How to Top Up

How to Refill your Card
  • lScratch off the silver print on the voucher card to access the 14-digit password.
  • lIf you wish to refill your card at convenience stores, the staff will provide an invoice that includes the 14-digit password. This works the same with the voucher card.
  • lPlease dial 867 or, 0935-120-867.
  • lPlease follow the voice instructions and enter the 14-digit password.

Electronic Top Up (eStore)

e-store (Recharge / Refill / Top-up):Our customers could buy the Internet package on TaiwanMobile WebSite.The Electronic Top Up (ETU) service provides an alternative way to our customers to recharge their pre-paid card. Our customers can go to myfone stores and select the package they want, and our staffs will help them to recharge the package through the Electronic Top-Up.

Voice and Internet package on Electronic Top Up Please Swipe Left or Right View All.
Voice PackagePriceDescriptionInternet PackagePriceDescription
Voice 300 $300 Get $50 air-time for free 30 Day Pass(only available for 3G users) $800 Get $100 air-time for free
Voice 600 $600 Get $100 air-time for free New Generation 1.2GB $180 Buying : 180MB / Free : 1,048.8MB
Voice 1000 $1,000 Get $350 air-time for free New Generation 2.2GB $300 Buying : 300MB
Free : 1,952.8MB
  New Generation 5GB $699 Buying : 699MB / Free : 4,421MB
New Generation 8GB $1,000 Buying : 4,096MB / Free : 4,096MB

ATM Top Up