Super 5G Service

5G went into commercial operation in Taiwan last year. With its characteristics of large bandwidth, hyperspeed and low latency, 5G will revolutionize human life. TWM sticks to its commitment to sustainability while striving to provide all possible innovative application services. We are creating a platform that "integrates" telecommunications, Internet, media and e-commerce into one, providing customers with technological solutions. Our infinite imagination shapes the future of the world. We hope to join hands with the eight major stakeholders to create a smarter, faster-paced new life through imagination, combining new technologies with AI, Internet of Things (IOT) and big data to move faster towards a beautiful new life and Open Possible together.

Leading telecom game:

TWM works with Riot Games to start a new business model of telecom game agent, build e-sports-level mobile games, partner with NVIDIA to build GFN alliance Taiwan Mobile gaming cloud platform. These attempts have changed the outlook of the gaming market, allowing players to play masterpiece 3A level PC games.

5G smart self-driving car:

TWM, joined forces with Formosa Plastics Transport Corporation, is the first company in Taiwan to enter the fields of industry, medical industry and commercial self-driving cars.

Smart home:

TWM has joined forces with Google to create convenient and safe smart home services for the Taiwanese market based on innovative technologies. This gives users easy access to audio-visual entertainment, home automation, remote voice control and home monitoring. This can quickly update your home to build a smart life dedicated to you and your family.

The most comprehensive online video and audio applications:

5G makes 4K/8K real-time home entertainment no longer out of reach. TWM has its own entertainment services, covering video and audio streaming platform myVideo with high-quality 4K videos, high-quality MyMusic focuses on music with perfect sound quality, and online bookstore myBook with 4K high-definition magazines.

Smart Stadium:

TWM has realized 3D real-time playback, VR reality competition training system and AR sports entertainment.