Vision: Take Creating Stakeholder Synergy as the greatest driving force towards sustainability, creating positive influence in the era of the 5G and IoT to activate sustainable development of global partnership.
Corresponding to one Zetta Connected 2030 theme: Creating Stakeholder Synergy
Corresponding to one key SDG: 17
Corresponding to three secondary SDGs: 16/12/13
Corresponding to material topic: supply chain management
Corresponding to the four major stakeholders: suppliers, employees, communities/NGOs, rating agencies
Key Results and Performance of Sustainable Partners in 2019:
  • Implemented quantitative ESG performance for suppliers as the tender threshold
  • Reviewed the CSR self-assessment questionnaire of 384 suppliers with the target achievement rate of 153%
  • Visited 40 suppliers and achieved an 80% on-site audit coverage rate on corporate sustainability for the critical tier-1 suppliers, reaching the 2020 goal one year in advance
  • A total of 147 suppliers conducted GHG inventory programs and provided carbon emission data, with on-site GHG audits completed for 10 suppliers
  • Held a supplier forum and training on sustainability and carbon inventory with a total of 196 participants, awarding 6 suppliers with outstanding CSR performance and 2 with the most progress
  • Circular economy topics were incorporated in the supplier CSR self-assessment questionnaire, and a circular economy forum was held with 144 suppliers and nearly 300 people in attendance
  • Maintained 100% signing rate of the "Declaration of Integrity in Business Conduct" and "Safety and Health Protection Declaration for Contractors" for 5 consecutive years
  • Collaborating with 20 suppliers on "Green Power for Charity"

2020 Targets:

  • 100% implementation of the CSR threshold for major tenders
  • Review CSR self-assessment questionnaire of 250 suppliers
  • Continue to carry on the on-site audits of critical tier-1 suppliers and maintain an audit rate of over 80% within three years
  • Encourage suppliers to conduct GHG inventory, provide carbon emission data, and carry out on-site carbon audits of 10 suppliers
  • Maintain 100% signing rate of the "Declaration of Integrity in Business Conduct" and the "Safety and Health Protection Declaration for Contractors"
  • 70% of risk assessment coverage of tier-1 suppliers
  • 90% of CoC outreach for suppliers

2030 Targets:

  • 20% GHG emissions reduction from the supply chain compared to 2020