Material Topics

Based on the four-step identification process, 24 sustainability topics have been summarized in the first step (the number of topics is the same as last year, but the topics have been consolidated and adjustedNote).

Though by online questionnaire survey and a physical seminar were used to recognizes and understand the level of influence of the topics on stakeholder assessments and decisions (Y-axis) and external stakeholders’ view of TWM’s impact (bubble size) on society for each topic. Then, the ESG Steering Committee confirmed the importance of each topic to Taiwan Mobile's operations (X-axis) and the impact of Taiwan Mobile on society (bubble size) via resolutions. Finally, the Taiwan Mobile’s material topics are identified based on the X-axis and Y-axis scores and bubble size for each topic.

NoteA item of "Biodiversity" is added. Merged "Green Application" and "Green operations" into "Green Application and Operation"

Material Topic Matrix

Based on the results of the material topic matrix, we further identified the key topics for Taiwan Mobile. We gave priority to the topics that were most important to the Company's operations, concerned stakeholders the most, and in which the Company had a strong impact on ESG, including green applications and operation, the circular economy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, network quality and coverage, information security, privacy protection, and technology innovation & applications. We also considered topics that the Company would manage internally in an autonomous manner. The Company confirmed that it should invest in long-term sustainable management with its supply chain, so supply chain management was included among the key topics. There were a total of eight key topics for TWM in 2022, which can be seen in the diagram below.

We conduct and review our materiality analysis at least annually to ensure our material topics align with the global and local trends”

Key Topics of Concern and Strategies
  Climate change mitigation and adaptation Technology innovation & applications
Impact Cost, Risks Cost, Revenues
Positive Impact on the Company
  • Due to the Climate Change Response Act and the EU Directive on Carbon Dioxide Reduction, the awareness of reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be considered as the Company's risk. Taiwan Mobile knows that carbon emission reduction should not only start from itself, but also depends on deepening the suppliers' understanding of the impact of carbon emissions in the supply chain. We would therefore work together with our suppliers to promote carbon reduction.
  • Extreme weather due to climate change will increase the risk of inability to provide stable services. Taiwan Mobile has formulated a Disaster Prevention and Business Rescue Plan as well as emergency response plans for various scenarios to reduce the damage caused by disasters to networks and equipment. Moreover, the resilience of infrastructure has been continuously strengthened. This will be effective for emergency action communication services to be carried out during disasters caused by extreme weather, so that disaster relief operations, requests for help or daily life can maintain a certain degree of normal operation.
In response to the development of new technologies such as 5G, Big Data, AI, IoT, etc., services have become more diverse, personalized, faster, and more robust, creating new demand.
Description of Negative Impact on the Company
  • Carbon emissions are said to be behind global warming, and TWM could, therefore, be labeled as a company that is not eco-friendly.
  • The phenomenon of global warming has resulted in extreme climate events, causing intensified windstorms and increasing damage to outdoor cell towers, increasing the risk of not being able to provide stable service.
The continuous innovation of technology has brought new players from different categories into the market, and that coupled with existing competitors catching up has made the market competition fiercer than before.
Responses by Company
  • In 2023, we will continue to improve the usage of green energy and energy efficiency, as well as put in place smart energy saving strategies.
  • Infrastructure resilience enhancement.
  • Integrate the advantages of subsidiaries in the Group, including cable TV,
    e-commerce, AppWorks (startup), amongst others.
  • Build a sustainable super 5G ecosystem encompassing five major aspects: Gift, Group, Grit, Green and Greater South
    East Asia.
  • Continue to cultivate talent for new businesses and integrate value chain capabilities, as well as expand the scope and depth of business to transform TWM into a technology company.
Strategic objectives
  • Actual carbon emission in 2022 is 0.5% less than the estimated volume for 2022.
  • 100% resilient infrastructure for server rooms.
Users and members of innovative products and services reaches 41.81 million people (New media services: MyVideo, Disney+; cloud games, such as: GeForce Now; enterprise services, such as: M+ enterprise telephone exchange and cloud telephone exchange, Internet of Things/Internet of Vehicles, smart street lights, etc., and diversified telecom bill collection and payment (DCB) services.)
Target Year 2035 2035
2022 Progress
  • An 5.6% increase compared to target value
  • Maintain 100% resilient buildings
Users and members of innovative products and services reached a grand total of 29.07 million people