ESG Projects

Zetta Connected 2.0: How big your heart is; then how great your vision will be!

We have selected the word “Zetta (1021),” a pun for “a very big heart” in Mandarin Chinese, as the theme for our vision for the next decade (2020-2030). The "Zetta Connected 2.0" campaign crystallize our efforts to achieve the UN SDGs and our aspiration for everyone at TWM to bravely contemplate and set their own goals. Through this campaign, we will review our current practices.

In 2022, the original 2030 goal has been already a mid-range goal (<10 years). In order to continue the execution of various projects, Zetta Connected 2030 was extended to 2035 by changing its name to “2035 Zetta Connected 2.0”. Also, the year of 2035’s targets for various projects are set. It is expected that Taiwan Mobile will become the core of everything in 2035. In addition to connecting people, things, and spacetime, it is more important to connect hearts to hearts. We also use this to respond to the UN SDGs and create sustainable value.

We hope to bring our vision encompassing five major themes to our stakeholders, the first two of which – being a “Responsible Business” and leading suppliers in “Creating Stakeholder Synergy” – will serve as building blocks to achieve the other three: “Elevating Future Experience,” “Realizing Social Potential,” and “Green for Good.” These five themes are closely connected to TWM’s seven key brand values. Step by step, we intend to work toward a future of unlimited potential with our eight major stakeholders to achieve our fundamental goal of sustainable development.

True Value Assessment

We continue to evaluate the true value of our operations generated for the environmental, social, and governance aspects. In 2021, the actual surplus of the Company increased by NT$ 13.5 billion compared with traditional financial performance. However, the environmental externalities caused by the operations cannot be ignored. Therefore, we have actively increased the use of renewable energy, introduced smart energy-saving systems, as well as strengthened resource recycling. We have planned to continuously introduce true value into the business model to enhance the Company's ability to respond to risks and grasp business opportunities.

2021 Evaluation Results!

In 2021, the actual surplus of the Company increased by NT$ 13.5 billion compared with traditional financial performance.

Calculation index External costs and benefits 2021 response and 2022 targets
2021 2019 2017 2015

Environmental externalities

Renewable energy consumption (+)724 (+)2,234 (+)1,531 (+)2,180 4.5
Environmental Sustainability
Recycling cell phones &power supplies (+)6,655 (+)542 (+)3,358 (+)986
Waste recycling (+)15 (+)71 (+)1,601  
Water recycling (+)804 (+)936 (+)4,797  
Buyback & reuse of used cell phones and tablet (+)27 (+)12 (+)26 (+)270
GHG emissions (-)1,069,226 (-)1,197,675 (-)456,996 (-)448,275
Water consumption (-)25,007 (-)29,480 (-)22,732 (-)82,843
Air pollution emissions (-)9,053 (-)9,205 (-)18,317 (-)22,134
Waste management (-)109 (-)137 (-)128 (-)103

Economic externalities

Employee compensation & benefits (+)8,235,663 (+)6,812,645 (+)7,248,538 (+)5,832,447 4.2
Happy Workplace
Public expenditure
(National economic development & infrastructure)
(+)4,791,802 (+)3,535,198 (+)3,901,518 (+)2,717,030
Green procurement (+)120 (+)204 (+)167,372  

Social externalities

Digital inclusion
(Bilingual online/Tablet for everyone/Coding fun/Digital Learning center/Digital Wings)
(+)1,415,101 (+)994,359 (+)266,971 (+)101,325 4.2
Happy Workplace
Green power for Charity (+)111,768 (+)17,765    
5180 Mobile donations (+)43,109 (+)7,572 (+)6,161 (+)7,208
Microfilm fundraiser (+)3,329 (+)1,188 (+)721 (+)6,887
Employee training (+)14,369 (+)8,744 (+)7,136  
Work-related injuries (-)879 (-)734 (-)959 (-)5,150

Note 1Update "Recycling cell phones & power supplies" Calculation index to 71 in NT$ thousands. The total of TWM 2019 True Value also update to 40,863,939 in NT$ thousands.
Note 2Two new project include Bilingual Online and Tablet for Everyone update in “Digital inclusion” Calculation index.