Expanding Innovation Management Committee
  1. Expanding Innovation Capacity and Embedding Innovation DNA in TWM’s Cultural
  2. The organizational chart is as follows:
Innovation Management and Operations
  1. Innovation Management Team: Guide innovation strategies and implementation directions, review implementation plans, and evaluate various innovation proposals.
  2. ESG group: Increase the emphasis on ESG issues in various innovative proposals.
  3. Kepler working group: Solicit and coach proposals for various innovations.
Member configuration
  • Committee chairman: Chairman of the Board
  • Deputy committee chairman: President
  • Committee Members: 11 top executives of each business group and functional unit
  • Kepler working group: 15~20 people (covering 8 major business groups)
Frequency of meetings

Regular: "Innovation Management Team" and "Kepler working group" meet at least once every six months.Irregular: The "Kepler working group" and the "proposal team" discuss from time to time according to the progress of each proposal.

Innovation proposal activities

In 2022, a total of 41+49 sets of innovation proposals were collected to cover the three major aspects of products, processes, and data applications (including TAMI data platform).a total bonus of 1.07 million was paid out. Through high bonuses and the addition of "ESG Contribution" awards, our colleagues are encouraged to propose innovations and seek opportunities for the Company's sustainable development.