Visiting Taiwan

Taiwan Mobile is committed to providing a world-class telecommunications service in Taiwan and we insist upon the highest quality standards in our network infrastructure, products, technology and customer service. In recent years, an explosion in mobile phone subscriber numbers as well as advances in telecommunications technology means the telecommunications industry is now more competitive than ever. To succeed, a telco must strive to provide customers, employees and investors with the best possible performance. At Taiwan Mobile, we not only insist on providing high quality service but also "customer relations management" and "corporate governance" to continue to improve our competitiveness in the market. Our efforts have made us become the telco you can trust in and a role model among Taiwan’s telecommunications companies.

How to register on the Taiwan Mobile network

  • Automatic Network Selection : When you arrive in Taiwan and turn on your phone, the SIM card will automatically search for available local networks. If "Taiwan Mobile" is displayed on the screen of your phone then you have registered with the TWM network.
  • Manual Network Selection : A list of available networks will appear on your phone. The method and interface used for selecting the phone will vary depending on the model of your phone. When the list of available networks appears on the screen of your phone, please select "Taiwan Mobile" then press Confirm. Then you have registered with the TWM network.

Emergency and Useful Information in Taiwan

  • Emergency Services Fire, Ambulance 119 (toll-free)
  • Police 110 (toll-free)
  • Directory Assistance (English-speaking) 106 (charged)
  • Taxi 55688 (charged)


  • The pictures of signal coverage and the reception quality provided under this system is generated by an analysis software of radio wave coverage which may simulate the outdoor signal and is for customers’ reference only. The actual coverage of mobile telecommunications shall be based on the customer’s usage on the location.
  • The quality of mobile telecommunications may be affected by location, landform, buildings, number of users, terminal equipment and other relevant factors.