Supply Chain Communications And Social Welfare

  • More than 191 Suppliers participated in the 2021 Online Supplier Conference, with more than 200 participants.
  • More than 200 people participated in the Third Online Circular Economy Forum.
  • On-line supplier exchange meeting: 8 suppliers with outstanding achievements were praised.
  • Awarded the first "Outstanding Progress Award" to the renovation service suppliers.

TWM works hand in hand with suppliers to create a sustainable society, and holds education and training, exchange meetings and other in-depth exchanges with suppliers. They join hands to cultivate the ability of sustainable execution, and achieve ESG sustainable development goal through the resources among various industries, and maximize the benefits.

In response to the international trend of net zero carbon emission, TWM organized greenhouse gas and carbon management education and training to help supplier partners understand the importance of emission reduction. TWM hopes that by holding various types of education, training and exchange forums, suppliers' attention to sustainability issues and promotion depth will be enhanced, and environmental friendly products and services will continue to be launched together with TWM.

In 2021, TWM awarded the "Outstanding Progress Award" to the renovation service suppliers.for the first time. After on-site examination, integration and feedback, the supplier began to pay attention to the sustainability issues and set up internal standards, and has formulated the sustainability management system, covering all ESG aspects to ensure occupational safety through education and training, internal and external communication and environmental risk management mechanism. In the past, the "Outstanding Progress Award" was mostly awarded to information and communication suppliers. Through on-site examination and communication, TWM showed the effect of communication and education, and expanded the category of suppliers with breakthrough sustainability performance.

The 3rd 2021 Online Circular Economy Forum

TWM hosted the 3rd "2021 TWM Online Circular Economy Forum", inviting supplier partners to participate in it, hoping to inject new value and innovation into environmental sustainability.

2021 Online Supplier Exchange Meeting

TWM actively promoted sustainability development, and took the lead in holding an online supply chain exchange meeting during the pandemic, on which eight suppliers with excellent sustainability management performance were commended. Under the pandemic situation, extreme climate and carbon tax impact, supplier negotiation and sustainability governance implementation will be the key for enterprises to improve supply chain resilience.