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In 2021, a total of more than 20 product innovation proposals were incubated, and 8 projects with highlights in products, processes and social applications were selected as follows:

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Strategy/purpose Project process, innovation highlight Environmental/social welfare/commercial
Corporate customer services 5G Smart Driving Next Generation Smart Transportation Vision 7, 11
  • 1. Accumulative connections exceed 1,500 times.

  • 2. Reduce driver scheduling by 60 people/month.
  • With the 5G network technical characteristics and the intelligent transportation construction trend, it will extend the application field and boost revenue.
  • Taiwan's first smart intelligent driving service running through 5G network, assisted by TWM with the 5G private network environment, provides cloud and smart network platform services (OTA, CMP), and took the lead in realizing the communication and computing integration among "cars, roads and clouds” of self-driving vehicles in Chang Gung Health Culture Village by combining the environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicle of Formosa Plastics Transport, a number of patented vehicle engineering technologies developed by Ming Chi University of Technology, the AI-perception self-driving system developed by National Taiwan University and the self-driving modular system developed by iAuto Technology.
  • Through intelligent driving service, TWM helps build a more comfortable and safe riding experience, reduce the transportation safety risks caused by human operation, and improve transportation efficiency.
Corporate customer services M+ enterprise switchboard 9
  • 68 corporate customers and 371 account numbers apply for installation.
  • Through product integration and innovation, TWM can provide enterprise with digital transformation and meet the communication needs of employees, and increase service market share.
  • Integrate M+ enterprise instant messaging of Taiwan Mobile and CloudPBX of Cisco, launch M+ enterprise switchboard, and provide enterprise customers with innovative integrated communication service platform, so that enterprises can meet all internal communication tools needed for work at one time. In addition to the product features of quick application and quick effect, it also saves the operation time of wiring and installation of traditional switches. The mobile extension allows employees to use it without being restricted by location, which is not only a good helper for enterprise digital transformation, but also the best solution for enterprises to start to work from home under the pandemic situation.
  • Enterprises can quickly deploy employees' remote operations, and provide diversified communication functions, and the mobile extensions make employees' home office as accessible as in the office.
Corporate customer services 5G for Enterprise Private Network Service 9, 11
  • 23 customers signed POC(Proof Of Concept).
  • Sell with 5G vertical applications that meet the needs of enterprises.
  • Combining with 5G ecosystem partners, TWM provides innovative and diversified business models, provides enterprise 5G End-to-End complete solutions for vertical application needs of various industries, and establishes a 5G service industry value chain.
  • Meets the needs of vertical application services for businesses, such as low latency, large bandwidth and security, through the enterprise network 5G "Dedicated Base Station" + MEC
IoT and platform products M+ service assists zero contact insurance policy and medical care 3, 8
  • Assists 9 customers to conduct two-way video service, saving more than 371,250 kgCO2e/km of commuting carbon emissions (estimated by two-hour MRT commuting).
  • Work efficiency in the professional fields of finance, life insurance and medical treatment effectively improved through video system and interactive reply interface.
  • M+ created a compliant and secure video underwriting service in the financial and life insurance industries. M+ video service technology has obtained a patent. It adopts cloud video images recording with encrypted files directly uploaded, and the corporate underwriting would issue an invitation notice after authenticating the identity of the insured. The insured could access the video call via mobile devices or internet for application, survival investigations, claim settlement or customer service etc, to achieve "contactless insurance". Also cooperated with 9 well-known customers with video call during project implementation period, has saved business meeting time and a total cost of at least NT$3,879,000.
  • The hospital would quickly integrate the address book of the medical staff of the whole hospital through M+ combined with the hospital’s EIP system, to form an instant medical information contact network for real-time notification, so that doctors, nurses and administrators can quickly find and obtain means of contact. The hospital has also established a dedicated M+ corporate account, important information can be immediately distributed to the entire hospital and can be handled by relevant doctors or nurses in-charge through the exclusive two-way medical information interactive notification system. During project implementation period, it assisted the hospital to save human communication and SMS notification cost effectively, with the total amount to at least NT$53,875,000.
  • Won the favor of many financial and life insurance companies and the M+ video system was widely used. A two-way medical information notification platform was also custom made for large hospitals to quickly enhance smart medical applications.
Smart home Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)/Google Nest Smart Speaker telecom exclusive sale. 9
  • The new launching of Nest Hub (2nd generation) drives the overall sales of speakers, with the cumulative sales volume reaching 350K.
  • Google Smart Home Call has accumulated 350 applicants.
  • Speaker users are recommended to use smart home appliances to achieve energy-saving effect.
  • Product type innovation: Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) is equipped with a 7-inch smart screen, which is different from the operation mode of the previous Google Nest Mini/Nest Audio. In addition to maintaining the voice control function, it can also operate home appliances through touching the smart screen.
  • Innovative call service: Launched the Google Smart Home Call (070 Internet Phone). TWM is the first telecom operator in Asia to launch a full range of call services that can be connected with smart speakers in series, thus promoting the new usage of smart speakers/smart screens.
  • Speaker users are recommended to use smart home appliances to achieve energy-saving effect.
New media services Exclusive Disney+ telecom operator in Taiwan 9
  • With the exclusive five dream charge schemes, you can easily enjoy the massive content of six Disney+ brands.
Join hands with the top international video streaming platform to provide users with wonderful and smooth entertainment.
  • Get the exclusive telecom cooperation rights of international brands in Taiwan: TWM is the exclusive cooperative telecom operator of Disney+ in Taiwan.
  • Provide users with the world's top audio-visual streaming service: TWM integrates its telecom and home broadband services to convey the joy and emotion created by Disney+ content to Taiwan users.
  • Easily enjoy the full range of charge projects: Project binding, additional subscription or single purchase would all enjoy considerate bill reduction and exemption.
  • Disney+ enriched audio and video content is presented to users wonderfully and smoothly through TWM streaming and 5G network service.
  • Create the first Disney+ themed store in Taiwan, and turn the online fantasy charm into offline experience.
New media services The MyBook electronic book reading device and its method is invention patented
  • In 2021, the reading function was used 35,000 times by 12,000 users.
  • Integrate momo to expand the promotion, and improve efficiency.
  • Extend service application to care for the vulnerable.
  • Optimization of reading and listening: Self-developed Chinese/English sentence analysis engine and reading module, which can improve speech reading quality, increase sentence and paragraph judgment, and improve speech reading fluency through pause and intonation adjustment between sentences.
  • First create the function of "tap to read": Don't wait. Just tap with your finger, and reading starts from that sentence. Users can easily listen and read. It is also a more effective learning style for children and visually impaired people.
  • MyBook digital wings program benefited 2,418 participants.
  • MyBook joined the third-level alert and anti-pandemic in New Taipei/Kaohsiung to provide a free 14-day magazine reading package experience.
New media services Download and install A1 Box for free, and play GeForce Now across screens at home. 9
  • The total playing time exceeds 20,000 minutes.
  • More than 30 news reports, covering industries, games and lives.
  • Combining 5G with home cable TV to get a better game experience is also the top application for traffic commercialization.
  • TWM joined hands with Kbro Broadband to introduce cloud games into cable TV households, and you can play GeForce NOW across screens at home after free download and installation with A1 Box.
  • Through cloud computing technology, players can play games with ready-made computer equipment without purchasing additional machines, thus reducing the purchase of electronic equipment and waste of resources.