To improve performance and expand the promotion of smart energy conservation, we established an Environmental Management Committee under the Risk Management Committee in February of 2016.

Environmental and Energy Management Objectives and Strategies
The Environmental Management Committee formulates environmental objectives and strategies, promotes the Company's eco-friendly policies and integrates the six major tasks of ISO14001 (Environmental Management), ISO14064-1 (GHG Examination), ISO50001 (Energy Management) the promotion of smart energy conservation strategies, renewable energy and biodiversity conservation. The Committee meets every six months to assess performance and identify improvements, and the executive secretaries of each group regularly track progresses.
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Environmental management objectives 2022 Achievement 2022 Strategies and Plans
KPI 2030 Goals 2022 Goals    
Power saving The annual reduction of electricity consumption 1% lower than that of 2016 Saving 1% of electricity Saving electricity consumption by 1.69 times The annual power saving responsibility of each unit is 1% of the electricity consumed in 2016; a plan is drawn up and performance tracked every 6 months
Carbon reduction Reduction in carbon emissions of 30% compared to 2019 Scope 1 & 2 reduce by 0.5% compared to the 2022 goal Carbon emissions increased by 15,245 tons Increased by 5.6% Increase the use of zero-carbon energy and low-carbon energy
Water Conservation Reduce total tap water consumption by 15% compared with 2017 Reduce by 5% Reduce by 10%
  1. Promote water conservation among employees
  2. Reduce the amount of water used to flush toilets
  3. Reduce the amount of water spilling from the cooling tower
  4. Regularly review water consumption abnormalities and leaks
  5. Maximize water chiller efficiency
Waste Reduction Reduction of total non-recyclable waste by 40% compared to 2017 Reduction by 16% Reduction by 44.8%
  1. Recycle business waste
  2. Use environmentally friendly lithium batteries
  3. Optimize routing of cables
  4. Reduce the amount of rubber cable laid
Renewable energy source Renewable energy accounts for at least 20% of total energy consumption 2% of utilization rate 4.5% of utilization rate Increase the use of renewable energy