Expanding Innovation Management Committee

  1. To expand innovation items/scopes, the supervision of all product and operation process units have been incorporated in the Committee.
  2. The structure of the committee has been divided into product innovation and process innovation in order to increase sales percentage from innovation, as well as reducing costs/expenses.
  3. Organizational Chart:

Setting Business Group Innovation KPIs

Continue to enhance innovation by involving everyone in the Company by setting innovation KPIs for each business group and keeping track of the performance. In 2019, there was a total of 43 innovative products and 73 process innovation projects.

Launching the “Innovation Proposal Program”

In order to encourage our staff to innovate, we launched the "Innovation Proposal System" in January, 2018. We established the Incubation Ecosystem to support our staff by bringing their creative ideas into fully feasible projects. All parties involved are entitled to unlimited bonus rewards. For the first time in 2019, the annual net benefits of innovation projects exceeded NT$10 million. In addition to the staged bonuses for filing and completion of the project, the benefits can be effectively distributed.