Benefits and rewards are important to encourage employees and attract talent. Our Employee Welfare Committee is responsible for planning and implementing various benefits, including but not limited to general benefits and free group insurance for employees and their spouses, employee stock ownership trust, high subsidy for phone bills, preferential value-added service with family members, purchase discount for company products, good and comfortable working environment, emergency aids, and other measures. Please refer to the table below for further details.

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Item Description of benefits and rewards
Flexible working hours
  • Our flexible working hour system include a range of shifts from as early as 7:30 am to as late as 10:00 am, allowing employees to apply for shifts that fit personal needs. Flexible working hours allows employees to take care of personal matters without sacrificing work hours.
  • Employees can apply to reduce working hours one hour per day, for raising children of less than three years old.
  • Pregnant or nursing female employees are adjusted to avoid working at night.
Working from home arrangements
  • Our company offers the option for employees to work from home for 10 days per month, and special requests for full-time remote work for up to one year can also be submitted. Currently, we have a colleague who is working remotely from Germany
  • Employees can use multiple devices such as mobile office app, push mail, VPN, to work from home. Moreover, TWM developed an instant messenger system (M+ system), and employees can communicate work-related information with colleagues or online sign-off directly and effectively.
  • Pregnant employees can work from home until delivery after approval.
Part-time working options
  • We offer part-time working options for employees in order to meet their personal needs, such as family member caring or child caring. In 2022, we have 45 part-time workers.
  • Our full-time employees can have a second or even third part-time job after approval. We offer employees the chance to explore more opportunities in their career.
Childcare facilities or contributions
  • In 2022, we raise birth allowance from NT3,000 to NT$60,000 for each newborn baby, and raise child allowance from NT$2,000 to NT$10,000 for each child under age 6 every year. We provide employees with exclusive low Interest loans.We provide parents with childcare assistance programs, such as baby caring education.
  • Employees can use content provided by “myVideo”, app developed by TWM, to watch kids’ movies or children's television series, or learn English.
  • Company signs contracts with childcare institutions to provide employee childcare discounts.
  • Group insurance for employee’s children at discounted rates.
Breast-feeding /lactation facilities or benefits
  • We hire professional nurses to offer workshops to brand new parents and provide employees with baby care advice. Well-equipped breast-feeding rooms with medical-grade equipment has been set up to allow employees to continue nursing their children after giving birth. The nurses teach new mothers breast-feeding tips and provide health education. Regularly organize mother-to-child lectures to provide employees with child care information; e.g. "How to breastfeed" and provide fertility gifts, child care subsidies, children education subsidies to help employees give the best care to their children.
  • Breastfeeding time is twice a day and deemed as working time.
  • Protect pregnant or nursing females from working at night.
Paid parental leave for the primary caregiver in excess of the minimum legal requirement
  • TWM offers maternity leave that exceeds statutory requirements, e.g. the female employee miscarriage after being pregnant for less than two months, shall be permitted to discontinue work and granted paid maternity leave for 7 days revised from 5 days unpaid leave by laws, and pregnant employees can take partially paid, job protected leave until delivery.
  • We offer 10 weeks of paid maternity leave (compared with 8 weeks required by laws) for those employees with over 6 months of seniority.
  • We evaluate actual performance at work, ensuring people who applied for maternity leave were not impacted.
  • We provided parental leave, 75 female employees applied for parental leave and return rate was 77.6% in 2022.
Paid parental leave for the non-primary caregiver in excess of the minimum legal requirement
  • Employees are granted 7 days paid paternity leave.
  • Employees can adjust their starting and finishing work time of up to one hour of the daily regular working hours to manage their demands, such as picking-up and dropping-off at childcare, caring for sick children, and attending medical and other appointments.
  • New parents are provided parental leave to give best care for their children. In 2022, 27 male employees applied for unpaid parental leave and return rate was 80.8%. We evaluate on actual performance at work, ensuring people who applies parental leave are not impacted.
Paid family or care leave beyond parental leave
  • During the pandemic, the company offer fully-paid epidemic prevention and care leave for employees who can’t WFH, such as direct store staff, but need to take care children.
  • Employees can take paid public leave for vaccinations.
Leaves in excess of legally required minimum
  • Sick leave:Employees are granted 48 hours fully-paid (statutory: half-paid) and 192 hours half-paid sick leave per year.
  • Bereavement leave:The bereavement leave is 6 days that is revised upwards from 3 days by laws.
  • We offer our employees two days of paid leave each year, with transportation allowances, to perform volunteer services.
Employee stock ownership trust
  • Taiwan Mobile was the pioneer in implementing employee stock ownership trust. Employees can participate voluntarily with contributing certain amount of salary (self-contribution), and company will also contribute the equal amount money to the trust fund.
  • The company launched a new Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT) policy in October 2022. Employees can increase their own contributions without any upper limit. To reward employee participation in this program, the company provided an additional 20% of the self-contribution amount as a bonus, with the upper limit bonus set between 1,000 and 3,000 NTD, depending on their job grade.
Company group insurance
  • Employees: Starting from their first day of employment, employees are eligible for group insurance paid fully by the company. The coverage includes term life insurance, injury insurance, medical insurance, hospitalization insurance and cancer insurance.
  • Spouses: Spouses of employees are also eligible for hospitalization insurance fully paid for by the company.
  • Other: Employees, their spouses, parents and offspring may also enroll in the group insurance plans at a discount.
Subsidy for personal mobile phone use
  • We offer monthly subsidy for employees’ personal mobile phone use, including app costs, to supports both their work and personal lives. Employees can download and use these apps which are developed by Taiwan Mobile, such as MyMusic, MyBook and MyVideo. Employees can enjoy online music through the MyMusic App and reduce work stress. MyBook App provides digital content including e-books, e-magazines, and audio learning materials.
  • Employees can read books or learn English with children, and build healthy family life. With MyVideo App, employees can watch news, films, or cartoons with family members, and enjoy these valuable and happy moments.
  • Offer employee purchase discount.
Employee Welfare Benefits
  • TWM has integrated the employee welfare responsibilities of all subsidiaries under the Joint Employee Welfare Committee. The Committee is in charge of planning and implementing all welfare programs, such as subsidies for wedding, childbirth, funeral, hospitalization, and birthday.
  • The Committee offers employees the option for applying for customized benefits such as subsidy for children's education, travel, continuing education, insurance coverage, shopping and fitness.
  • We organize sports day, family day and year-end dinner parties for employees to help them balance their work and family life.
  • Subsidies are provided to art, cultural or sport clubs set up by employees to sustain both their physical and mental health.
  • We actively collaborate with sports centers, theme parks, resort hotels and travel agencies to offer special discounts to our employees on gym memberships and other travel benefits.
Tenure-rewards program To reward employees for longevity and commitment, we reward employees with gifts.
Retirement plan and implementation
Old Labor Pension System
The Company has published its Employee Retirement Guidelines and formed a Labor Pension Supervisory Committee in accordance with the law. In addition, the Company retains the services of an actuary to assess and calculate labor pension reserves and provide a detailed report annually. It contributes a sum equivalent to 2% of a worker's monthly wage into a special labor pension account as a reserve fund to pay retirees.
As of January 2023, the accumulated reserve fund was NT$703,894,000.
New Labor Pension System
The Company implemented the New Labor Pension System in July 2005. It deposits 6% of a worker's monthly wage into an individual labor pension account managed by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, with ownership going to the worker.
A total of NT$164,292,000 was deposited in 2022.
Retirement policy
The Company regulates its retirement policy in accordance with labor laws. It also offers the option of early retirement for employees who have worked for at least five years with the Company, which plus his/her age would equal 65 years or above, subject to the Chairman’s approval.
Subsidy for emergency use Employees can apply for unpaid leave, change their place of work within the branch network, or apply subsidy to fulfill their personal needs if they have serious personal or family difficulties.
Sport & health initiatives Two stages of online employee sports competitions are held through the self-developed MySports App every year. In 2022, a total of 2,849 people will participate in online employee sports competitions, consuming more than 20.77 million calories.

2022 Statistics on Unpaid Parental Leave
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TWM + Taiwan Fixed Network + Taiwan Digital Service + Taiwan Teleservices & Technologies+ Taihsin Property Insurance Agent TWM Broadband Taiwan Kuro Times
Category Male Female Male Female Male Female
Number of people eligible to apply for unpaid parental leave 226 245 9 11 0 1
Number of people who applied for unpaid parental leave 25 71 2 4 0 0
Number of people expected to return from unpaid parental leave (A) 25 103 1 3 0 1
Number of people who returned from unpaid parental leave as expected (B) 20 79 1 3 0 1
Number of people who returned from unpaid parental leave in 2021 (C) 9 62 0 7 0 0
Continued to work for more than one year after returning from unpaid parental leave in 2021 (D) 6 42 0 7 0 0
Return rate (B/A) 80.0% 76.7% 100% 100% 0% 100%
Retention rate (D/C) 66.7% 67.7% 0% 100% 0% 0%