km2
Strengths Low frequency with wide coverage High frequency with fast transfer speeds

*The speed data presented are theoretical values measured in a test environment. Actual speed is influenced by factors such as number of users, network environment, terminal equipment, download and transmission methods, service types, and the capability of service platforms. For example: Smartphone download speeds may be impacted due to app design.