Supplier Sustainability Management

Key Performance

  • Incorporated ESG topics in the supply chain management framework and set the ESG performance rating as the threshold for major tenders
  • Conducted carbon inventory for suppliers

The suppliers and TWM are jointly responsible for fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities and responding to the needs of stakeholders. To this end, we have integrated topics related to three aspects including environmental, social and governance (ESG) to build a supply chain management framework, thereby encouraging partners to respond to sustainable integration strategies and help TWM to control potential supply chain risks. As of the end of April 2020, six suppliers have joined the GeSI supply chain management platform.

Sustainable supply chain management framework

Taking the e-purchasing platform as foundation, TWM has built the key management of suppliers' sustainable management as follows:

Sustainable governance for suppliers

In addition to formulating relevant internal procurement regulations, TWM has set rules and regulations on corporate sustainability for the suppliers to abide by in business conduct. The regulations include: Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers, Code of Information Security Management, Regulations on Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, Confidentiality and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights as well as the rewards and penalties. Among them, Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers are built on the conventions of International Labor Organization and applies to all suppliers, which cover:

Classified management of suppliers
Selection of new suppliers
Supplier maintenance
Threshold for major tenders
Training programs