Using 5G to Open Possible—Taiwan Mobile Officially Launches 5G Services at Midnight on July 1

June 30,2020

With much fanfare and anticipation, Taiwan Mobile held an official press launch for its 5G services today (June 30th). At this event, Chairman Daniel M. Tsai held a crystal ball in his hand to symbolize the company’s glorious past and great future expectations. Amidst the dazzling rays of laser beams signifying the vigor of Taiwan’s telecommunications development over the course of the four previous eras, Chairman Tsai lifted high the crystal ball in his hand, revealing Taiwan Mobile’s all-new corporate identity system—“Planet Possible” —and the new orange-colored logo for its 5G services. These two symbols represent Taiwan Mobile’s new brand spirit of “Open Possible” and its commitment to bring users and corporate partners into the 5G era. In the presence of NCC Chairman Chen Yaw-shyang, President Jamie Lin of Taiwan Mobile demonstrated the company’s 5G applications and future developments, and explained 5G rate plans and infrastructure projects. The company’s first 5G concept store was also unveiled at this event. In celebration of the launch of 5G services today, the store will be offering to everyone exciting new features such as smart home and cloud gaming, as well as the chance to experience 4K high-definition streaming right on their mobile devices. When Taiwan Mobile’s 5G Internet services are officially launched at midnight, July 1, users eager to enjoy the thrill of zero latency can subscribe to these exciting services at the stroke of midnight.


Daniel M. Tsai: Join Taiwan Mobile on a 5G-enabled journey to limitless innovation

Chairman Daniel M. Tsai noted that Taiwan Mobile has remained at the epicenter of digital evolution in Taiwan throughout the 2G, 3G, and 4G eras over the past 23 years. This experience has enabled Taiwan Mobile to transition into a next-generation Internet technology hub and reinvent itself with the brand spirit of “Open Possible.” Thanks to the availability of 5G technology, Taiwan Mobile has also been able to unify its core business areas of telecoms, Internet, media, and e-commerce, as well as offer the following four advantages: integrated technological solutions, intelligent lifestyle application systems, individualized products and experiences, and an inspirational vision. Through the provision of richer and more immersive content, the company will offer users brand-new perspectives and experiences, and empower them to dream bigger and live better as they discover the joy of opening endless possibilities.


Taiwan Mobile’s new logo, which was also revealed at the press launch, has been named by the company “Planet Possible.” While the logo retains the colorful ball-shaped design from Taiwan Mobile's 4G era, it now displays the colors of all businesses within the group, including Taiwan Mobile's vibrant orange and Momo's brilliant pink, as well as a hint of green emphasizing the company’s unfaltering pursuit of global sustainability, and blue and purple representing the power of unity. As Taiwan Mobile embraces technology, strives to innovate, and explores new worlds together with its customers, its vision of tomorrow's 5G era will become the reality of today.


In anticipation of the many advances that 5G will bring for both industries and individuals, Taiwan Mobile has been conducting a rebranding initiative for more than a year. This undertaking has included interviews to obtain the views of company executives, and the bold proposals made even included a possible change of the company's name. Input from external key opinion leaders was also obtained, and panel discussions were held for consumers in different age groups and the company’s own staff. Following a long process of dialogue and deliberation, “Unity” and “Imagination” emerged as the two concepts that best portray Taiwan Mobile’s vision of a 5G future, and it is these two concepts that form the basis for the company’s all-new brand identity and logotype. Finally, Chairman Tsai also personally designated “Open Possible” as the company’s core spirit, vision, and goal in the new era.


Taiwan Mobile today also revealed its new vibrant orange 5G logomark inspired by the company’s corporate colors. Signifying speed and growth, arrow extending forward to the right symbolizes Taiwan Mobile’s full-speed acceleration into the 5G era as it empowers users and corporate partners to “Open a world of possibility.”


Jamie Lin: “5G+ applications” open endless possibilities and potential

President Jamie Lin of Taiwan Mobile proposed the innovative “5G+ Strategy” last year upon first assuming his position, and has succeeded in building a “5G Super League” with close to 100 outstanding partners in industry, government, and academia. At the press launch today where the 5G+ applications developed with ecosystem partners were finally unveiled, Jamie Lin took the opportunity to showcase Taiwan Mobile’s industry-first “smart stadium” application on an 11-meter super-wide LED video wall. Taking full advantage of a high-speed 5G connection, footage from Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium (operated by Taiwan Mobile’s parent company Fubon Group) was shown in 3D instant replays, while VR pitching and batting practice in the stadium, along with other exciting technological applications, were also displayed to participants. Momo, a subsidiary of Taiwan Mobile, stole the show for with awe-inspiring views of its “smart warehousing” operations. Aided by a dedicated 5G network provided by Taiwan Mobile, said Jamie Lin, by harnessing the power of AGVs with computing capabilities, as well as AMR and AOI, Momo will open up further possibilities in the e-commerce industry.


Taiwan Mobile’s 5G initiatives not only extend to group affiliates but also expand into new businesses and sectors. Jamie Lin pointed out that Taiwan Mobile’s venture into gaming goes beyond its ongoing cooperation with leading global game developer Riot Games. Empowered by 5G, the company will also be collaborating with top GPU provider NVIDIA to bring the latter’s GeForce NOW (GFN) cloud gaming platform to Taiwanese gamers. According to Lin, thanks to network slicing, Taiwan Mobile users will enjoy a seamless professional gaming experience on GFN, games developed by Riot, and connection privileges, without the need for a high-end mobile device. The option of a 5G plan tailored for gamers will also be made available in August.


Taiwan Mobile’s advantage in high-speed base station coverage opens endless possibilities for 5G+ applications

NCC Chairman Chen Yaw-shyang, who attended the 5G service press launch, expressed his “pleasure in seeing one of Taiwan’s telecom providers take the initiative to consolidate industry partners for joint exploration of new 5G applications, while safeguarding consumer interests and the development of industry in Taiwan. As the supervisor of these activities, NCC encourages collaboration between public and private sectors in order to forge a better and brighter future for Taiwan.”


In order that 5G-enabled applications can thrive, Taiwan Mobile realizes that its 5G infrastructure must be both far-reaching and robust, and has therefore used AI and big data to select sites for its 5G base stations, evaluated potential issues in its construction of 5G infrastructure, and employed technological tools to quickly establish a firm foothold. Thanks to this proactive approach, Taiwan Mobile will be able to complete deployment of 4,000 3.5GHz high-speed base stations before the end of the year, and achieve close to 90% population coverage in urban areas. Going forward, to provide users with access to the strongest signals and fastest connections, the company will strive to maintain a leading position in terms of high-speed base station coverage.


5G will transform lifestyles as Taiwan Mobile empowers users to open their world to more possibilities

Taiwan Mobile also announced a wide selection of 5G plans at the press launch today. In order to address the unique needs, preferences, and habits of users, noted Jamie Lin, one-of-a-kind lifestyle bundles including the upgraded 5G “Double Play” plan priced at NT$1,399 per month are now available to the public. Taking advantage of both fiber optic and 5G networks, users can enjoy the breathtaking speed and convenience of unlimited 5G connectivity while outside and the ease and accessibility of 200Mbps fiber while at home. Another option is a newly–introduced NT$1,599 monthly plan offering unlimited high-speed 5G data as well as 1Gps/500Mbps fiber connectivity. Users who sign up for the new and upgraded “Double Play” 5G plan before the end of October will additionally enjoy unlimited 5G hotspot, myVideo, MyMusic, HD digital channels, and free access to such media content as the popular drama “Workers.” Best of all, early birds get to choose either Google Nest Mini or Momo coins (valued at as much as NT$13,000) as their extra perk for switching to Taiwan Mobile’s all-new 5G services.


Taiwan Mobile's 5G plans have monthly rates ranging from NT$599 to NT$2,699, and users can also enjoy 60GB high-speed Internet at NT$999 per month and unlimited 5G data at just NT$1,399 per month. 5G prepaid cards are available for only NT$999, and provide instant access to 60GB of high-speed 5G data (within 60 days) and NT$100 in domestic calls (roughly equivalent to 55 minutes of call time). Starting at midnight on July 1, 2020, Taiwan Mobile’ 5G services will become available to all users and consumers. Apply for a new 5G account or extend your existing contract via Taiwan Mobile’s Internet store after the clock strikes midnight on June 30, or go to any store throughout Taiwan during business hours to obtain 5G access.


Along with the launch of 5G, Taiwan Mobile has unveiled yet another new feature—the transformation of its first 5G concept store, which is located at Taipei New Horizon. This store now takes customers into a world of new 5G lifestyle scenarios offering unprecedented speed and convenience. At the store, a newly-added 5G section lets consumers try out the Smarter Home concept, which is voice-controlled using the Google Nest mini, and the professional e-sports section making its debut at the store allows gamers to team up and flex their muscles. Digital added value services such as myVideo provides access to 4K video streaming, while MyMusic offers flawless audio quality even through a headset, and myBook enables 4K HD browsing on a personal device. Taiwan Mobile has also announced that starting in the latter half of the year, more myfone stores will be upgraded to incorporate AR, VR, and other 5G applications. Select locations will be redesigned into "5G experience stores" enabling users to envision more future possibilities, which will be just one of the ways that Taiwan Mobile will open up the world of 5G to its users and empower them to “Open Possible.”