Encourage cultural and innovative arts

myfone Award

  • myfone Award gathered a total of 469,738 entries between 2007 and 2021
  • The winning teams were matched with various foundations to create films promoting public welfare, with a total of 45 films as of 2021
  • myfone Award granted a total of NT$34,945,000 of prize money and NT$33,678,750 of grant between 2007 and 2019

With the evolution in technology and the shift in mobile compositions, the Award started soliciting text compositions, original songs, original stickers and micro-film submissions. "I'MPOSSIBLE" was the theme for the 15th myfone Awards in 2021 to encourage creative talents to keep on the creativity road and constantly surpass themselves. A total of 48,304 works were submitted, breaking the record despite the COVID-19 pandemics, which shows abundant "digital creativity” which express concern for society with their works through different media.

In addition to offering award money, the Award is dedicated to cultivating creators by integrating Group resources to provide exposure on commercial platforms for winning works, joining forces with the Foundation's i-Infinity project to match winning teams to film projects that promote public welfare, as well as offering audiovisual talents the opportunity to make it on stage with Dare to Dream.

Dare to Dream

  • TWM‘s Dare to Dream 5.0, "Breaking through the High Wall" documentary, contributed to myfone Awards for the first time, and realize the dream with TWM sports family players together.
  • Director Li Chi-Yuh and Quake Chan, the national break-dancing player, boarded the Taipei Arena stage, and the brilliant performance excited all of the audience.

For the first time, TWM’s 5th “Dare to Dream”campaign not only support Li Chi-Yuh, the director who won the first prize in the micro-film group of myfone Awards, but also support Quake Chan, a 22-year-old break dancer, to realize the dream together. Makes Quake Chan 's unremitting efforts to strive for the dream of challenging the 2024 Paris Olympic Games into a documentary film "Breaking through the High Wall". This film records Quake Chan 's journey to represent Taiwan in the world's largest and most indicative Red Bull BC One World Competition in 2021. He surmounted many obstacles and challenges along the way and competed with the best players from all over the world. Through in-depth dialogue with B-boys of different generations, the film lets the audience know the accumulated culture of break dancing in Taiwan. “Breaking through the High Wall” shows the characteristics of Breaking, and it is a documentary film with great vitality. TWM introduce "Breaking through the High Wall” from Quake Chan 's perspective to the audience in the first half of 2022.