Internal Process

Incorporating supervisors of the business process unit in the “Innovation Management Committee,” formulating KPIs and progress tracking, rewarding environmental and social welfare innovation. There were 73 projects in 2019, including 6 highlight projects.

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Strategy/purpose Highlight ESG achievements
①myBook assist Digital Wings in internal process
  • Over NT$72 million of resources invested in public welfare.
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 8,523,360 kilograms.
  • Electronic real-time reading can improve learning efficiency increase e-book utilization for both urban and rural areas.
  • E-books benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Supply education resources for disadvantaged students and students in rural areas to enhance competitiveness.
  • Elevating user experience Originating from internal innovation proposals and based on the business model, myBook calls on suppliers to pitch in by donating the audio version of "Live English" to 10,000 disadvantaged children from May 2019. The online reading mechanism assists potential clients who will become adults with spending capacity, bringing greater business value while contributing to public welfare, simultaneously promoting public welfare and creating business opportunities in a sustainable manner.
Initiate sustainable circular learning and expand business opportunities with an innovative model while promoting public welfare, creating brand awareness and elevating user experience. myBook is committed to promoting digital learning, effectively reducing the urban-rural gap, and reducing paper, logistics, manpower, transportation, etc. to effectively reduce carbon emissions, create a sustainable learning model as well as business opportunities. Taiwan Mobile Foundation solicited resources from 4 well-known publishers to provide "Live English" for free for 1 year, providing 10,000 disadvantaged students with high-quality digital learning content and reducing the gap between urban and rural areas.
②Customer service app login improvement
  • Saving NT$200,401 in labor cost.
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 48.81 kilograms.
  • Serving 81,270 seniors per month.
Improving the login process of the customer service app, allowing the elderly with limited tech know-how to take advantage of the service
  • The customer service app provides users with a self-service channel that is open everywhere all year round. However, many users limited tech know-how cannot take advantage of the app, with 76% giving up during the stage of account and password input.
  • Data mining was conducted on 380,000 people, and the typical issues that caused login failure were summarized to develop a new service process of "single account password acquisition."
  • After the introduction of a new login process, the number of failed logins per month decreased by about 68%.
Solving various problems with one single process. Having observed that elderly users and technologically-challenged users often seek help from customer service staff or give up on using new services because they cannot understand instructions or fear error messages, TWN has systematically optimized the user registration and login process. The system identifies the process needed for solving the issue, automatically submitting applications and trouble-shooting once user permission has been obtained. This helps elderly and technologically-challenged users take advantage of the customer service app with no assistance, gaining access to more information on new services.
③Exemption of frequency fees for constructions in remote townships NT$117.3 million of costs saved
  • Constructing 4G network rural areas with a discount on NCC frequency fee to make mobile broadband available for all.
  • In order to strengthen the reception of major infrastructure and provide better broadband services in Eastern Taiwan, TWN carried out several optimization projects (such as launching the new function of Power Booster, replacing base station equipment, adjusting the antenna direction, etc.) to achieve the win-win situation between user quality and costs.
Universal mobile broadband service
increasing user.
68 new base stations were built a year for Y19 in rural townships, strengthening the coverage of residential areas in remote towns and making mobile broadband services available in remote areas. In line with the Directorate General of Highway and the major construction of Taiwan Railway Y19, TWN has actively invested in the construction of the 4G base stations along the Suhua Improvement Project, the TRA East Trunk Line and the TRA South Link Line. A 95% of coverage rate has been achieved in the rural network that is entitled to the frequency usage fee saving requirements, effectively reducing the digital gap between urban and rural areas.
④Power saving project in directly-operated stores
  • Reducing electricity consumption by 1,093,255 kWh
  • Saving electricity costs by NT$4.66 million
  • Reducing carbon emission by 582,705 kilograms
Continue to monitor electricity consumption habits of in-store staff, improve management and effectively save electricity.

Saving electricity and reducing carbon emission by introducing energy management system and greenhouse gas inventory with the following adjustments:

1. Separate power switches are installed by area in the stores to effectively save power.

2. Regularly check KPIs for the implementation of the updated store TQM.

Actively complying with the government's and the Company's energy conservation policies by introducing an energy management system and greenhouse gas inventories. We have learned that the greenhouse gas emissions from stores are mainly resulted from power consumption. In the meantime, to implement the ISO50001 and ISO14001 energy saving and carbon reduction goals, we will use information data management and store electricity consumption analysis to formulate store energy saving specifications, adjust and replace equipment, set store management goals, organize store power saving competitions, etc., and continue to promote electricity-saving measures.
⑤ Diversified power saving methods
  • 92% of base stations have introduced multiple smart energy-saving methods
  • 14.297 million kWh of power saved
  • 7621.9 tons of carbon reduction
Various power saving methods are planned in accordance with site environment of the base stations to reduce the overall power consumption in the whole region. 1. Gradually introduce power-saving methods based on big data statistics and smart analysis of major energy-consuming equipment
2. Adapting base station construction methods depending on the surroundings, with diversified intelligent energy-saving optimization project introduced to 92% of the base stations in 2019
Develop customized hardware and software with outstanding local suppliers to turn equipment on/off based on big data analysis, understanding the base stations' time and quantity for power consumption to save electricity, reduce the overall energy consumption, adjust the electricity needed for backup batteries to reduce the waste of physical resources. Achievements:
  • Achieving the goals set by the Environmental Management Committee.
  • Reducing GHG emissions.
  • Addressing communication needs, disaster prevention, and rescue services in rural areas for longer periods of time.
⑥Taoyuan Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center- Green Power for Charity Raised NT$3.89 million, built a 71Kw solar photovoltaic system, generated 1.45 million kWh of green power and a profit of about NT$7.8 million in 2020 NPO uses green electricity it produces, and TWN has guaranteed the purchase of green electricity certificates for 20 years above the market price.

1. Sharing the idea that "a small amount of donation can do good while protecting the environment," saving electricity consumption for NPO and creating a healthy training environment for the injured.

2. For each item sold by the supplier, NT$2 will be donated to help the NPO and participate in the subscription of renewable energy.

3. Gathering athletes and industry celebrities to take the initiative of promoting kind treatment of the injured through the project campaign film, helping them start a new life.

  • Diversified cooperation with social enterprises to promote low-threshold green energy initiatives.
  • The Taoyuan Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center uses green electricity it produces, and TWN has guaranteed the purchase of green electricity certificates for 20 years above the market price (with environmental and public welfare value). Not only does this double the contribution, it responds to the government's green power policy.
  • Gathering 20 companies and 2,649 donors.