Internal Process

Reward the culture of innovation through setting up an internal competition process 13 projects in total including 3 highlight projects.

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Strategy/purpose Highlight ESG achievements
Innovative management model of DCB Bad debt rate decreased by 0.41% compared with the previous year with an estimated NT$38.5 million saved from bad debts of accounts receivable
  1. Apply innovative concepts
  2. Big data thinking
  3. Cross-domain sharing
  1. Adopt innovative concepts to plan management models, such as AI modeling, machine learning algorithms, web crawlers, RFM, etc.
  2. Keep data analytics and information for future extension applications.
  3. Information can be used by other company divisions, such as digital media, marketing, debt collection, customer service, etc.
Incorporate big data thinking with AI to balance the Company's transaction revenue and bad debt management to seek the best interests.
Digital footprint assists with network debugging
  1. Data revenue increased by about NT$4.18 million with an estimated NT$12.92 million in benefits over the next 4 years
  2. Reduced labor costs by about NT$580,000 with an estimated NT$1.81 million in saving over the next 4 years
  3. Reduced carbon emissions by approximately 1,334 kg CO2e, with an estimated carbon emissions of approximately 4,131 kg CO2e in the next 4 years
  1. Wrong connection of the base station antenna is hard to detect, field test consumes manpower and time, and the traditional KPI detection has its limits. Besides requiring more than one week of observation, the accuracy rate is only 50%.
  2. Sum up distinctive characteristics of each base station with user digital footprint analytics, effectively discovering the problem and guiding the maintenance staff to accelerate the repair.
  3. Build a model with GAN (Genetic Adversarial Network) to automatically determine errors, reduce the manpower and material required or testing, greatly improve efficiency and achieve a win-win situation for cost and quality.
  1. First in the industry at home and abroad
  2. Customer-oriented
  3. Big data thinking
  4. Machine learning
  5. Breaking traditional limits with analytics
  1. Analyze the digital footprint to describe the connection problems of the base station while covering repeatability, create a user-oriented error detection method, and optimize network design for customer needs.
  2. Break through the long-term limits with analytics, increase the detection efficiency by 98% and the accuracy rate by 68%, effectively reduce unnecessary field test and transportation, increase data revenue and reduce labor costs and carbon emissions, contribute to environmental sustainability.
Save from Each Transaction: Multi-option card payment diversion
Saved NT$50.86 million in credit card processing fees, with an estimated NT$60 million in saving each year
  1. Calculate based on the most appropriate combination, aggregate 60 types of payment combinations into 3 types of diversion paths (designated receipt, lowest cost and combined price comparison) to reduce cost.
  2. Multiple backup mechanisms achieve high operational flexibility and provide full-time credit card services.
  1. Near-AI: Find the most suitable diversion suggestions through combined calculations
  2. Mobility: mobile diversion switches can be adjusted according to management needs
  3. Leading position in the industry: timely integration with innovative payment platforms
    Cross-service applications: credit card transactions can be used for shopping and consumption to share features
  1. Environment: Increase people's willingness to pay online through diversified platforms, and reduce carbon emissions that may be generated by payment from physical channels
  2. Society: support the government's policy of increasing the popularity of mobile payments
  3. Business: save costs through process innovation