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myfone Mobile Composition Award

  • myfone Mobile Composition Award gathered a total of 379,505 entries between 2007 and 2019
  • The winning teams were matched with various foundations to create films promoting public welfare, with a total of 41 films as of 2019
  • myfone Mobile Composition Award granted a total of NT$31,015,000 of prize money and NT$32,878,750 of grant between 2007 and 2019

With the evolution in technology and the shift in mobile compositions, the Mobile Composition Award started soliciting text compositions, original songs, original stickers and micro-film submissions. "Rebellion, Retrospection" was chosen as the theme for the 2019 edition, encouraging creators to establish their own brands. A total of 33,589 works were submitting, breaking the record in terms of volume for any single year. A winner said that the award allowed her to get creative again after becoming a mother, and now she has an outlet for the inspiration she once had.

In addition to offering award money, the Mobile Composition Award is dedicated to cultivating creators by integrating Group resources to provide exposure on commercial platforms for winning works, joining forces with the Foundation's i-Infinity project to match winning teams to film projects that promote public welfare, as well as offering audiovisual talents the opportunity to make it on stage with Dare to Dream.

Dare to Dream

  • TWN went through great lengths in sponsoring the first original musical short in Mandarin, The Bookstore After 10pm
  • The theme song "Some Kind of Secret" made its debut in Taipei Arena to the applause of 12,000 spectators

TWN's 4th "Dare to Dream" supports people with creative talent in music as well as videos, which are rare in Taiwan. Sean Li, the first person to win both the first prize in the 12th micro-film project and the first price in the 7th ring tone competition of myfone Mobile Composition Award, received support to make his dream come true by making the first original musical short in Mandarin, The Bookstore After 10pm, a reality. Wang Shaudi, the winner of the Golden Bell Awards, was hired as a mentor and producer. The musical short features Darren Chiu and Janice Yan as protagonists, allowing Li to maximize his potential.