Internal Process

The culture of innovation was rewarded by setting up an internal competition Incubated more than 16 projects in 2021, of which 4 highlight projects are selected as follows:

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Strategies Process/purpose/highlight ESG achievement or storytelling SDGs
Mobile ID authentication system and its invention patent MID identity verification was used 7.15 million times by 1.44 million users, bringing a revenue of NT$ 16.5 million.
  • Cooperate with e government to provide public service certification.
  • Applied in the finance and e-commerce field.
  • Research and develop system and identity verification technology for real-name registration system authentication of user's device or identity without inputting account number or password.
  • All personal information acquisition adopts time stamp and encryption technology.
  • 300,000 people applied for comprehensive income tax on the Internet.
  • 1.3 million people were registered for vaccination during the pandemic.
3, 9
“Green Power for Charity”
  • Got the right to use 48.8kWp solar photovoltaic system.
  • Raised NT$ 2.51 million and responded to the needs of 3,050 people.
  • Generated 930,000 kWh of green electricity, with the electricity sales income of NT$ 4.41 million for 20 years.
  • Extending green energy applications to social welfare for the disadvantaged Multi-donation joint initiative
  • Joining hands with manufacturers to expand benefits
  • Innovative cooperation mode: The social enterprise partner "Sunny Founder" assisted in the process of Green Power for Charity media cooperation/marketing/solar energy construction/ self-use green electricity and green energy certificate resale, which saved 1.5 manpower and NT$ 1,282,656 in labor cost.
  • During the fund-raising period of the fund-raising statistics and compilation platform, TWM saved total labor costs of NT$ 506,856.
  • Conducted multiple cooperation with social enterprises to promote low threshold green energy initiative.
  • Raised NT$ 2.51 million, and reached cooperation with 14 manufacturers, with 3,050 people participating in the donation.
  • TWM guaranteed to acquire the green power generated by Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation for 20 years.
3, 7, 10, 17
Automatic detection and suppression of mobile network interference
  • Reduce the labor cost by about NT$ 5 million
  • First in the telecom industry.
  • Fullly automated process Innovation:
  • Big data thinking
  • Combined interference index can accurately judge the base station affected by interference.
  • Introduce hadoop big data technology and find the degree and area of interference one hour in advance so as to speed up the adjustment of network parameters.
  • After the completion of the full process automation, the network parameters will be automatically adjusted when the interference occurs, and it is expected that the number of interference customer complaints will be reduced by 80%, which will save a total of 8 person-times and 12 hours of manpower for the whole Taiwan daily maintenance.
Automatic process replaces manual operation, which saves manpower in the maintenance devision and improves work efficiency. 8, 9
5G network intelligent optimization
  • Increase data revenue by about NT$ 5 million.
  • Reduce labor cost by NT$ 20 million.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 2,552 kgCO2e
  • 5G technology continues to evolve. In the initial stage, the abnormal quality situation could occur because of the original software Bugs. Coupled with the space competition of base station antennas, sometimes the antenna coverage performance is not as good as expected.
  • By strengthening the customer complaint case study, the clear characteristics of each base station problem are summed up, and the information flow is combined to achieve automatic screening and preventive resetting, which not only strengthens the personnel learning curve, but also further improves the network quality.
  • Using machine learning to achieve computerized batch arrangement, so as to minimize the influence of base station coverage in the workshop. At the same time, by using the user's digital footprint analysis, the antenna problem can be effectively found to guide the repair personnel to accelerate the test completion, which reduces the test manpower and material requirements and achieves a win-win situation in both cost and quality.
  • Independent development
  • Customer orientation
  • Big data thinking
  • Machine learning
  • Taiwan Mobile exclusive solution
  • Analyze the coverage of digital footprint base stations, create user-oriented debugging methods, and empower customers with excellent network quality.
  • Break through the optimization bottleneck with automation application, and increase the overall network HO success rate by 25% to over95%.
  • Effectively reduce unnecessary field test execution and personnel commute.