Emergency Responses

Mobile base stations
  • 25 mobile base stations have been completed so far
  • They were used 22 times in 2020
When disasters lead to base stations losing signal, or when special events are held in locations with insufficient capacity or coverage, mobile base stations can provide temporary coverage and capacity to provide mobile communication services. For the moment, TWM has 25 broadband mobile base stations.
In 2020, the mobile base stations were used 22 times for events in disaster prevention parks in all administrative districts of Taipei City, the public memorial ceremony and press conference for the Black Hawk crash, the COVID-19 observation and isolation area in Shuanglianpo Camp, Pingzheng Town, Taoyuan City, the Yilan County National Defense Mobilization and Disaster Prevention and Rescue Exercise, the Yunlin County National Defense Mobilization and Disaster Prevention and Rescue Exercise, the Chiayi County earthquake disaster prevention drill, the Kaohsiung City earthquake disaster prevention drill, the Taitung County earthquake disaster prevention drills, etc.

Disaster Prevention SMS
  • 77 practice SMS and 2,379 actual SMSBesides participating in the drill by sending out disaster prevention alerts on the "921 National Disaster Prevention Day," TWM partnered with different levels of government to run 77 drills with 14,550 alerts sent in 2020.
TWM will continue to work with the government's "Science and Technology Application for Disaster Relief" to expand the application and features of disaster prevention service platform, in order to enhance the push notifications of disaster prevention cell broadcast. We are committed to maximizing user rights and interests as well as the government's disaster relief capabilities.
Disaster prevention and Contingency Rehearsal
  • Received the honor for protection drill as an excellent critical infrastructure provider
Tasked with the responsibility of maintaining national communications, TWN upholds its professionalism and makes safeguarding the public interest as its biggest goal in line with government policies. In addition to the annual routine disaster prevention drill for critical infrastructure in 2020, TWM worked with NCC, the competent authority, to implement a malicious attack prevention drill as the critical infrastructure provider of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). The drill simulated various scenarios to examine the protection mechanisms, reporting, response and handling procedures prior, during and after the incident. TWM passed the drill with flying colors by verifying the protective strategies and response capabilities in various scenarios.
Disaster Prevention Mobile Communication Platform
  • Setting up 14 disaster prevention mobile communication platform
TWN built 14 fixed disaster prevention and mobile communications platforms with more than 72 hours of power backup in case of a power outage in 2020 in line with NCC's Communication Infrastructure Construction Plan for Strengthening Disaster Prevention and Relief Operations of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. In case of power outage, mobile communication services can still be provided, allowing normal operations of disaster relief, offering people a way to ask for help and a certain degree of normalcy.