ESG Policy

The board of directors ratified the company’s ESG policy in January 2011 as the guiding principle for the long-term promotion of ESG. The Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles were ratified in January 2015. These principles are founded on the fundamental spirit and core values of the enterprise with an emphasis on perfect governance and a focus on stakeholders and full and accurate disclosure. The core technologies and services of the industry represent the strategic orientation with concrete practices in the fields of environmental protection and social welfare.

Article 1
The company shall, based on the principle of integrity, be firmly against any form of corruption and bribery. All personnel have to observe our “Code of Ethics” and “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” to ensure the fulfillment of basic corporate social responsibility.
Article 2
The company shall meet the expectations of stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, clients, government agencies, local communities, non-profit organization and the environment, via a comprehensive framework of corporate governance and actively enhance its sustainable value.
Article 3
The company shall leverage its core technology competency and the resources of telecom, Internet and digital convergence to practice corporate social responsibility and maximize social benefits.
Article 4
The company shall adopt energy-efficient equipment and various environmental management measures to continue to innovate and minimize the environmental impact of its operation and improve ecological benefit. It shall also assist in constructing an intelligent and low-carbon society to accentuate the critical function of the communications industry and to reduce carbon emission for other industries and institutions via various computerized and mobilized services.
Article 5
The company shall continue to care for underprivileged groups and the sustainable development of local communities to make telecommunication and digital resources available to all and enhance the general digital competitiveness and information literacy of the society.
Article 6
The company shall communicate with the stakeholders based on the principle of fairly disclosing full and accurate information to ensure the transparency of business information.

Officially resolved by the Board of Directors on 27 Jan 2011

the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles.