Breaking down obstacles caused by long-standing value systems, including poverty, inequality, unequal resource distribution and so on with innovative technology models and applications.
Corresponding to one Zetta Connected 2030 theme: Realizing Social Potential
Corresponding to one key SDG: 1/3/4
Corresponding to three secondary SDGs: 2/5/8/9/10/11
Corresponding to material topics: giving back to the society, digital inclusion and social innovation, social emergency responses
Corresponding to the five major stakeholders: employees, communities/NGOs, customers, rating agencies, media

Concept map of social inclusion

Note The one-way straight arrow indicates a one-way association between two projects
The two-way curved arrow indicates that the two projects are interrelated.
Results and Performance in 2019
  • NT$130 million raised through TWN Channel
  • NT$850 million raised by TWN for sponsorship and charity donation
  • myfone Mobile Composition Award supports OTT audiovisual talents
    − A total of NT$6.25 million of funds were granted in 2019, with a total of 379,505 entries in the last 13 years and over MT$63.89 million of awards and grants
    − The theme song for The Bookstore After 10pm, the first original musical short in Mandarin, made it to the stage of Taipei Arena
  • Digital Wings: Provides free Internet for 10,000 disadvantaged students, benefiting a total of 2300 students
  • i-Infinity Digital Welfare
    − Eye-Comm: Partners with social enterprises to develop eye-tracking games for early-stage therapy, helping children with physical and mental disabilities to communicate with the outside world. To date, Eye-Comm has benefited approximately 15,000 children
    − Micro-films for Charity: Helped charitable organizations raise nearly NT$26 million more of fund with 24 micro-films, with 10.53 million impressions as of March 2020
    − iSharing Volunteer Platform: Generated over 47,000 downloads
  • Promoted technology education to benefit 63,000 people
    − Coding fun
    − Digital Learning centers
    − Digital Wings
  • Free large-scale outdoor concerts:
  • The number of participants reached 720,000 over 12 consecutive years,
  • Helping 22 charitable organizations raise a total of NT$2.96 million
  • 97.65% of population coverage for mobile broadband Internet in rural areas
  • The number of people benefiting from the discount for disadvantaged groups (students/the elderly) grew by 110% compared to 2017
  • 63,000 people benefited from the TWM digital education

Social Involvement Focus & Benefits/KPIs:

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Priorities SDGs Alignment Description of alignment between priority and your business drivers. Business Benefit KPI Social / Environmental Benefit KPI
Broadband service in each village and tribe
To enhance the quality of mobile broadband service in remote regions, we offer various telecommunication promotions, financial aid for mobile network and broadband application. Besides, to ensure that economically disadvantaged students and senior citizens are not excluded for 4G mobile, we have established promotional plans for them to apply for. In addition, promotional price has been launched for prepaid phone cards for international calls. This enables disadvantaged migrant to call their families at affordable rates. Moreover, we also offer broadband services in remote regions to implement the vision of “broadband service in each village and tribe.” We completed 15.5 kilometers fiber construction and the cost of maintaining universal service is nearly 1.69 million. TWM provides various special offers to elders, students, disabled groups and remote communities in order to taking care their needs in communication and promote digital inclusion. In 2019, these special offers have brought over NTD 4,011 million revenue for TWM.
  1. The growing number of individuals benefitting from TWM’s diversified phone plans is the KPI to monitor the benefit. TWM announced diversified phone plans in 2019: 4G promotions for students–557,678 persons; 4G phone plan for the elders–32,533 persons; international phone call plan on prepaid phone cards for migrant workers–520,000 persons. The number of benefited disadvantaged people (students/the elderly) grows by 110% compared to 2017 which achieved the target we set for 2019(15%). The target for 2020 and 2030 are 35% and 50%.
  2. The population coverage rate of the rural broadband Internet service is the KPI to follow up the broadband network in remote regions. Approximately 15.5km of optical fiber were laid and Internet speed has jumped to 100Mbps. We have achieved a population coverage rate of 97.65% in remote regions covered by broadband in 2019 which achieved the target we set for 2019(95%). The target for 2020 and 2030 are 97% and 99%.
Monitoring Envrironmental Quality TWM created a personal air quality measuring service named “myAir”. It consists of myAir- S1 portable PM2.5 detector, myAir app and myAir cloud servers. In the connection mode which myAir-S1 and myAir app are paired, the users can set autodetection and notification, review their PM2.5 measuring records on charts or e-Map, and also receive health advice as well.
It’s a showcase of how well TWM cloud platform could support mass market IoT services and also enables TWM to collect proprietary data to develop environment and personal health applications.
myAir was launched in Taiwan market on 8th, January,2019, and   NTD 39,417,997 sales revenue was generated in the very first year. The KPI is evaluated by the number of air quality sensors added onto the nation’s environmental monitoring networks.
While the target was to deploy more than 10,000 units in 2019 and ultimately 100,000 in 2030, TWM surpass it by selling 21,011 in the year of 2019. The sensor collects data that is not only for the individuals to improve their own air environments, but also helpful to researches in medical or
public health. In 2019, TWM has donated 60 sensors and NTD 200,000 fund to Formosa Cancer Foundation and National Health Research Institutes for researches in related fields.
Equal opportunity: Enhancing digital competitiveness Initiated by TWM’s internal Innovation Proposals, we launched “Digital Wings” with TWMF and 4 language learning publishers in 2019. We plan to provide free 720,000GBs of mobile data and myBook on-line language learning resources to 10,000 economically disadvantaged students annually. To solve the shortage of resources and reduce gaps in the rural areas,we assisted NPOs to set up E-learning center and provide e-learning resources since 2007 to handle computer education courses and help them manage affairs & digital applications while launched Coding Fun program in 2017. We are cultivating Taiwan's technological talents in stages by TWM’s core abilities & using programs to improve rural education. By providing learning resources with TWM’s core technological abilities, it solve the shortage of resources problem and creates more innovation opportunities and brand reputation. TWM used reputation/ branding KPIs to measure economic benefit, the news reports and social media diffusion which Digital Wings, E-learning center and Coding Fun contributed had created brand reputation which equivalent to NT$6,757,633.46 of economic benefit. The KPI of priority 3 are people benefit from TWM digital education resources and people be promoted with equal education opportunity. The target we set for 2018, 2020 and 2030 of the former one are 33,000, 62,000 and 150,000, and the latter one are 2.20 million, 2.35 million, 3.85 million. 1)In 2019, TWM has launched the project of Digital Wings to provide free mobile internet and myBook on-line language learning resource for economically disadvantaged students. Until the end of 2019, a total of over 2,200 students had been benefit from the project. 2) The goal of E-learning center was to “shorten digital gaps and create digital opportunities”. So far, 16 locations have continued to operate. In addition to Internet broadband, teaching software and hardware equipment, computers accounted for a total of 92 sets. 3) The Coding Fun project in 2019, were held a total of 3 summer camps in 3 elementary schools in Taiwan, and participated in 53 volunteers and 79 trainees, including 4 seed teachers. Moreover, seed teachers delivered courses regularly which benefited 1,760 students.

Total monetary value of TWM’s corporate citizenship/philanthropic contributions for each of the following categories:

Type of Contribution Total amount (NTD)
Cash contributions $167,505,549
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours $806,250
In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/ partnerships or similar $166,699,299
Management overheads $8,375,277

Social charitable contributions and sponsorship:

Contributions/sponsorship to: Description Total amount (NTD)
Low-income Households TWM offered special cable TV discounts to disadvantaged groups, such as senior centers, nursing homes, local community activity centers and other social welfare organizations. $32,817,495
Rural Households TWM increased the construction of mobile broadband networks in remote areas so as to increase the coverage of radio waves in remote areas. $1,563,151
Life Conservation Association TWM has provided the LED wall, an effective and high-profile digital media, for the display of charity ads free of charge, and we continue to disseminate correct information and bring awareness regarding social care, promotion of the arts and environmental protection to the general public. $3,300,000
13th myfone Mobile Composition Awards
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music Concert
Children and Elders in rural areas TWM actively uses its core competencies and corporate resources to achieve social welfare and environmental responsibility. Through the care for the disadvantaged, the promotion of multiple cultural services, environmental protection and other multi-oriented volunteer services, the company, employees and the society are closely linked. $864,230
Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association TWM’s philanthropic contributions to support/sponsor non-profit, education, or arts organizations. $40,228,679
Chinese Christian Relief Association
I-Link Community Services Association
World Vision Taiwan
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation
Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers
A Kernel of Wheat Foundation
The First Social Welfare Foundation
Formosa Cancer Foundation
Chinese Taipei Road Running Association
Cardinal Tien Hospital
Yilan County United Way Foundation
Jieh Huey Social Welfare & Charity Foundation
Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award
Music & Technology Institute Foundation
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
Taiwan Mobile Foundation
Total $78,773,555

2020 Targets:

  • NT$820 million for TWN sponsorship and charitable
  • NT$120 million raised through TWN channels
  • 35% growth in the number of disadvantaged groups (students/the elderly) benefiting from the discount compared to 2017
  • 62,000 people benefiting from the TWM digital education
  • 97% of population coverage for mobile broadband Internet in rural areas

2030 Targets:

  • NT$1.2 billion for TWN sponsorship and charitable donation
  • NT$200 million raised through TWN channels
  • 50% growth in the number of disadvantaged groups (students/the elderly) benefiting from the discount compared to 2017
  • 150,000 people benefiting from the TWM digital education
  • 99% of population coverage for mobile broadband Internet in rural areas