Taiwan Mobile Leads 26 Vendors in Donating NT$2 million to the Green Power for Charity Project

August 03,2018

This year marks the fourth year of Taiwan Mobile's Green Energy Initiative "TWM Green Energy Promises a Brighter, More Sustainable Future". The highly acclaimed Green Power for Charity Project was launched last year, and is the first charity project featuring green power and innovation to be jointly launched by a large enterprise together with a social enterprise. The project was further expanded this year and involved 13 mobile phone brand suppliers, 11 3C home appliance suppliers, and Taiwan Mobile's myVideo and momo shopping. Kuo Hsing-Chun, the world record holder in weightlifting and Taiwan's "Wonder Woman", was invited to serve as the green power ambassador, calling on citizens to make donations for green power to show their care. A total of NT$8.95 million was raised to build a solar power system for Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation. The system will not only generate clean energy for the Earth, but also generate income from electricity sales for up to 20 years (about NT$16 million in total) to help the foundation, giving mentally challenged people hope for the future. Taiwan Mobile not only launched the event, President James Jeng also announced that he will be the first to make a donation of NT$1 million, and myVideo organized the event "Watch movies for charity with myVideo by your side". Citizens can take part in the charity event by watching a movie on myVideo, which plans to donate NT$1 million to the green power charity event before the end of September. Over NT$3 million was raised in two days.

 The Green Power for Charity Project will donate to Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation this year. The foundation began helping caretakers of nearly 450,000 mentally challenged people around Taiwan 9 years ago, and nearly 200 elderly, middle aged, and young mentally challenged people became residents of the foundation. The project's goal this year is to raise NT$8.95 million to build solar power systems with a total installed capacity of 168.3 kW on the roofs of two buildings belonging to the Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation – the "House of Senior Citizens" and "House of Hope". The solar power systems are expected to generate 3.45 million kWh of clean energy over two decades, reducing carbon emission by over 1.82 million kg, which is equal to planting 8,335 trees. The solar power systems are also expected to lower the building temperature by 3 to 4 degrees. Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation is expected to gain nearly NT$800 thousand annually from electricity sales, which means that its income will total NT$16 million over 20 years. Hu Chuan-An, Executive Director of Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, said that care for the disadvantaged reflects on how civilized a society is. In the past, NPOs mainly received one-time donations and were only able to raise small amounts. The innovative Green Power for Charity Project will persistently generate income and achieve mutual prosperity and development of enterprises, society, and NPOs.

 James Jeng, President of Taiwan Mobile, said that Taiwan Mobile began promoting the green initiative "Taiwan Mobile Green Power for a Sustainable Future" in 2015, and has since then led 13 mobile phone brands, including ASUS, Benten, HTC, I-Comm Technology, Acer, LG, OPPO, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sugar, VIVO, and ZTE, to respond to the initiative. Taiwan Mobile will donate NT$2 each time someone buys a mobile phone or tablet PC at its myfone store or myfone website. This year, Taiwan Mobile has expanded the scale and extended the reach of charity to 3C home appliance suppliers, including Sharp, Bestcom, Weblink, Philips, Tokuyo, Weilink, Giant, Yamaha, Dyson, Honeywell, and Braun. Taiwan Mobile will donate NT$2 for each 3C home appliance sold on its myfone shopping website. Taiwan Mobile integrated the group's momo shopping website and video streaming platform myVideo for the first time this year. The largest e-commerce platform in Taiwan – momo shopping now has a donation section that encourages consumers to support green power and charity. The number one OTT brand in Taiwan – myVideo also launched the first "watch movies for charity" event at the beginning of this month. myVideo will donate NT$5 to NT$10 for each movie watched before the end of September. The event raised NT$300,000 in less than 5 days, and is expected to raise NT$1 million before the end of September. President James Jeng hopes to double the scale of the project this year, and Taiwan Mobile took the lead by donating NT$2 million so that others will follow in its footsteps, hoping to quickly reach the goal of raising NT$8.95 million. After the press conference ended, Chou Yung-Tai, President of Benten, immediately responded and showed his support with action by donating NT$880,000.

 Kuo Hsing-Chun, the world record holder in weightlifting, was invited to serve as the green power ambassador and spokesperson of the 2018 Green Power for Charity Project. After learning about the three important meanings of the project, she immediately took a day off from training for the Asian Games, and visited elderly mentally challenged people in Taoyuan, where she filmed her first video for charity. What impacted her the most was learning that the mentally challenged people of Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation could only hope to do her daily routine of running, stretching, and weight training. It was hard for them to even pick up a small plastic ball. While Kuo Hsing-Chun helped the mentally challenged people rehabilitate in front of camera, she was thinking about her grandmother who also needed to rehabilitate every single day. She was a bit emotional when she said that it was the audience applauding that gave her the strength to break the world record by lifting 142 kg. Now she hopes that her fans will make donations to support this group of people with multiple intellectual disabilities, and become their strongest backing. Kuo Hsing-Chun said: "In the past, sunlight was her wakeup call; in the future, sunlight will become the greatest protector of mentally challenged people." Kuo Hsing-Chun invited everyone to generate green power with love, and raise funds for the solar power system of Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, becoming the foundation's sun for the next 20 years!

 During the press conference today, President James Jeng thanked all of the suppliers and consumers for successfully raising NT$5.7 million for Pingtung County Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation last year. This enabled them to complete the first large scale green power charity project in Taiwan according to schedule, sharing the results of Taiwan Mobile in energy conservation and carbon reduction. Taiwan Mobile's efforts to close down 2G stations last year successfully made 2G history. This saved 41.78 million kWh of electricity, which is equal to reducing carbon emission by 22,102 metric tons. Taiwan Mobile will help all consumers transition from 3G to 4G at the end of this year, so that the frequency spectrum can be more effectively utilized. We will enter a new era of rapid big data processing upon the arrival of 5G, IoT, and AI. Taiwan Mobile bravely proposed its CSR for the next decade "Zetta Connected 2030", including carbon reduction by 44% in 2030 compared with 2016, and increasing wind farms or solar power plants so that green energy utilization reaches 20% by 2030. Taiwan Mobile once again supported the government's green power promotion policy this year, and plans to purchase 5,000 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which is the equivalent of purchasing 5 million kWh of green power in the past, a 1.49 fold increase compared with green power purchase last year. Taiwan Mobile expects overall green power utilization to reach 20% by 2030, in which green power utilization by IDCs will reach 35%, fully utilizing the company's resources for environmental sustainability.

 Taiwan Mobile began working with the social enterprise Sunnyfounder for the first time last year in the "Protect Pingtung County Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation Green Power for Charity Project". The project produced abundant results and exceeded the target by raising NT$5.7 million within a few weeks. The funds were used to install a solar power system on the roof of Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation, and the solar power system began trial operations early March this year. As of July 23rd, the system has generated nearly 52,000 kWh of green power, and generated about NT$280,000 of income for Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation. This innovative public welfare event was reported by Global Views Monthly in its "Good Events in Taiwan Series". Reporters visited Pingtung to understand the green power system that was built with donations and the income it will generate over the next 20 years. During the press conference today, Vice CEO Lin Tzu-Lun of the Executive Yuan's Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction, which plans the national energy policy, awarded a certificate to Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation. The certificate was received by Chairperson Huang Wen-Hsiang, and Fu-Huey Social Welfare Foundation became the first NPO in Taiwan to become capable of generating and selling electricity with the help of a large enterprise. The certificate awarding ceremony also declared the launch of the Green Power for Charity Project that will have an impact on sustainability for 20 years, letting the care of 862 donators begin to shine.

 Fund raising for Taiwan Mobile's 2018 Green Power for Charity Project is from today until the end of September. Citizens can make donations to the account of Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, call the 518036 Mobile Donation Hotline if they are a subscriber of Taiwan Mobile, donate on the momo shopping website, or donate to Sunnyfounder (online fund raising platform). We hope to spread sunlight to all corners and light up the future of mentally challenged people, sowing seeds of blessing and generating green power for the Earth. Website of the Green Power for Charity Project:

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