Supplier Engagement and Social Walfare

To achieve sustainability together with our suppliers, TWM continues to propose sustainable development action plans for partners through various training, exchange meetings and so on. In the meantime, suppliers are assisted in taking the initiative in learning to develop sustainability capacity, as well as invited to contribute to public welfare and give back to society. TWM looks forward to integrating the industrial capacity of all partners to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development goals through mutual efforts.

Circular Economy Forum

In line with spirit of the first Circular Economy Forum, TWM announced the result of the "waste optical cable" recycling experiment in the second "Circular Value Rebirth" Circular Economy Forum of "Enterprise Circular Economy Application Practice Forum" to strengthen the role the telecommunications industry plays in circular economy, in order to realize the goal of giving new value to circular economy.

Green Power for Charity

In 2020, TWM upgrade of the "Green Power for Charity" project by calling on 12 suppliers to help charity organizations build 54.95kWp "self-generated for self consumption" photovoltaic systems and subscribe for renewable energy certificates. These measures are combined with feed-in tariffs for surplus electricity generation to maximize the benefits of each kilowatt-hour of green power. In addition, for the 4th consecutive year of the "Green Power for Charity" project, TWM has cooperated with 71 suppliers to build photovoltaic systems of more than 394 kWh for 4 public welfare organizations. It is estimated that a total of 8.42 million kWh of green power will be generated in the next 20 years, bringing clean energy for the earth.