Emergency Responses

Mobile base stations
The implementation and results of supporting social emergency responses with mobile base stations in 2019
  • Communication needs of the general public and command were supported for the collapse of the Nanfang'ao Bridge
  • Supported emergency response drills in different locations
Mobile base stations were set up in disaster-stricken areas in the case where base stations were no longer functioning, providing voice calls and mobile Internet access. 20 mobile broadband system (UMTS/LTE) base stations have been completed.

Disaster Prevention SMS
For the "921 National Disaster Prevention Day" in 2019, the drill for disaster prevention alerts was completed. 14,550 alerts were sent during the same year in partnership with relevant authorities. We will continue to work with the government's "Applying Science and Technology to Disaster Reduction" in the future to expand the application of disaster prevention service platform. We are committed to providing users with excellent Internet experience and maintaining their maximum rights and interests. The cell message alert contributes to enhancing the efficiency of Taiwan's disaster prevention and aid.
Disaster prevention and Contingency Rehearsal
The only recipient in the telecommunications industry to win the Outstanding Performance Award in the National Key Infrastructure Protection Drill Review of the Executive Yuan in 2019. Tasked with the responsibility of maintaining national communications, TWN upholds its professionalism and makes safeguarding the public interest as its biggest goal in line with government policies. The drill mobilized nearly 200 people from the company and integrated a 18 relevant units from the central and local authorities, including 125 people from the military, police, firefighters, medical care, environmental protection, utilities and so on at over 40 meetings. Various natural and man-made disasters as well as information security incidents were simulated in every detail in order to fully understand all potential risks and weaknesses of the communications system, as well as devising the most pragmatic and effective disaster prevention measures and response mechanisms.
Establish of Disaster Prevention Mobile Communication Platform
TWN built 32 fixed disaster prevention and mobile communications platforms with more than 72 hours of power backup in case of a power outage in 2019 in line with NCC's Communication Infrastructure Construction Plan for Strengthening Disaster Prevention and Relief Operations of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. In case of power outage, mobile communication services can still be provided. In addition, 3 mobile off-road vehicles were approved by NCC in 2019. In the event of power outage or equipment damage, we can effectively assist the disaster-stricken area with emergency mobile communication services, allowing normal operations of disaster relief, offering people a way to ask for help and a certain degree of normalcy. Recovery work can also be executed where necessary.