Brand Sponsorships

TWM has invested over NT$820 million in sports since 2003. In recent years, it has rendered its full support to basketball, baseball, golf, tennis and marathon events. TWM is the only domestic telecommunications company that hosts a gold tournament. It has equally sponsored world-class tennis player Latisha Chan for 7 years in a row, as well as the top tennis player Jason Jung for 3 years. In 2020, it sponsored aboriginal young karate athletes Hsueh-Peng Ku and Hsin Hu. In 2018 and 2019, TWM started sponsoring female golf players Wei-Ling Hsu and Min Lee. TWM is dedicated to helping excellent local players focus on winning, becoming world-class players, and allowing the world to see Taiwan. This effort has been acknowledged by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, receiving the Sponsorship Gold Medal from the “Sports Activists Award” for four consecutive years.

In addition, the Company has combined the Group’s resources to make long-term effort in sponsoring art and cultural activities, as well as activities that have a social influence. It has sponsored the "Taipei Lantern Festival" for three years in a row, "TTV Super Star" for 6 years, and the "Golden Horse Awards," "THE WEB CONFERENCE 2020" (an annual major global Internet conference held in Taiwan for the first time), "IEEE GLOBECOM 2020" (the world's largest international communications conference) for the first time, the only telecommunications partner for A-Mei's New Year's Eve concert in Taitung, the dual-platform for live-streaming and so on. Even during the pandemic, TWM still actively engages in international forums and diversified audio-visual entertainment!

TWM Concerts

TWM is currently the only company in Taiwan that hosts free large-scale outdoor concerts. We have changed the meaning and positioning the corporate promotion of community arts and cultural events, transforming the traditional role of sponsor into a creative initiator and leader, demonstrating the professional capacity of integrating concept-based creativity and resources, as well as helping culture take root and developing everyone's "soft power."

TWM has been hosting concerts since 2005. The 5180 Mobile Donation platform was integrated in 2011, successfully helping social welfare organizations raise funds and publicize initiatives, becoming a model of promoting social welfare and artistic events for all companies.