Green Energy Initiative

In view of the impact of climate change on corporate operations and global attention, we have actively promoted the value chain to implement corporate social responsibility to provide a sustainable future for future generations. We have promoted the integration project of the Green Energy Initiative since 2015. We have responded to the concerns of eight stakeholders to environmental sustainability and supplier CSR management. At the same time, we have eliminated the high-cost myth of green energy construction, set low thresholds and improved Willingness to participate.

In 2016, TWM set a blueprint for the Green Energy Initiative's "TWM Green Energy Promises a Brighter, More Sustainable Future" and plans the theme of the annual campaign. In 2017, we initiated the Green Power for Charity project for the first time, led 13 domestic and foreign suppliers to respond to buy a mobile phone and donated NT$ 2, initiated mass fundraising, and built solar photovoltaic systems for vulnerable groups.

Performance of Green Initiatives