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Taiwan Mobile has 6 major innovation achievements.

Through using 5G and Internet of Things technology to create a connection between people, things and time and space, and create a future life beyond imagination with a forward-looking vision.

In 2022, a total of more than 20 product innovation proposals were incubated, and 15 projects with highlights in products, service and processes were selected as follows:

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Commercial activity Product/Project Name Corresponding SDGs Infographic / Presentation of statistics Highlight of the Innovation
Integrate the mo coin ecosystem Mobile & WiFi Package 9, 11
  • Cumulative number of users has grown 190% compared to the same period last year
  • Expanded the installation area to cover 11 administrative districts
  • Cumulative sales of Google Nest smart speakers have exceeded 400,000 units, with a household penetration rate of over 4.4% in Taiwan.
The Mobile & WiFi Package combines mobile and fiber optic Internet services in one package, providing users with a one-stop application to enjoy 5G high-speed mobile services and up to 1Gbps fiber optic Internet access at home.
OP Life 9, 11
  • A total of 5,800 sets of OP audio-visual theater sets were sold from 9/1 to 12/31.
  • In the telecommunications industry. a sales promotion was pioneered to get a free OP audio-visual theater set with a 60-month contract in an easier and more cost-effective way.
Personal service innovation TWM Mobile Customer Service APP 8, 9
  • Cumulative downloads reached 7.1 million electronic billings, saving about 195 million sheets of A4 paper per year.
The TWM Mobile Customer Service App has multiple and practical self-service functions. In addition to intelligent contract renewal, real-time query of network/voice usage, fast payment, prepaid card recharge, activation of telecom bill collection service, and self-service application for popular digital services are also available.
MyMoji 9
  • The people is assisted to quickly build a 3D digital twin model, and the number of experiences reached more than 5,000 times in 2022.
  • There are more than 500 theme stickers, and more than 2,600 sets are available for people to sell on the Line store.
  • 3D AR images and framed stickers of 8 players from the Taiwan Mobile sports family were produced and proceeds from downloading the stickers was donated to Taiwan Green Energy for Charity Association.
MyMoji plans that avatar users can be presented in the customer service platform system provided by Taiwan Mobile, and they can connect their digital identities to enter the Metaverse world in the future.
Telecom Finance (TWM Pay) 1, 8, 9
  • Transaction amount customized by the artificial intelligence models
Investment in USPACE 9, 11
  • In the past 5 years, the total number of cooperative exceeded 45,000 parking spaces and more than 500 parking lots. The shared parking spaces saved carbon emissions equivalent to the annual adsorption capacity of 5.13 Daan Forest Parks.
Smarter Home APP 8, 9
  • The cumulative sales volume of Google Nest series of smart speakers reached 470K.
  • The household penetration rate upgraded to the promotion of smart home reached 5.2%
Taiwan Mobile's smart home ecosystem cloud platform integrates network environment, smart home appliances/devices, data and services for users. Users only need to download the Smarter Home APP to quickly connect Google Nest smart speakers. Cross-brand smart home appliances/devices can be easily voice-controlled or remotely operated by APP to help speaker users quickly upgrade to a smart home. Smart home upgrade kits are expected to be launched in the future. From network broadband establishment → smart home building → installation and application teaching → complete after-sales consultation, one-stop smart home services are provided to users.
Enterprise cloud service innovation 5G AI Ready Platform System and Co-creation Laboratory 1, 8, 9
  • Taiwan's first high-speed cloud-integrated 5G enterprise private network service, providing rapid deployment and use of AIHPC and 5G environment to accelerate the implementation of various 5G scenarios.
5G for Enterprise Private Network 8, 9
  • 5G combined with AR/AI applications can help companies reduce employee training time by approximately 30%
  • Reduce paper printing and employee travel time.
Smart Cloud for Children's Sensory Integration 3, 8
  • Multi-sensing technology is integrated with AI, 5G and cloud services, and early treatment courses and home fitness programs can be matched with an accuracy rate of 90%.
  • It can be applied to the physical fitness development of 755,000 children aged 3 to 6 in Taiwan.
AI (information security) and anti-fraud innovation Anti-Fraud Gatekeeper 8, 9
  • 24-hour monitoring of fraudulent websites.
  • Helps over 100 companies to detect fraudulent websites with high efficiency
Taiwan's first telecom operator to perform fraudulent website detection services, combining information security, AI big data and exclusive detection technology with a technological telecom foundation to protect the public from fraudulent website or fraud apps.
Secure Call 9
  • Dramatic reduction in fraud-related incidents by more than 90% in three years
Secure Call is a Number Masking Service. Through the automatic transfer of temporary relay agent numbers, the real phone numbers of the sender and receiver are protected from leakage, which blocks fraud at its source and helps industries that require frequent telephone contact to enhance consumer information security, creating a win-win situation for both companies and consumers.
Social service innovation Tech The Dreamers 4, 10
  • Two social enterprise teams were supported for a training bonus of nearly NT$2 million.
  • We teamed up with "Buy Directly from Farmers" to launch the <Bang Nong Shi APP>, affecting more than 200 villages and tribes in Taiwan.
IoT smart agriculture was promoted, and social enterprise teams were led to focus on biodiversity issues. More sustainable values can be germinated locally, and technology can be used to help local creation.
Coding Fun 4, 10
  • Since 2017, 20 camps and 6 online programming courses have been accumulated, and 396 volunteers and 713 students participated.
Taiwan Mobile volunteers are encouraged to serve as lecturers or teaching assistants, regardless of whether they have a programming background. They use their spare time to compile the content of the teaching materials into a teaching method that is easy for children to understand. Rural programming talents have been rooted and started with physical camps and teacher training. The seeds of programming education are continuously sprinkled in remote villages, building a bridge connecting remote villages with the world and empowering them digitally.
Carbon reduction/5G process innovation Base station & telecom server 9, 12, 13
  • Reduce carbon 2872 mt
TWM's large-scale electricity consumption accounts for about 97% of the total carbon emissions, so it is committed to the smart energy saving of base stations and improving the use of green electricity and other carbon reduction strategies. Through smart-energy saving and big data analysis of various energy-consuming devices and the introduction of various power saving solutions, we optimize the efficiency of telecom equipment, power and air conditioning systems to make telecom, cloud server rooms and base stations more carbon-reducing and energy-saving.