Enable welfare with technology

i-Infinity Digital Welfare
  • 24 micro-films for public welfare were launched with a total of over 10 million views, raising NT$26 million more of fund
  • Partnering with 6 public welfare organizations and 1 social enterprise to develop 7 application services, benefiting over 6 million people
  • Winning first prize in "Excellent Public Welfare Project" from the 15th CommonWealth Magazine “Corporate Citizenship Award in 2019
The effort has been concentrated on 2 major programs focusing on "public welfare micro-film" and "mobile application" since 2012, using technology to break through bottlenecks and exert leverage. This project helps NPO launch new digital and fundraising initiatives, while cultivating talents for the local entertainment business, supporting social enterprises and revitalizing public welfare with technology!
The winners of the myfone Mobile Composition Award were matched with NPOs for creating micro-films. Marketing bonus was given over a 3-month period after the films were uploaded to YouTube. The Taiwan Mobile Foundation donates NT$1 for each view (with the limit of NT$100,000). Three micro-films were launched in 2019 with a total of bonus of NT$245,000. The marketing period also raised over NT$550,000 of fund with a 2.38% increase. Two micro-films were created for NPOs in 2019:

Partnering with the social enterprise "Sense Innovation", the Eye-Comm early-stage treatment game combined with eye tracking patents was released in 2019 to help children with congenital severe illness and physical disabilities who cannot communicate with the outside world. They learn to express their thoughts with their eyes. The game has been provided to 34 private and public institutions for free, benefiting 15,000 children.

iSharing Volunteer Platform
  • App downloads exceeded 47,000
  • 291 units listed
  • Over 3,500 applications for volunteers and materials
The iSharing Volunteer Platform is a charity matching platform (with a website and an app) that was developed in 2014 with the i-Infinity Digital Welfare project. It integrates the needs of charity groups and the general public to find volunteers, raise materials and donations so that everyone can contribute to charity anytime, anywhere. It is possible to match the good intention in an accurate and timely manner. TWM invests funds in its development and promotion each year to keep the platform relevant and maximize the technological leverage. The "Volunteer Zone" can help the general public, public welfare organizations, and enterprises to find volunteers. The "Material Section" has a shopping cart feature to facilitate the selection of multiple items at a time. The "Donation Section" allows both audio and credit card donations. In addition to software development, TWM continues to launch large-scale initiatives to call for materials and volunteers with iSharing Volunteer Platform.

5180 Mobile Donation
Since the platform's launch, 123 social welfare organizations have joined as of December 2019. "5180 Mobile Donation," the first mobile phone small donation platform was launched in December 2015. The platform takes advantage of the convenience of mobile phones, combined with the core technology of the telecommunications industry, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), APP and back-end services, to provide users with donation options of 100, 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000 to 6,000 in New Taiwan Dollars. Users can make donations with telecom bills, and can also request donation receipts online, which is safe, fast and convenient. Since March 2016, the service charge for collection of bills was cancelled to give back to all social welfare groups that participated in the 5180 Mobile Donation.

Mobile Health
6,027 people served with mobile medical vehicles in 2019, with the accumulated number reaching 67,089. We have partnered with Taitung Christian Hospital over the years in services for rural areas by sponsoring communications equipment on the mobile medical vehicles, ensuring medical care for disadvantaged groups and reducing the gap between urban and rural areas.