Breaking down obstacles caused by long-standing value systems, including poverty, inequality, unequal resource distribution and so on with innovative technology models and applications.
Corresponding to one Zetta Connected 2030 theme: Realizing Social Potential
Primary SDGs addressed: 1/3/4
Secondary SDGs addressed: 2/5/8/9/10/11
Material topics addressed: giving back to the society, digital inclusion and social innovation, social emergency responses
Correspond to five major stakeholders: Employees/Communities& NGOs, Customers, Rating agencies, Media

Social Inclusion Concept Map

Social Inclusion Highlights in 2021
  • Boost cumulative public interest and social care sponsorships and donations to NT$1.161 billion
  • Support provided by myfone Award to OTT audiovisual talent
    -A total of 470,000 entries and more than NT$77.18 million in awards and grants over the past 15 years
  • i-Infinity Digital Welfare
    -Transformed into Tech The Dreamers
    -Micro-films for Charity: Helped charitable organizations raise nearly NT$29 million with 26 micro-films
    -Mobile Application Services: A total of eight services have benefited over 6 million people
    -iSharing Volunteer Platform: Newly upgraded and revised, and launched in March, 2022
  • Promoted technology education to benefit 78,000 people
    − Coding fun
    − Digital Learning centers
    − Digital Wings
  • Digital Wings: Provides free Internet to disadvantaged students, benefiting more than 8,130 students to date
  • COVID-19 pandemic response:
    − Tablet for Everyone Raised 2,257 sets, amounting to more than NT$ 8.2 million
    − Bilingual Online: 20 TWM volunteers accompanied 556 students to learn English online (552 hours in total ) for 138 classes
  • 97.78% of population coverage for mobile broadband Internet in rural areas
  • The number of people benefiting from the discount for disadvantaged groups (students/the elderly) grew by 194% compared to 2017
2022 Goals
  • The sponsorships and donations for public interest and social care since 2003 amount to NT$1.087 billion
  • Since 2007, TWM has contributed to education equality through digital technologies, reaching a total of 2.748 million people
  • Since 2018, TWM has reached a total of 180,000 people through its own channels to boost sustainability and education
  • The number of disadvantaged people (students/the elderly/physically challenged/migrant workers) who benefit from the discounted plan grew 1.97 times compared with 2017
  • Over 10% of 5G coverage for remote and rural areas
2025 Goals
  • The sponsorships and donations for public interest and social care since 2003 amount to NT$1.3 billion
  • Since 2007, TWM has contributed to education equality through digital technologies, reaching a total of 3.24 million people
  • Since 2018, TWM has reached a total of 300,000 people through its own channels to boost sustainability and education
  • The number of disadvantaged people (students/the elderly/physically challenged/migrant workers) who benefit from the discounted plan grew 2.05 times compared with 2017

Social Involvement Focus & Benefits/KPIs:

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Priorities SDGs Alignment Description of alignment between priority and your business drivers. Business Benefit KPI Social / Environmental Benefit KPI
Broadband service in each village and tribe
To enhance the quality of mobile broadband service in remote regions, we offer various telecommunication promotions, financial aid for mobile network and broadband application. Besides, to ensure that economically disadvantaged students and senior citizens are not excluded for 4G mobile, we have established promotional plans for them to apply for. In addition, promotional price has been launched for prepaid phone cards for international calls. This enables disadvantaged migrant to call their families at affordable rates. Moreover, we also offer broadband services in remote regions to implement the vision of “broadband service in each village and tribe.” We completed 15.5 kilometers fiber construction and the cost of maintaining universal service is nearly 1.41 million, and these construction could promote telecom development in remote regions. For KPI and priority information, please refer to 2021 ESG report CH3.3.2 Rural Broadband Construction & CH4.6.5.2 Multiple Rate Plan. TWM provides various special offers to elders, children, students, disabled groups and remote communities in order to taking care their needs in communication, online learning and promote digital inclusion. In 2021, these special offers have brought over NTD 4,693million revenue for TWM.
  1. The growing number of individuals benefitting from TWM’s diversified phone plans is the KPI to monitor the benefit. TWM announced diversified phone plans in 2021: 4G promotions for students–569,454 persons; 4G phone plans for children–69,306 persons; 4G phone plans for the elders–21,310 persons; international phone call plan for migrant workers–585,766 persons. The number of benefited disadvantaged people grows 1.94 times compared to 2017 which achieved the target for 2021. The target for 2025 and 2030 are 2.05  and 2.15 times.
  2. The population coverage rate of the rural broadband Internet service is the KPI to follow up the broadband network in remote regions. Approximately 15.5km of optical fiber were laid and Internet speed has jumped to 100Mbps. We have achieved a population coverage rate of 97.78% in remote regions covered by broadband in 2021. In response to 5G generation, we set the target to 5G coverage rate of 10% in remote regions by 2021, and achieved to 52.3% in advance.
Spares no efforts in national sports development and promote the atmosphere of physical activity Since 2003 TWM has provided sponsorships to great sporting events by investing over NT$880M on athletic sponsorships in basketball, baseball, golf, judo, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, table tennis, marathon. TWM has not only sponsored the Fubon Guardians baseball team, but also brought 5G technology by implementing AR, VR360 and MEC to Xinzhuang Stadium, and broadcasted all games with its unique Multi-Angle View function. For 7 years on end, TWM has supported Taipei Marathon, boosting sports participation in combination with developing value-added 5G applications and services, including providing free SMS for organizer and stable 5G service for all runners during the event to lure more users. To boost the spirit of sports, Fubon Group and TWM offered awards and grants—US$175,000 in total to all Olympics medalists and TWM also provided iPhone 13 to all athletes participated in Olympics and Paralympics. For KPI and priority information, please refer to 2021 ESG report CH1.3. TWM has sponsored many athletes and increased from 7 in 2019 to 17 athletes in 2021. TWM’s long supported domestic sports activities resulted in it winning “Sports Activist Awards” for 5 consecutive years. In 2021, TWM invited Kuo Hsing-Chun (weight- lifting player) to be “Open Possible Credit Card” ambassador attracting over 52 news reports which equivalent to NT$4.7M of media value. The TV ad has racked up over 5M views in 2 months and the card-issuing performance has grown by 8.3 times compared to last one in the first half year. Also, TWM invited 3 athletes as “iPhone 13 launch event” special guests and attracted over 117 news reports which equivalent to NT$16.70M of media value. Besides, TWM hosted the Olympics live stream celebration attracting over 266,000 viewers and over 124 news reports which equivalent to NT$27.54M of media value. During the Olympics, TV ad attracted over 10M views and approximately 10 thousand customers who applied for the internet service. To boost participation in sports and Taiwan’s international reputation at the same time, TWM set the goal to support at least 1,200 events in 2025 and 2,500 events in 2030. In 2021, TWM not only actively sponsored a professional baseball team and the professional basketball team, also hosted the Taiwan Mobile Ladies Open, creating an international venue for Taiwanese athletes to compete with the best athletes from around the world. Besides, TWM has supported Taipei Marathon since 2014 which attracts over 20,000 runners every year and sponsored 2021Taiwania Ultra Trail for supporting ultramarathon at the same time. In 2021, TWM supported over 250 large-scale sports games and health enhancing activities to facilitate national health and boost participation in sports. TWM will continue exerting "Open Possible" spirit in support of local sports and looks forward to continuing to invest in more social welfare and sports activities to build a strong foundation in Taiwan's sports world.
Equal opportunity: Enhancing digital competitiveness In 2021, TWM continually provide free mobile data and myBook online language learning resources to vulnerable students by “Digital Wings”, assist NPOs to set up “E-learning center” to handle computer education courses in rural areas, and still create opportunities for students in rural areas to learn coding and use technology for innovation by “Coding Fun”. To ensure vulnerable students continually learning online during level 3 COVID-19 alert suspended in-person teaching since May 2021, we have initiated “One Student One Tablet” at first time to donated directly and raised fund from public for buying tablets. We have also launched “Bilingual Online” since July 2021 which recruit TWM’s volunteers to teach English for vulnerable students remotely every week, and furthermore our volunteers become a mentor to guide students find their passion for learning, please refer to 2021 ESG report CH4.6.3.1 Coding Fun. TWM used True Value to measure economic benefit, the input from TWM and our partners, the feedback from students and volunteers, and the quantification of social benefit which Digital Wings, E-learning center, Coding Fun, One Student One Tablet and Bilingual Online contributed had created monetary value which equivalent to NT $1415.101M. The KPI of priority 3 is the fulfillment of equal opportunity of education by digital technology, for 2025 and 2030 are 5.16M people and 7.85M people.
1) The Digital Wings project upgraded the data plan from 6GB per month to unlimited to fulfill the need of online learning cause by COVID-19, and until the end of 2021, over 8,100 students had been benefit from the project. 2) E-learning center have continued to operate 23 locations.
3) Affected by COVID-19 in 2021, the Coding Fun project was modulated to held 6 online coding courses for vulnerable students and 46 volunteers and 176 students were participated. Also encouraged teachers to join PAIA( training program for free which 58 teachers were attended.
4) The One Student One Tablet project raised over NT$8.2M donation within just two months, and 2,257 tablets were given away trough 7 NPOs.
5) In 2021, 20 volunteers participated in the Bilingual Online project and which benefited 556 students.

Total monetary value of TWM’s corporate citizenship/philanthropic contributions for each of the following categories:

Type of Contribution Total amount (NTD)
Cash contributions $180,664,281
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours $968,688
In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/ partnerships or similar $179,695,593
Management overheads $9,033,214

Social charitable contributions and sponsorship:

Contributions/sponsorship to: Description Total amount (NTD)
Low-income Households TWM offered special cable TV discounts to disadvantaged groups, such as senior centers, nursing homes, local community activity centers and other social welfare organizations. $29,372,519
Rural Households TWM increased the construction of mobile broadband networks in remote areas so as to increase the coverage of radio waves in remote areas. $1,410,000
Charitable activities "FUBON has got your back" for fighting the Covid-19 TWM has provided the LED wall, an effective and high-profile digital media, for the display of charity ads free of charge, and we continue to disseminate correct information and bring awareness regarding social care, promotion of the arts and environmental protection to the general public. $3,503,200
15th myfone Awards
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Solar for Good Green Energy Initiatives
Children and Elders in rural areas TWM actively uses its core competencies and corporate resources to achieve social welfare and environmental responsibility. Through the care for the disadvantaged, the promotion of multiple cultural services, environmental protection and other multi-oriented volunteer services, the company, employees and the society are closely linked. $430,862
Chinese Christian Relief Association TWM’s philanthropic contributions to support/sponsor non-profit, education, or arts organizations. $39,062,479
Taiwan People's Food Bank Association
A Kernel of Wheat Foundation
21st Century Foundation
Taiwan Mobile Foundation
Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award
SING FU Happiness Foundation
National Culture and Arts Foundation
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
World Vision Taiwan
United Way of Taiwan
Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation
Jieh Huey Social Welfare&Charity Foundation
I-Link Community Services Association
Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association
Taiwan Olive Garden Care Association
Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation
Chinese Taipei Road Running Association
Total   $73,779,060