Expanding Innovation Management Committee

  1. Expanding the number and scope of innovative projects and including the "Data Application Innovation" project in 2021, and encouraging employees to innovate related application functions with big data application tools.
  2. The organizational chart is as follows:

Optimizing the Innovation Proposal system

Employees are encouraged to participate in innovation, and the innovation proposal system was optimized in 2021. The Kepler Group was founded to search and incubate the internal innovation team, promote internal communication and stimulate creative sparks. Finally, the winning team will be selected through presentation competition to push the proposal into the implementation, and the internal sharing will continue to promote cultural iteration.

Optimizing the Innovation Proposal system

In 2021, the Kepler Group was set up, and 12 middle-level executives were selected from different units to be responsible for searching and incubating various innovative proposals in the Company. In 2021, a total of 41 innovative proposals were received and incubated, including membership management, finance, AI intelligence, base station energy saving, data application analysis, etc. The innovative nature of the 41 proposals is as follows:

The 12 Kepler team members have cultivated a total of 41 innovative proposals, including member management, finance, artificial intelligence (AI), digital, customer complaint improvement, energy saving for base stations, data application analysis and other aspects.