Encourage cultural and innovative arts

myfone Mobile Composition Award
  • myfone Mobile Composition Award gathered a total of 511,638 entries between 2007 and 2022
  • The winning teams were matched with various foundations to create films promoting public welfare, with a total of 48 films as of 2022
  • myfone Mobile Composition Award granted a total of NT$42,735,000 of prize money and NT$43,638,000 of grant between 2007 and 2022

With the evolution in technology and the shift in mobile compositions, the Mobile Composition Award started soliciting text compositions, original songs, original stickers and micro-film submissions. "Right Distance" was the theme for the 16th myfone Mobile Composition Awards in 2022 to encourage creative talents to keep on the creativity road and constantly surpass themselves. A total of 41,900 works were submitted, showcasing people's abundant creativity and expressing their concerns for society through various creative media.

In addition to offering award money, the Mobile Composition Award is dedicated to cultivating creators by integrating Group resources to provide exposure on commercial platforms for winning works, joining forces with the Foundation's i-Infinity project to match winning teams to film projects that promote public welfare, as well as offering audiovisual talents the opportunity to make it on stage with Dare to Dream. In the future, TWM will continue to provide multiple platforms to stimulate a culture of creativity among the public and cultivate high-quality Taiwanese talents in graphic design, writing, and video production.

Dare to Dream
  • Dare to Dream 5.0 created Taiwan's first documentary of a national breakdancing champion, "Break the Limit," which reached over a million views within 12 days of its release.
  • Dare to Dream 6.0 was directed by Yan-Ping Wang and produced by the dream mentor Shau-Di Wang. Their heart-warming family-themed short film "Three, Two, One" is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Since 2016, Dare to Dream has been supporting outstanding creative talents from the myfone Awards to help young people realize their dreams. Unlike previous editions, Dare to Dream 5.0 features the first documentary of Taiwan's national breakdance champion, "Break the Limit," covering three stories of dream pursuing. First, it features Chi-Yuh Li, the million-dollar grand prize winner in the micro-film group of the 14th myfone Awards. TWM supported him by covering his production expenses and matchmaking resources to help him present his inspiring tale of pursuing his dreams. Second, TWM welcomed the national breakdance champion, Quake Chen, to its sports family in 2021. As Quake Chen gears up for the Olympics, TWM is fully committed to supporting him in realizing his dreams. The short film provides a glimpse into Quake's journey, showcasing his determination and strength. Third, we hope to inspire every dancer who strives tirelessly so that all B-boys and B-girls can step onto their dream stage.

"Break the Limit" was released on July 25th and surpassed one million views within 12 days of its release, moving countless people online. During a media interview, Quake Chen mentioned that he was inspired to take up breakdancing after watching the music video of Jeffery Huang of the Machi at the age of 11. He thought dancing was incredible and began his journey in breakdancing. TWM's General Manager, Jamie Lin, held a congratulatory banquet to celebrate his achievements and invited Jeffery Huang to attend. Huang gave Quake Chen encouragement and advice, and congratulated him on becoming the second Taiwanese to be selected as a Red Bull BC One World Final seed player, representing the country on the international stage.

Dare to Dream 6.0 supports the 2021 myfone Awards winner, Yan-Pin Wang, who won second place in the micro-film category and best screenplay award, and invited the Golden Bell director Shau-di Wang to be the dream mentor and producer. They collaborated to create the heartwarming family drama short film "Three, Two, One," which portrays the journey of a family on a road trip, exploring the daily conflicts and tensions among family members, yet repeatedly finding new ways to accept themselves and each other. This heart-warming film marks the first time that TWM has supported the production of a drama genre film. It is expected to be released in 2023, dedicated to all who bravely pursue their dreams.