Taiwan Mobile’s 5G Advantage

I. High quality network services for the optimal indoor/outdoor user experience

Taiwan Mobile has a 700MHz band with maximum continuous bandwidth of 20MHz. When a 5G signal is transmitted in 700MHz, the frequency's properties of wide coverage, long distance transmission, and minimal signal attenuation allows improved indoor experiences for 5G users. The addition of our winning bid on the latest 5G 3.5GHz spectrum furthermore enables our 5G users to enjoy features such as high Internet speed, low latency, and wide connectivity, offering them Internet service with exceptional performance and coverage whether they're in the suburbs or the city. Out in the open, users will experience amplified speed due to the low band (700MHz) + high band (3.5GHz/28GHz) solution. Indoors, consumers enjoy the perfect user experience provided by 5G low band (700MHz) service coverage.

II. IoT applications that provide industry-leading efficiency, high quality, and wide coverage

Taiwan Mobile has 3.5GHz, 28GHz, 700MHz, 1800MHz, and 2100MHz spectrums that , through the utilization of 4G/5G EUTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC), amalgamate to provide maximum synergy and offer the industry's best IoT applications (smart power meter, smart water meter, smart traffic, smart manufacturing, environmental monitoring, wearables, and medical devices).

Note**4G/5G EUTRA-NR Dual Connectivity (EN-DC): refers to a network architecture that entails the aggregation of 4G and 5G bandwidths to further enhance Internet speed for users.

  • 5G technology applications will massively improve the conditions of industrial manufacturing, reduce the need for manual labor in dangerous work environments, and improve remote operation manufacturing experiences and controllability to accelerate industry transformations.
  • High-efficiency 5G communications will provide drivers with AR assistance such as precise real-time traffic navigation with higher accuracy. Signal timing can be adjusted based on the statistical volume of vehicles, while entrance and exit planning, road decongestion, and early congestion warnings can be enabled to ensure smoother travels. 5G networks can be utilized for the smart management and operation of urban traffic, power grids, and public security, thus accelerating smart city development.

*Actual spectrums used by Taiwan Mobile 5G will be determined according to schedule.