Excellent Brand

Corresponding to two key SDGs: 3/11
Corresponding to two secondary SDGs: 1/4
Corresponding to the four material topics: service impact management/customer experiences/electromagnetic field safety/transparent and fair marketing
Corresponding to 4 major stakeholders:

Key Results and Performance in 2019

  • Selected by the DJSI World Index for 3 consecutive years, ranking number 2 in the global telecommunications industry
  • Honored with the "Silver Class Sustainability Award" by the SAM global telecommunications industry between 2018-2020
  • The only telecom company in Taiwan to receive Prime rating from the ISS-oekom Enterprise Evaluation
  • Selected as one of the constituent stocks of the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index
  • Selected as one of the constituent stocks of the Taiwan Sustainability Index
  • Received a total of 10 awards from the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, including the "Top Ten Sustainable Model Awards"
  • Winning the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards of the CommonWealth Magazine for 13 times
  • Winning the Corporate Citizen Awards of the CommonWealth Magazine for 12 times
  • Received the Sponsorship Gold Medal and Long-term Sponsorship Award from the “Sports Activists Award”
  • Offering long-term support for athletes with the investment in sports and sponsorship exceeding 740 million
  • The brand new "Moving Forward 2019" campaign was selected as the "Top 5 Most Successful Advertising Campaign on YouTube in Taiwan, 2019"
  • Supports arts and cultural events in Taiwan as well as original works
    -Sponsored the Taipei Lantern Festival, Kaohsiung Christmas "Season of Light", "TTV Super Star," large-scale outdoor concerts, etc.
    -Integrated audiovisual technology with MOMOTV to realize the potential of the Group's resources
  • Large free outdoor concerts
    -Organized a total of 48 concerts over 12 years with 720,000 people attending
    -Helped 22 charitable organizations between 2011 and 2019 by raising over NT$2.96 million