Supplier Engagement

Key Performance

  • A target of 20% GHG reduction in supply chain by 2030 was set
  • 196 people/suppliers attended the 2019 Supplier CSR Exchange Forum
  • First circular economy forum organized with 144 suppliers and nearly 300 participants in attendance

TWM has established a strategy to coach suppliers on sustainability by understanding the current status of the implementation of their sustainability practices through the aforementioned evaluation mechanism. TWM further integrates the evaluation results, sustainable development goals and trends in global sustainable development to organize training, forums and other events to provide partners with sustainable development improvement action plans, while assisting suppliers to learn independently and cultivate relevant capacity. In addition to implementing supply chain assessment and management, TWM looks forward to integrating the industrial capacity of all partners to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development goals through mutual efforts.

TWM started implementing the Scope 3 carbon management in 2018, setting the goal of reducing supply chain carbon emissionss by 20% by 2030 from 2020 level. Therefore, strengthening supply chain carbon management, assisting suppliers in understanding climate change risks, and developing suppliers' capacity in the environmental aspect of sustainability management will become the focus in the future.

Supplier CSR Forum

TWM holds an annual CSR forum for suppliers to share the key management points of corporate social responsibility management for suppliers, announce the results of annual CSR evaluation and risk assessment, and invite leading suppliers in sustainability, scholars and experts to share and exchange information with the participants. 196 sub-suppliers participated in the Supplier CSR Forum in 2019 with 6 suppliers achieving excellent CSR performance and CSR making the most progress. They were invited to share management practices on how to improve performance in sustainability and corporate social responsibilities.

Circular Economy Forum Event

TWM has spared no effort in promoting environmental sustainability. In addition to holding a supplier conference in July to encourage the industry supply chain to respond to carbon reduction, the first large-scale "ICT Industry Circular Economy Forum" was held in August 2019 to build a "zero waste" circular society. The industry, government and academia were all invited with 300 people from 144 TWM suppliers in attendance. Moreover, 14 major strategic partners were called on to issue the first "Statement of Cooperation in Circular Economy" with commitments in reducing the use of virgin raw material, extending and enhancing efficiency as well as cycling to demonstrate TWM's determination in scaling circular economy strategies.

Supplier’s Contact Information
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