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Individuals Users Services Double High Speed Promotion 11
  • Double High Speed received NT$160 million in revenue in 2020
  • Creating the Smart Home Lifestyle
  • Integrating mobile and fiber-optic Internet access with smart home appliance packaging into smart home management
  • Integrating mobile and fiber optics to provide users with 5G mobile high-speed services outdoors and fiber-optic Internet access at home. The package comes with smart speaker Google Nest Mini/Nest Audio, allowing users to experience mobile and fiber double service all-inclusive smart lifestyle
  • The Double High Speed package had15 times of growth in revenue in 2020 compared to 2019 (old confluence included).
  • The Double High Speed free gift (Google Nest Mini/Nest Audio) doubled the overall smart speaker monthly sales growth compared to that of 2019
  • One-time application of mobile data and optical fiber, reducing carbon emissions by 50%
Personal users services Increase the amount of intelligent customer service contacts 9
  • The smart customer service robot completed 380,000 phone calls
  • Customer completed over 95.7% of self-service with the satisfaction rate as high as 4.3 (out of 5)
  • Provides various customized services to meet inquiries/changes made by customers: At the beginning of the launch, the service provides account information inquiry, payment and fee inquiry.
  • Provides a 24-hour text customer service robot on various digital channels to offer replies and guided dialogues.
  • Provides a 24-hour text customer service robot on various digital channels to offer replies and guided dialogues. In 2020, 380,000 phone calls were completed.
  • It has accumulated 120,000 FAQ and provides users with personalized information inquiries, including bills, contracts, unissued bills and prepaid card balances... etc., to instantly meet customer needs.
New media services Google Nest Mini Smarter Home 9, 17
  • The sales volume of Google Nest smart speakers reached 240,000 in 2020, with the cumulative sales expected to reach 100,000 by the end of 2022 for TWM's smart home ecosystem devices
  • Joining forces with major international manufacturers to create a large TWM smart home ecosystem for every household
  • Mutual help with manufacturers of household appliances to expand benefits
  • Building a shared and co-created ecosystem with altruism as intention: Giving new opportunities to various manufacturers for getting into smart homes and upgrading the industry
  • The sales volume of Google Nest smart speakers reached 240,000 in 2020, which is the equivalent to upgrading 240,000 households in Taiwan to smart homes
  • 9 Taiwanese brands adopted TWM's Smart Home Cloud to form an alliance in terms of technology and market to upgrade household products and home appliances in 2020
  • Creating a comfortable new life with science and technology. In a real smart home, AI understands your habits
IoT and Platform Products myAngel Digitized Care Service 3
  • Service area coverage: 165 villages/towns/districts
  • Improving home care with telecommunications technology
  • TWM funded the services at the initial stage, with users and the society maintaining sustainable operations afterwards.
  • A unique digitized care service that integrates smart watches (myAngel Watch), caregiver interface (myAngel App) and volunteer messaging system (i-Search Circle).
  • myAngel Watch takes advantage of TWM's mobile IOT network (NB-IoT), which saves 69% of battery power and extends the charging frequency from once a day to only once a week.
  • myAngel App integrates indoor positioning technology to find the wearer even in places where there is no GPS signal.
  • The i-Search Circle adopts M+ instant messaging software to allow caregivers to send out search requests to volunteers nearby even without knowing the missing elder.
  • Assisted 881 families in protecting their elders from the risk of going missing
  • Assisted the elderly in sending1,612 help messages to their family members
Corporate customer services M+ enterprise service 3, 8, 9, 11
  • The introduction of integrated communication services brought in NT$107 million in revenue in 2020. Successfully added 6,145 accounts for the communication integration service
  • Home office epidemic prevention solution
  • Accelerated the integration of M+ and CPBX products while expanding value-added application services to build a complete communication platform
  • The "M+ Enterprise Service" turns the enterprise user's mobile phone into extensions. No landline calls are missed
  • Enterprise users can save a huge communication fee and the procurement fee of telephone as well as manpower for maintenance.
  • Improve corporate communication efficiency and employee productivity.
  • Employees have to work from home due to COVID-19 pandemic. This service allows the company landline to be transferred to the mobile phones with no additional charge. When employees contact customers on their private mobile phones, the company's number will be displayed without giving away the information of the mobile phone number, saving the cost of landline and equipment while reducing energy consumption.
Corporate customer services TWM IoV services 9, 17
  • In 2020, IoV service generated a total revenue of NT$63 million
  • TWM has developed the IoV service in response to the CASE trend (electric vehicles, sharing, IoV and self-driving technology).
  • Building IoV Big Data Service
  • From traditional GPS vehicles to the AI fleet management platform, TWM continues to optimize the IoV service to provide customized insurance policy services based on driving behavior
  • Develop self-driving technology with partners by adopting 5G network and IoT technology with a connection management platform, introduce cellular car networking C-V2X and self-driving services, provide shuttle bus and cooperate with government agencies to expand the scope
  • Help improve dangerous driving behaviors and reduce risks and rates for accident through AI machine learning
  • Introduce self-driving services to the public transportation system and develop a more efficient vehicle operating mode
Corporate customer services 5G for Enterprise Private Network Service 9, 11
  • 25 potential customers for the TWM enterprise network in 2020
  • 15 POC customers
  • POC(Proof of Concept) solution for enterprise network
  • Combined with IoT applications with dedicated 5G network to ensure the security of data transmission and strengthen the flexibility and efficiency of production line operation
  • Meet the needs of industry vertical application services such as low latency and large bandwidth through the enterprise network Model A "Dedicated Base Station" and TWM core network services