Affiliated Companies

Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. the biggest private owned fixed telecom operator in Taiwan, was established on May, 2000. The company has transformed to be an "information, communication and technology" (ICT) provider to offer tailor-made services to customers under the brand name "Taiwan Solution".
TFN Media Co., Ltd. (TFNM) is the fourth biggest Multi System Operator (MSO) in Taiwan's CATV market. TFNM offers a range of products and services to household customers under the brand name "Taiwan Broadband", including pay TV, broadband internet access and Fixed-Mobile Convergence(FMC) services. TFNM's main areas of operations are Sinjhuang, Sijhih and Tamshui in Taipei County; Ilan County; and Fengshan in Kaohsiung County.
TT&T was established in June 2001 and is currently the largest and best-established customer services provider in Taiwan, with more than 1,700 customer service representatives (CSRs) and more than 1,400 seats. Inc. is devoted to providing high quality products with affordable prices and quality services to customers. Hoping to bring its success around Asia and lead its suppliers to the international stage, momo believes that it can serve both consumers and suppliers at the same time and internationalize its whole supply chain.