Expanding Innovation Management Committee

  1. In order to encourage all employees to participate in innovation, a new system was planned in 2020 to set up the Kepler team, with the goal of searching for and incubating innovation teams within the Company. Expected to be launched in 2021.
  2. The organizational chart is as follows:

Setting Business Group Innovation KPIs

To expand the scope of innovation and projects, TWM plans to add data application innovation, merge original product innovation and process innovation in 2020, which are scheduled to be implemented in 2021. The culture of innovation is passed on through internal competitions and inter-departmental communication.

Optimizing the Innovation Proposal system

Transformed the original innovation proposal system into a competition. The planning started in 2020 and will be implemented in 2021. Compared with the original system, a Kepler team was set up to search for and incubate innovative teams, on top of providing guidance with professional mentor. Afterwards, the winning team will be selected through a presentation. The idea will then be implemented and shared internally to carry out cultural iteration.