Comprehensive Communication Channels

Open and Comprehensive Communication Channels, Harmonious Labor Relations
We value two-way communication and are committed to keeping open and transparent communication channels between the management level, subordinates, and peers. We endeavor to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion. The comprehensive communication channels provided by our company are detailed in the following chart:
Labor-management meetings
We respect the legal rights of our employees and have never obstructed or interfered with employees' freedom of association. We value the negotiation mechanism for employer and employees, and follow legal regulations to hold labor-management meetings at least once every 3 months to accomplish mutual agreement on major labor conditions issues. The labor-management meeting is organized by an equal number of representatives from both the labor and the employer. Labor representatives are elected directly by employees. Female representatives are elected and appointed from both the labor and the employer to help sustain a diverse and inclusive work environment where every employee is welcomed, respected, supported, and valued. A diverse group of members will be more innovative because each member has a distinct point of view and can offer a broad range of ideas.
Major labor conditions issues are negotiated and agreed by both management/labor representatives, and applied to all employees, including the executive and management level. Thus, the labor-management meeting covers 100% of all employees. The relationship between our management level and employees has been harmonious over the years, kudos to our transparent and effective communication channels.
With M+ Messenger, employees can communicate with each other anytime, everywhere
TWM developed an instant messenger system (M+ system), allowing employees to communicate work-related information and online sign-off with other employees who are on business trips or located in different offices in a convenient and cost-effective way.
Through corporate intranet, internal communication is more effective
All information is posted on the Company’s intranet, where employees can view the company’s press releases, product information and management measures.
Managerial communication meetings, foster mutual communication between management level and employees
Managerial meetings are held every three months to reinforce the Company’s vision and convey recent critical developments to all employees. We host two-way communication meetings quarterly to maintain the unobstructed flow of information between managers and top executives. The company’s financial performances and operational decisions are reported during the meeting. Managers can raise business-related questions such as risks issues or concerns that arose during the meeting and have them directly answered by high-level executives. Moreover, internal communication meetings are held by each business unit to convey corporate vision and information to all employees.
Starting from 2023, the quarterly managerial meetings have been replaced with town hall meetings, aiming to enhance employees' understanding of the company. During these town hall meetings, senior management directly communicates the company's operational status and important updates to all employees. This shift aims to foster a deeper connection between colleagues and facilitate discussions on key company developments and related matters.
Quarterly employee opinion communication channel
Employees are encouraged to ask questions or express constructive suggestions in all aspects. Questions or suggestions for the operational level are responded by related divisions respectively. The President will address overall strategy or corporate-level issues at quarterly communication meetings between managers and top executives. The Human Resources division will collect the responses for overall strategy or corporate-level issues and announce the results to all employees via intranet.
New employee workshop
New employee workshop is held for employees who served a period of 3 to 12 months. Top executives are invited to give talks to employees and feedback to their opinions. The two-way communication provides support and assistance for new employees.
Grievance system
Our Internal Audit Office regulates "Employee complaint procedure" and "Supplier grievance procedure" to provide concrete whistleblowing as well as disciplinary and grievance procedures. Any incidents of sexual harassment can be reported to the Human Resources Division directly through a sexual harassment hotline or mailbox. The sexual harassment prevention and complaint mailbox have been included in training materials for all employees, posted on the internal website, shown in the computer start pop-up as a reminder, and highlighted on the company website to improve awareness.
President’s Mailbox
Employees can submit their suggestions to President’s mailbox directly.
Employee engagement surveys
Starting from 2022, the employee survey has been conducted annually instead of biennially. The survey aims to understand the level of employee job satisfaction and eliciting comments about the workplace and management practices. Based on the external survey findings, we will take follow-up actions and implement these actions to enhance employee engagement and retention. We will make internal employee opinion survey every other year to check the effect. Survey results and action plans are disclosed to all employees.
The overall employee engagement rate of 2022 is 80% (Male 83 %、Female 77% ; The response rate: 90%). Based on 2022 employee survey findings, we identified “Work Environment”, “Job Efficiency and Quality”, “Learning & Development” as key issues to target for improvement, and we took corrective actions to enact necessary changes. We built an environment where employees feel comfortable to express their opinions to management level. We implemented training programs for managers and mentors, aiming to enhance their ability to motivate people, task assignment, feedback, communication (Enhanced communication for promotion/rotation opportunities), empathy and leadership, etc. We implemented a company-wide project to improve workflow and efficiency. 120 projects have been completed with a 60.4% average daily reduction in working hours tracked for 3 months after each project. These actions are effectively undertaken, thus we set the target of the employee engagement survey to reach 70%. The overall employee engagement rate of 2023 is 84% (Male 86 %、Female 82%; 20 years old to 30 years old 79%, 30 years old to 40 years old 81%, 40 years old to 50 years old 85%, 50 years old and above 91%; non-management employees 83%, entry level executives 91%, mid-level executives92%, senior executives 96%). The engagement rate of the company is higher than our target.
Based on the survey results, we found that in one of the “Diversity and inclusion” questions, "People at this organization treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of their personal identities.", the satisfaction rate is 94%” (13% higher than market norm). These statistics indicated that employees highly recognize the diverse and inclusive corporate culture.